Top 3 Movie Posters Dad Will Enjoy Having This Father’s Day

Don’t know what to get Pops for Father’s Day? Tired of giving the same old traditional gift of a tie, golf balls, or a book?

If either of these situations apply to you, why not give Dad something unique this year like a movie poster that he can hang with pride in his man cave? If you’re not sure what Dad’s favorite movie is, use one of our top three suggestions to ensure you give him the perfect gift for Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Movie Poster #3: Pursuit of Happiness 

Who doesn’t love a feel good story based on real life? Especially one about a father doing everything in his power to lift him and his son out of poverty. The Pursuit of Happiness exemplifies exactly what it is to be parent by showing us the trials and tribulations that our parents go through on a daily basis not only to provide the daily essentials we all need as human beings, but to give us anything and everything that they didn’t have as a child. I’ve never heard a of a father that didn’t absolute love this movie and what it represented to be the head of household. It’s a perfect option, especially if he’s a fan of Will Smith.

Father’s Day Movie Poster #2: Field of Dreams

This movie, based off the book ‘Shoeless Joe’, is a classic for any father that enjoys sports. The movie represents much more than the fantasies of a grown man attempting to build a baseball field with a corn stalk wall as a fence. It represents a time in a man’s life when he looks back on being a young boy and that he is no longer that person. It allows a man to remember the “good old days” but to remember that we should live for each new moment of each day as well. It’s another one of those movies that just simply sits well with the soul.

Father’s Day Movie Poster #1: Father of the Bride

The top slot in best Father’s Day movie posters goes to the unforgettable laugh out loud comedy of Father of the Bride. This movie poster is best suited as a gift for any daughter that was and still is Daddy’s little girl. As a father, it represents everything that you have gone through or will go through when your little girl grows up and wants to marry some guy that you’ve never even met. You might not remember all those nights that your father was sitting up late waiting for you to get home after your first date or the time he sneaked your boyfriend into another room to have a little talk but he certainly does. He’ll get a kick out of this poster.

If you’re still undecided as to which poster to get, just click here for all your options.

Top 3 Sequels You Wanna Go See!

Summer is the time for going to the pool, having a backyard party and going to the movies. And speaking of the movies, you don’t want to wait until it’s almost over to decide which movies you’re gonna see. So get your pen and paper, or get your Moviefone app ready, because here are the Top 3 blockbuster sequels that you’ll certainly want to put on your summer movie must-see list.

MOVIE SEQUEL #3: Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising
Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising is sure to kill it this summer as we revisit the lives of Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly (Rose Byrne) as they battle it out with a sorority who moves in next door. Zac Efron reprises his role as Teddy and attempts to aid the girls, led by Chloe Grace Moretz, in their feud with Mac. As things start to get out of control, the sorority turns on Teddy, causing him to switch sides and join forces with Mac. Hilarity ensues with special appearances from Kelsey Grammer, Selena Gomez, Billy Eichner and more.

MOVIE SEQUEL #2: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows
Rounding out the 2 spot in this list of summer sequels is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. In this latest installment of the TMNT saga, Shredder joins forces with a mad scientist, Baxter Stockman, played by none other than Tyler Perry. Together they attempt to use a serum to take over the world. The turtles team up with April O’Neil (Megan Fox), Casey Jones (Stephen Amell) and Vernon Fenwick (Will Arnett) to thwart this evil with amazing action scenes and brotherly bonding. Krang, voiced by Brad Garret, will make an appearance as well, only with a scarier appearance than we remember from the cartoon. TMNT: Out of the Shadows promises to bring action packed nostalgia you won’t want to miss.

MOVIE SEQUEL #1: Independence Day Resurgence
Leading the pack for the top summer sequels is Independence Day Resurgence. Two decades after the first Independence Day movie, the aliens have returned. Despite Earth’s advances using left behind alien technology, nothing could’ve prepared the global nations for their advanced attack. Human ingenuity is the only thing that’ll save the world. With a star studded cast including, Liam Hemsworth, Jeff Goldblum, William Fichtner, Vivica A. Fox, Sela Ward and more, this sequel is sure to blow the competition away.

It’s common to hear critics proclaim that the sequel didn’t live up to the original movie or you should just wait for the DVD. Not with these top three summer sequels! They’re sure to live up to the hype. With excellent casts, stellar story-lines, and amazing action packed scenes, these sequels may just do better than their original counterparts.

Who Will Be The Next Generational Spielberg?

The movie industry is a constant change of flux and evolution. The technology changes as does the appeal toward audiences, what is attractive to the eye. Having the right director or producer in place is key, and often times those directors and producers often lead the charge for those big changes in the industry.

Take Steven Spielberg, who through the ’70’s and ’80’s revolutionized the movie industry with fellow director George Lucas. Spielberg through his many movies was able to take a story and tell it in a way that captivated audiences and brought fiction to life. So who’ll be the next Spielberg? Who’s the next director and producer that’ll come along and introduce a whole generation to the movie industry and take them on a journey of story telling unknown before in the movies?

For the last 15 years, one such director has been making a name for himself, not only as a director but also as a producer through his production company, Bad Robot. J.J. Abrams hasn’t only set a new standard for directing, but continues to be one of the leaders in the movie industry, leading the charge toward continual change and innovation.

J.J. Abrams has been in the industry for over 25 years, but it has been in the last 15 years since he took the helms of director that he has really made an impact. A testament to his ability came when he was asked to direct the new Star Wars movies. This after and during continual directing of the Star Trek franchise. Fans were concerned that you couldn’t have the same person directing both franchises, but Abrams has proved them wrong. The new Star Wars film became the third highest grossing film of all time.

Also, with the use of his production company, Bad Robot, Abrams has created or helped create a number of popular television shows. Some of those productions include mega hits like Lost, Fringe, Alias, and Person of Interest.

Abrams not only has been given many opportunities to direct or produce, but also he has capitalized on those opportunities by introducing creative and innovative ways to tell the story through advanced special effects and improved cinematography. His works leave audiences wanting more. Even the vomit inducing motion-sick monster flick Cloverfield still told a good story even if the approach fell flat.

To define who’ll be the next Steven Spielberg requires a leader of innovation and the ability to carry the evolution of the film industry to the next level. J.J. Abrams has been doing that for the last 15 years and continues to show audiences that one day people will ask, “Who will be the next Abrams?”

Top 3 Summer Movies You Gotta See!

Everyone knows that summertime is the best release time for blockbuster hits. And if you’re a movie buff like so many other people, you’re certain to not be disappointed by the movies being released this summer in theaters everywhere!

Although we’ve already witnessed some major record breakers in theaters this year already, hits like “Captain America, Civil War.“Deadpool,” and “Batman Vs. Superman,” will look pale in comparison to the top 3 summer movies we have named on this list.

Must-See Summer Movie #3: Independence Day Resurgence
For 20 years we’ve all waited for a sequel to the original Independence Day starring Will Smith, and now after much ado fans will be satiated as “Independence Day Resurgence” brings the aliens back to once again conquer and destroy the world. Although this time Smith isn’t playing the role of Captain Stephen Hiller, actors formerly cast in the original such as Jeff Goldblum, Vivica Fox, and Bill Pullman all make a significant appearance. The first one was incredible with action, thrills, and a bit of comic relief. And according to critics, this one promises just as much entertainment, but with better graphics and special effects. This much awaited reboot is set to break records at the box office come its release date of June 24th.

Must-See Summer Movie #2: The Legend of Tarzan
Throughout the past decades, there have been many adaptations of Tarzan released. But there has never been an adaption with a superior story-line like the one that this summer’s “The Legend of Tarzan” is promising. From the looks of the trailer, this movie has impressive graphics and also boasts all of the features one looks for in a family movie. You’ll get a little mystery, a love story, and tons of cool action. Whether you’re just curious about the newest Tarzan to hit box offices on July 1st or just want to find out what the hype is all about, this  is sure to be the modernized remake of a classic that your entire family will appreciate.

Must-See Summer Movie #1: Suicide Squad
The highly anticipated Suicide Squad is one of those movies that you’ll be constantly hearing about from all of your friends. This movie caters to the crowd of fans that liked this winter’s Deadpool. It’s not necessarily a movie about super-heroes, but instead sheds new light on a group of super-villains that set out on a secret black-ops mission that’ll grant them clemency from their past crimes. If you like movies about villains, super-heroes and love comic book characters, as well as an all-star cast, the geek in you cannot afford to miss out on this film which is set for release on August 5th.

Top 3 Summer Movies You Gotta See: Bottom Line
Whether you enjoy adaptations of classic movies, reboots of former blockbusters, or like to indulge in super-villain films, you won’t find any shortage of movie genres this summer that’ll provide you with the most enjoyable entertainment that you’ve experienced this year.

Some Movie Stars Aren’t Cut Out to Be in Comic Book Movies

With the popularity of comic book movies on the rise today, finding actors/actresses that have the ability to not only play the role of hero or villain, but have the ability to connect with their audience is a very important thing. It can be the one factor that’ll make or break a potentially great comic book movie in the end.

The connection made between a superhero, or villain, and the audience can be key to a movie’s success and the inability to make that connection can be detrimental to all involved. Audiences may start into a comic book movie completely clueless as to the affect of the connection that is about to be made. But this connection is inevitable and is one of the biggest factors leading to the success of any comic book movie. It has the ability to draw an individual into the movie and creates a kind of bond between the actor/actress and audience that’s not easily broken.

Unfortunately, there are so many actors/actresses out there who simply don’t have what it takes to make that all important connection. For some, the reason can be as simple as the image they portrayed in the many movies they have played in over the past. Image is something that sticks with audiences and isn’t an easy thing to break. Image cannot be simply turned on or off like the light switch on a wall.

If a female actress has been known for the kind, gentle, non-aggressive role she has played in all of her previous movies, and has never deviated from that role, it’ll be difficult for audiences to see her appear in the villain role of a comic book movie today. Much the same, if a male actor has only been associated with angry, aggressive, selfish roles in all of the movies he has ever played in, making a switch to the superhero role in a comic book movie might be a far reach for comic book movie fans today. This can be a factor that sticks with an actor or actress for life.

For some actors and actresses, it’s not simply the fact that they have portrayed an image, in past movies, that can’t be easily broken. For others, it can have a lot to do with the fact that playing a part in a comic book movie takes a special kind of actor/actress. It takes one who isn’t so much focused on immediately making that all too important connection, but more-so focused on being the character they’re playing.

To be the superhero or villain, in a comic book movie, is to do much more then just act out a part. It’s to feel the part and feel it so strongly that the part becomes the actor/actress involved. This is how connection is made and this is the ability that so many actors/actresses lack today.

What Attracts Movie Audiences to Psychological Thrillers?

A psychological thriller is a film in which the plot largely is based on the personality and psychology of the characters. This type of film emphasizes the mental danger of the characters rather than a physical one. Although psychological thrillers will often introduce physical dangers, the mental challenges of becoming or remaining safe is emphasized.

Audiences like to view this type of genre largely because they can experience the same psychological threats the actors or actresses do without the danger. They enjoy the thrill of of unknown dangers and how characters deal with psychological ones. To view characters in a situation wherein a they must try to reason with a villain is completely engaging to audiences. A physically dangerous scenario is exciting to many, yet so many horror films in which the protagonist is escaping a maniacal character have been made. In these films, the antagonist is most likely chasing the character or characters with a weapon that can cause serious physical injury. Once those scenes have either passed or a character has succumbed, the plot resumes seeking out other victims or a denouement and resolve has been acquired by the end of the film.

In a psychological thriller, the viewer can never be sure where the plot is going. Oftentimes, the villain is not always obvious. The ability to keep the audience members guessing as to who the villain is can be a roller coaster ride of movie viewing emotions. In many cases, the antagonist, or villain, turns out to be who the audience thought was the protagonist, or the good guy. Languid changes in the development of a psychological thriller become purposeful and intense. In fact, the fun of a psychological thriller is less about blood and gore and more about the changes and developments in character identities.

Alfred Hitchcock was probably the most recognized director of the original psychological thriller genre. He has stated that if you build the excitement, rather than just show it, the effect is a far more tension filled scene. He has stated that showing a timer on a bomb and cutting to the clock ticking down several times is a far more satisfying psychological tense scenario than just showing a bomb exploding and its immediate aftermath.

The fact is that people enjoy being thrilled and frightened while they know they’re in a safe environment. They can experience the adrenaline rush and resolve while being completely safe while being thoroughly entertained.

The psychological thriller allows audiences to be scared, surprised, shocked and anxious and yet, safe at all times. It can be similar to a roller-coaster ride where all the reactions to fear can be realized, yet safety isn’t compromised.

What Went Wrong With The Ratchet & Clank Movie?

The Ratchet & Clank movie is a good adaptation of the PlayStation games bearing the same name, and that’s part of its problem. The story itself is perfectly fine and accomplishes what it sets out to do: To tell the story of Ratchet, a Lombax who longs to leave his lowly life as a mechanic on an equally lowly planet and to join Captain Qwark in his fabulous adventures among the stars. We journey with Clank as he realizes his dreams of entering the great battles of the universe. Does this premise sound a bit familiar? It recalls Luke Skywalker’s journey in A New Hope.

While moviegoers can and often do tolerate unoriginal story plot-lines, Ratchet & Clank wasn’t good enough to become more than a game film adaptation. In addition, all of the characters that’re both good and bad are pretty shallow, lacking any real depth. All of this is why this moderately well-made movie, which actually has some really good voice acting, is only really interesting for fans of the PlayStation game. Regular moviegoers recognized it as merely an ‘A New Hope’ rip-off. The gaming fans were probably also at least somewhat disappointed in this halfheartedly adaptation of a what’s considered a classic game.

Ratchet & Clank fails to grasp at an age level. It looks a bit juvenile, but usually seems to take itself a bit too seriously. However, it’s a seriousness that’s still too juvenile for adults and too adult for juveniles. This is one of those movies that would’ve done well as an all-out children’s movie that adults still enjoy. Unfortunately, the producers didn’t take this route, but still managed to make an adultish movie without any meaningful depth or dialogue whatsoever. What makes it even worse is that they inexplicably decided to tame the originally fantastic action with the even more fantastic weapons.

This is definitely not the worst video game film adaptation ever made-not even close. There are some real stinkaroos out there. While decent, it’s still little more than a shallow video game remake that’ll only interest gamers and will also disappoint them to some degree as well.

The Top 5 Movie Remakes of All-Time

There are many movies that have become iconic and classics for many generations. These movies are well loved and will continue to be well loved. Some of these loved and respected movies have started to be remade into new films. This helps give these iconic movies a new life and brings them to new life for the newest generation. This allows the newer generation to fall in love with the movies that their parents and grandparents loved. There are several of these remade movies that surpass others as being some of the best of the remade movies. These movies have many features that make them so amazing and worth watching and will easily make these movies just as well loved as the originals.

Movie Remake #5: OZ The Great and Powerful (From the original Wizard of OZ)
The remake of this wildly popular movie acts as a prequel to the original Wizard of Oz movie. It works to give the audience new and interesting background information about the world within the original Wizard of Oz and even explains how the “Wizard of Oz” came to be who we will eventually see in the original movie. The strong cast did an amazing job of delivering a very well written movie and being true to the premise and roots of the original movie. It had done so well that there are even talks of sequels being made that follow along this timeline.

Movie Remake #4: Oceans 11 (From the original Oceans 11)
This is a remake that many people have called better than the original. Those who saw the movie described it as a good old-fashioned, Hollywood heist fun film. In this way, it was very true to the original movie. There were many quality actors and actresses all throughout the movie that brought a wonderful array of talent and skill to the movie. Each one of them portrayed their characters in a very positive way. The overwhelming success of this movie also led the way for two more movies to be made after this one. These were Ocean’s Twelve and Ocean’s Thirteen and were just as widely acclaimed.

Movie Remake #3: Batman Begins (From the original Batman)
This new version of the movie did everything right. The storytelling element was very well handled. The dialogue was very well written but was not over the top. The director allowed the visuals within the movie tell the story while the character was the key to the fantastic storytelling. The Batman character was perfectly portrayed and was very easy to relate to for the audience. Another aspect of the movie that was top notch was the scenery and the location. While past versions of this movie looked very fake and comical, this current movie gave off a very real appearance. The entire location was made to be as real as possible with a gritty appearance that matched the overall tone of the movie.

Movie Remake #2: True Grit (From the original True Grit)
These two movies were based off of a very well written novel that a lot of people enjoyed. But what makes the remake so much better than the original was the fact that it stuck much more closely to the original plot line of the novel much better than the original movie did. The casting within the movie was very well handled and added to the movie in all of the best ways. And to help prove how well received the remake of the movie was, it has won a host of awards and had been nominated for many more awards.

Movie Remake #1: Rise of The Planet of The Apes (From the original Planet of The Apes)
This remake of the classic movie has a wonderful plot and story line. It was very well written and the cast was very well put together. There are so many well known actors and actresses that brought some amazing talents and skill sets to the movie. The job well done became evident when it started to win many awards and was nominated for many others. Every bit of this remake showed excellence in a way that is often unusual for remakes of older movies.

Each of these five movie remakes has made a positive mark on Hollywood. They have either met the standards of the original movie or far surpassed the standards of the original. Each movie was well received by fans of the original movies and will go on to become just as well loved and respected as the movies that they were based upon.

Should Hollywood Make Watchmen 2?

On the small chance Hollywood decides to make the decision to make a second Watchmen film, they’d have similar success to the original movie if they centered the plot on the lives of Nite Owl, played by Patrick Wilson, and Silk Spectre, played by Malin Åkerman, after Ozymandus united the world through chaos. Since there was peace, the newspaper was publishing articles from their useless information section.

The plot could start with the villain, played by Adam Driver, reading a published article about Rorschach’s diary and be plagued with fear that the destruction discussed in the diary will eventually be back and worse in the future. The villain will do his best to eradicate all superheroes due to his belief that they will bring the destruction of the human species. He finds out that Silk Spectre and Nite Owl have been living together since their retirement. Despite their retirement, the villain believes that they’ll assume their superhero alter egos as soon as any danger is present.

Walking home one night, Silk Spectre is captured by the villain and awakes later tied to the wall in a dingy cellar. After realizing Silk Spectre never returned the night before, Nite Owl realizes something has happened. Through his investigation, he realizes that he cannot take on the villain alone and reluctantly contacts Ozymandus to help him. Ozymandus is hesitant at first but then agrees to help Nite Owl due to his regret of causing so much trouble before. The two assume their alter egos and begin their attack on the villain. The villain is taken back when he sees Nite Owl and Ozymandus breaking into his layer. He never thought about Ozymandus helping Nite Owl. He thought that Ozymandus would help him take out the other super heroes since he did before with Dr. Manhattan.

Ozymandus and Nite Owl take advantage of the villain’s confusion and are able to overpower him. They end up killing the villain and freeing Silk Spectre. In order to avoid this happening again, they all break into the newspaper company and steal Rorschach’s diary, making sure to delete all articles that have not yet been released.

The movie will end up being a follow up of the original movie plot. Due to some of the violence that’ll take place in Silk Spectre’s capture and the villain’s death, the movie will most likely remain as R-rated. It won’t be as gruesome as the original movie but will still not be suitable for all viewers.

Since the movie’s characters are so different from other DC characters, the movie won’t have any crossovers with other characters from the DC universe. This is because the characters are so different that they’ve a different fan base. Those who love Batman and Superman don’t share the same interests as those who prefer Dr. Manhattan and Rorschach as they have very different mindsets and motives. Superman’s main goal is to protect humanity while Rorschach is paranoid and kills for revenge.

Overall, there’s only a very small chance that Hollywood will decide to make a sequel to the Watchmen movie. So much happened in that movie and honestly it could’ve been made into two different movies to include all information in the comic book. It’s very hard to make a movie directly off of a novel or comic book without making it into two movies, so the movie isn’t obnoxiously long. Of course, sequels are never as good as the original and since there are no more Watchmen comics, it doesn’t make sense to have another movie.

How TV Commercials Have Helped Discover Some Hollywood Stars

Making the choice to pursue acting as a career can be a trying and difficult career choice, but if you’ve the passion for it and really want to become successful, then acting in TV commercials just might provide the platform needed in order to find a big break in Hollywood. Commercials provide a large list of advantages to the prospective actor or actress that can ultimately lead to career advancement and acting in more lucrative and well known jobs. This has been the case for many popular actors and actresses today. It’s something to keep in mind as a prospective actor builds a resume toward Hollywood success.

Gain Valuable Acting Experience
Being an actor or actress, like any vocation, takes experience and practice to master. The skill set that a person needs in order to audition for and get key roles in Hollywood productions is best acquired through practice and performance. The small 30-60 seconds of work that a major commercial can provide will allow a person to play a number of different roles and work on establishing their ability to fulfill that persona. Each role is a piece of a working resume that’ll provide an actor or actress to expand their skill set. It doesn’t matter if it’s playing a happy family member or a powerful lawyer. Each role provides experience of working well on a set and providing the product the director is looking for.

Gain Personal Recognition
With millions of people tuning into television at any given moment, being in a commercial can catapult a career. Unfortunately, it’s rare that a person will decide to become an actor or actress and be inundated with blockbuster movie deals from Hollywood immediately, no matter what they look like. The key is to get your foot in the door of the industry and that’s what the commercial realm provides. There are relatively few Hollywood roles being cast each year but there are many commercials, and those roles, if performed well, can lead to more opportunities in the future. The recognition by agencies, directors, producers or other talent seekers in the business are going to get a chance to see your work and face and it may just make the impression that turns an unknown actor into a big Hollywood star.

Networking Opportunities
On a similar line, working in commercials can build bridges through relationships that may pave the way to higher paying, more lucrative offerings in the future. The director of a commercial may be working on a movie in the future. A good working relationship with people will cause them to keep you in mind and even seek you out when they have a role that would work for you. All of the world revolves around the relationships that you build and maintain. It could be a writer, director or fellow cast member that you make an impression on and that’ll open another door for a bigger future gig which could in fact discover a new Hollywood star. The entertainment industry is like any other. People want to work with those that they know and trust to do good work, be easy to deal with and are reliable. Those qualities can be portrayed in commercial work and those connections can power a much more lucrative career and many have turned those relationships into being Hollywood Stars.

Becoming a star in Hollywood movies may sound like a distant goal, but working in TV commercials can help pave the way to find success in movies or on television shows. The connections that you make, the reputation that you build, and the recognition in general, can really contribute to growing an acting career from the beginning of dreams to a reality of stardom. This has happened for numerous Hollywood legends from John Travolta to Nicholas Cage. It started by working in commercials and ended up on the silver screen in Hollywood.