Reboots Seem To Be The New Movie Trend

Regardless of their success or failure, reboots seem to have become the default approach by film studios for half a decade, if not longer. This article intends to look at the “How?”, the “Why?”, and the future of reboots in cinema. To clarify, there are several different ways that films can be considered a reboot:

  • The film retells the same story, possibly with changes to vocabulary, ethnicity and technologies, to adapt it from the source material to the new film’s vision.
  • The film ignores some elements from the source material but retains defining characteristics of that material.
  • The film keeps its name for brand recognition purposes but is otherwise a completely different product than what came before.

How Film Reboots Have Fared

When one looks at the top 10 domestically grossing films from the last five years, Disney’s live action “Cinderella” placed 9th in 2015, their live action take on Sleeping Beauty, “Maleficent,” placed 8th in 2014 and “Oz: The Great and Powerful” placed 10th in 2013. While Sony’s “The Amazing Spider-Man” placed 7th in 2012, no reboot placed within the top 10 of 2011.

When you expand that same list to the top 100 films and look for the poorest performing reboots, Warner Brothers’ “Arthur” took 96th place in 2011, “The Three Stooges” placed 77th in 2012, Screen Gems’ “Carrie” placed 83rd in 2013, Universal’s “Dracula Untold” did relatively well for itself as the 57th highest grossing film of 2014 and “Hitman: Agent 47” landed at 97th place.

While all of these figures sound wonderful on paper, the take-away from this information is that the most successful reboots seem to be attached to brands and IPs that have a wide-reaching audience; Spider-Man is one of the most well-known superheroes in Western culture, Disney is a media juggernaut and “The Wizard of Oz” is also an American institution of fiction. Conversely, the other mentioned films consist of horror icons, both classic and cult, comedies and the second adaptation of a video game.

Why Film Reboots Have Become So Prevalent

The most basic explanation for why reboots have filled so many spots on the box office marquee is that it is easier to market a known quantity than marketing something that is completely original to the movie-going public. Among the top 100 grossing films of 2015, 41 were reboots, sequels, or adaptations of existing media, with “Inside Out” as the sole original property among the top 10 films of 2015.

Will This Trend of Film Reboots Continue?

As of writing this article, there are more than 100 films coming down the pipe in one form or another that would qualify as a reboot. Going through as many letters of the alphabet as possible, this list of film reboots includes:

  • A live-action take on “Akira.”
  • “Blue Thunder” reworked to be about drones instead of a helicopter.
  • “Charlie’s Angels.”
  • Cinema classic “Das Boot.”
  • “Escape from New York.”
  • “Flash Gordon”
  • A live action version of “Ghost in the Shell” featuring actress Scarlett Johansson.
  • “Highlander.”
  • Stephen King’s “It.”
  • “Jumanji.”
  • “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.”
  • “Masters of the Universe.”
  • “Nosferatu.”
  • “Ocean’s 11.”
  • “Power Rangers.”
  • “Red Sonja.”
  • “Short Circuit.”
  • “Time Cop,” likely without Jean-Claude van Damme.
  • “Van Helsing.”
  • “Weird Science.”
  • “Zorro Reborn,” which is rumored to be a post-apocalyptic re-imagining.

Even with just these titles, it seems quite obvious that reboots will be in the theater for some time.

Would It Be Weird to See Stan Lee Cameo in a DC Movie?

Would it be hard for you to imagine Stan Lee delivering a package to Wayne Manor on the big screen? Stan Lee’s comments at Fan Expo 2016 have left a lot of people wondering just how strange it might be to see a Stan Lee cameo in a DC movie. After all, the 93-year-old icon is famous for his cameo roles in Marvel comic movies. However, it’s no secret that there’s been quite a bit of rivalry between the two comic giants, and some die-hard fans on both sides may take offense to a Marvel legend appearing in a DC flick. It’s left many more wondering what could come of such a seemingly small friendly gesture.

What exactly could it mean if DC were to take Stan Lee up on his offer? Other than the aforementioned potential drama between fandoms, I think it would turn out to be something wonderful. If Stan Lee were to be offered or take a cameo role in a DC movie, I think that the option for crossover movies would open up. After all, Marvel and DC have worked together in the past, and with great success.

If DC came out with a movie that featured a Stan Lee cameo and it opened up the option for crossover movies, both companies would undoubtedly enjoy huge financial gains. Fans from both sides would flock to see a crossover movie which would fuel sales on both sides, as well open up a new market for officially licensed DC/Marvel crossover merchandise. Fans just can’t get enough of DC/Marvel crossovers, and a crossover movie is something that we’ve been clamoring after for years.
The potential for financial and fandom glory wouldn’t have to end with just movies, either. More crossover comics and games would be the natural way to move forward after a successful crossover movie.

To think that an entire crossover franchise could start with a simple cameo from Stan Lee might seem far-fetched, but it’s something that fans from both sides have wanted for decades now. What better way to test the market than to have a true, real life Marvel legend appear in a DC movie? (And as he quipped at the Expo, DC could use him.)

So would it be strange to see Stan Lee in a DC movie? Maybe for some. But for others, I think it would just seem right. He has become such an iconic figure not just for Marvel, but also comics in general that I can’t see him being too out of place in the DC universe. It could also open up such a great opportunity for both companies to please fans and cash in on a market that so many desperately want to see open up.

Who Else Is Excited For The Power Rangers Movie?

Chances are that if you were a “’90s kid”, you caught an episode or two of The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Chances are also pretty good that you watched more than one episode because let’s face it, it was a pretty cool show. There was plenty of action, a little bit of romance between the teens, and a whole lot of super villains that never seemed to get their way. Twenty-two years after the final episode of the original series, Lionsgate has set out to release a third Power Ranger movie next year. This new information has adults and kids alike squealing with absolute delight, and reminiscing about the shows, fashion, and questionable taste of the ’90s.

Perhaps the best thing about this upcoming film is that Bryan Cranston is set to play Zordon, a mentor to the Rangers. The younger crowd may recognize Cranston from his more recent part in Godzilla, and many others will surely know him from his five season stint in the cult favorite television show Breaking Bad. He has an extensive acting career spanning decades, and has won multiple awards for his work. In fact, Cranston actually voiced a few villains in series, and the writers were quite fond of him. So fond, that they named one of the Rangers after him (Billy Cranston for curious minds).

Elizabeth Banks, another well known actress, is set to play Rita Repulsa, one of the Power Ranger’s mortal enemies. Though the character has lost her signature horns and full, flowing costume, we are sure that Banks will make the character her own. Although the film will not feature appearances by any of the original Rangers, these two amazing veteran actors will surely make up for it. The campy, cheesy quality of the show is what kept viewers coming back for more, a few A list actors putting their spin on these beloved faces may take it in a fun, new direction.

The original show may not have been on for very many seasons, but it still left a lasting impression on quite a few people from the Y and Z generations. Boys loved the action and karate-like moves, and girls loved seeing strong females take charge and kick some bad guy butt. Witnessing it transformed for the big screen over twenty years later will bring back feelings of the decade, from your love snap bracelets to Lisa Frank trapper keepers, and your disdain for curfews and wearing socks with sandals.

This new take on an old classic may or may not be a cinematic masterpiece, but it’ll definitely bring back nostalgia from the ’90s. Maybe it’ll bring you back to Saturday mornings, watching the old boob tube with a tasty snack by your side, or how crazy Justin Timberlake looked with that blond, curly hair while he was ‘Nsync’s frontman. So slap on some overalls and jellies, maybe a backwards cap and grab a front row seat to the newest installment of an old favorite.

But I Want It That Way – How A Star Can Flip The Script

A Movie Can Be Re-Defined By Its Cast
By now, you’ve probably seen a few movies that have changed considerably from script to screen. Many times this is due to an actor or actress’ influence, such as the southern drawl and the unforgettable bunny incorporated into Con Air by Nicolas Cage. Perhaps the originally male protagonist in Salt being altered to accommodate the lovely Angelina Jolie slipped under your radar; the equally articulate espionage expert Edwin Salt (originally to be played by Tom Cruise) became Evelyn Salt to shoe-in Jolie as the lead. There seems to be a trend here: scripts are like clay, and the extremely famous are like the modern day Donatellos, waltzing in and pressing the malleable material into what they see fit.

Sometimes, It Just Happens Naturally
When an unanticipated performer joins the cast, sometimes things just tend to bend around them so that they can enjoy the usual spotlight that follows. Any action movie you throw Bruce Willis into is likely to feel at least a little Die Hard-esque. Likewise, if we cast Vin Diesel in a light-hearted family movie (The Pacifier, anyone?) we can expect that the already action including script will become at least a tad more action packed. A-list celebrities have a tendency to carry a persona with them throughout their filmography, so it makes sense that the characteristics of that persona would undoubtedly shine through in a similar-natural role.

They’ve Been There, They’ve Done That
Many times an actor or actress will approach the director and/or screenwriters with an idea that, from their experience, seemingly fits the scheme of the story. In these scenarios, it makes sense that a writer would at least entertain their suggestion, and in many cases it ends up being a welcome addition to the film. Sometimes though actors just wing it. For instance, the famous “Here’s Johhny!” line from Stephen King’s The Shining. Ironically, this phrase which gave plenty of 80’s children (and adults) the heebie jeebies was hearkened to the introduction given to the harmless Johhny Carson by Ed McMahon. This proves that some stars’ spur of the moment ideas can be not only comedic (or terrifying) but also legendary.

Tragedy Strikes
Sometimes things are cut short or altered due to something horrible, with varying degrees of results. Take a look at the Paul Walker situation, for example, a brilliant young man who’d been part of the Fast and Furious since the jump lost his life during the final part of filming for one of the franchise’s movies,and a last minute decision was made to use the ending sequence of the film as a tribute to him, using his brother as a stand-in (with some killer post-production editing) to give fans one final look at the amazing front-man of the series. Another prime example is Heath Ledger’s post Dark Knight death resulting in the film he was currently working on, Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, needing some creative efforts to be finished. Due to the scope of the story, the remaining scenes were of an imaginative sort, meaning contributions by Johnny Depp, Colin Farrel, and Jude Law were worked in rather flawlessly considering the situation at hand. On a less tragic note, who could forget the iconic scene from Raiders Of The Lost Ark, in which a food poisoned Harrison Ford and a conundrum facing Spielberg came to an agreement which led to Indy simply drawing his trust revolver and gunning down his foe rather than participating in a flashy whip versus sword duel.

Stars Can Change Everything
Obviously, stars can have a profound impact on a movie’s script, sometimes altering or throwing out pieces entirely to fit their needs. It’s amazing to take a look at how many blockbuster movies changed course during production to account for either the circumstances or requests of a movie star. Truthfully though, so many of the iconic scenes which we’ll never forget were fostered by this process of creative license, and many of the movies we love would be completely different if it weren’t for these changes.

Top 5 Well-Known Movie Stars Who Resurrected Their Careers

Many movie stars pride themselves on being talented for one simple reason: Their success will be directly related to their talents. But many times their success will also depend on the movies they decided to star in, and their social behavior. However, many actors who had appeared in more than their share of unsuccessful movies, or had some troubles in their lives, were able to make huge comebacks.

Here’s a list of the top 5 well-known movie stars who were able to resurrect their careers despite their shortcomings:

Movie Star Career Resurrection #5: Marlon Brando

In the year 1950, when Brando was filming The Men, he became known as the actor who knew how to bring realism to the screen. From here on, Brando appeared in several movies. But despite many Academy Award nominations for his performances, Brando’s fame began to disappear in the 1960s.

The problem was that none of the movies he appeared during the 1960s were major hits. As the years went by, Brando became less known to the public. However, when he accepted to play the role of Vito Corleone in The Godfather, Brando was able to turned his acting career around. And on March 24, 1972, with the released of The Godfather, Brando re-established himself as an actor and was able to land more important roles, such as Superman.

Movie Star Career Resurrection #4: John Travolta

Whether he’s starring in musical romantic comedy films or in romantic cowboy movies, John Travolta takes on each of his roles with such dedication. It doesn’t come to a surprise that when his fans think of him, they think of Danny Zuko and his romance with Sandy, not as an ignorant or arrogant actor. But rumor has it that Travolta turned down important lead roles in the 80s because he thought he could do better.

John didn’t do any better after turning down the lead role of An Officer and a Gentleman. After he finished shooting Urban Legend in 1989, his acting career declined. Also, financial failures kept him away from his acting career.

In the 90s, Travolta managed to appear in movies such as Who’s Talking, Look Who’s Talking Too, and Look Who’s Talking Now. Although the public was still interested in him, Travolta still needed a good role.

In 1994, he was able to resurrect his acting career after he landed the role of Vincent Vega in Quentin Tarantino’s hit Pulp Fiction. The role of Vincent earned him an Academy Award nomination, and many job offers after that.

Movie Star Career Resurrection #3: Mickey Rourke

It seems that turning down lead roles is a common habit among many actors in Hollywood, but Mickey Rourke is the worst offender. Rourke turned down many lead roles because he thought that he could do better as a boxer, or because he thought that many movie directors will always wait for him. He even went as far as turning down a job offer from Tarantino.

In 1994, when he finally decided to give up his career as a boxer, the actor spent the rest of the 90s appearing in several movies. Unfortunately, some of the roles he played were not leading roles. Although his acting career didn’t decline much in the 90s, in 2005, he made a huge comeback in Hollywood by accepting to appear in the movie Sin City. Since then, Rourke has appeared in successful films such as The WrestlerIron Man 2, and The Expendables.

Movie Star Career Resurrection #2: Robert John Downey Jr.

This list wouldn’t be complete without him. Downey is the perfect example of an actor who had a great career start but decided that partying and doing drugs was more important than appearing in movies.

Downey was arrested numerous times on drug-related charges and for possession of an unloaded gun. Fortunately, after five years of substance abuse, arrests, rehab, and relapse, the actor was able to beat his drug addiction problems. He made a comeback in the 2000s and appeared in the film Gothika. After Gothika, it became a bit of a slow time again for Robert, that is, until films such as Sherlock Holmes and of course the Iron Man franchise, propelled him back in the spotlight once and for all.

Movie Star Career Resurrection #1: Christopher Lee

If starring as Dracula in a series of horror films didn’t earn Lee great reviews, as an actor he would be in big trouble. However, Lee’s troubles didn’t begin until he appeared in a Disney movie.

In 1978, Lee was severely criticized for appearing in the Disney film Return from Witch Mountain. Movie critics didn’t think that appearing in Disney films was the right move for Lee. However, by accepting to play the role of Saruman in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy (2001–2003) and The Hobbit film trilogy (2012–2014), Lee was able to shut down the critics and became known as the famous actor who had appeared in several cult movies.

After reading this short list, we hope that you’ve come to the conclusion that being an actor isn’t an easy job. They’ve to be willing to tolerate and deal with criticism. And just because many of them decided to turn down famous movie roles, it didn’t necessarily mean that their careers were over.

Steven Spielberg vs. Alfred Hitchcock: The Battle of the Titans

When you’re comparing the works of Steven Spielberg and Alfred Hitchcock, everyone wants to know who’s the better director and why. There are a lot of film buffs out there, and they’ve seen all of their work on movies and TV. This, of course, isn’t a simple question to answer, but if it were simple, it wouldn’t be worth asking. Both have made many film fans happy with their contributions to the film world and have made classics that have been watched over and over again. They’ve been analyzed in film classes and heated debates have been had about who really is better.

If I was forced to pick someone and I had to pick someone, I’d go with Steven Spielberg, and the reason is because he has made, in my view, more diverse films than Alfred Hitchcock. Hitchcock was known as the master of suspense and for the most part, a good majority of his films were suspenseful and he was the master of it. No one did it any better. He knew how to keep his audience interested in the story and he always kept you guessing all the way until the end.

People are still discussing Psycho and the shower scene. Films like Rope and Strangers on a Train are shown in film classes across the country. As far as his style and the way he made his films, very few, if any, could compare to him and the work that he did in the film community. However, very rarely, if ever, did he go away from that style and working in suspense films. He had his niche and he did it very well and no one did it any better arguably. However, he never dabbled in other genres of films. He earned the name “The Master of Suspense” for a reason.

Spielberg, on the other hand, he could do a little bit of everything. He could make you cry with films like E.T. and he could show you the horror of war in Saving Private Ryan. In fact, it wasn’t that long ago that he directed Lincoln and tackled the subject of one of the most famous presidents of all time. When it comes to film projects, there is not anything he can not do. That’s not to say that Hitchcock couldn’t have done other types of films if he tried, but there didn’t seem to be a whole lot of interest in trying on his part. He was comfortable in his genre and stuck with it.

The truly great, great directors never get satisfied and they never get comfortable. They’re always looking for ways to expand their resume and try their hand in something that might be a little scary for them and might be a little foreign to them, but they know it’s only going to make them a better director and a better person. While I know we’re speaking in terms of their directorial abilities, it’s hard to ignore everything that went on behind the scenes with Hitchcock.

There was a film released that showed him working on Psycho and there have been numerous stories about the man being difficult and hard to please. He would even oftentimes hit on some of his actresses. He might have been a very talented director and there is no denying that, but as a person, he didn’t always live up to those same standards. In the end, that counts for something. With Steven Spielberg, it is rare that you ever hear a bad word spoken about the man. People love working with him and they love what he brings out of them as a director. He’s just as good of a person as he is a director.

The big thing that must be taken into consideration is the fact that Spielberg is not done. Sadly, Hitchcock is not with us anymore, so his film work is done. He’ll, sadly, never direct another movie again. The possibilities for Spielberg in the future are, quite frankly, endless. He already has a few projects in the works that are getting people talking and have them very, very excited. He hasn’t lost that zest for making films and it does not appear to be going anyway any time in the near future.

Again, this is a battle of the titans, and it can be argued for days on end, but thanks to the diversity of Spielberg’s films, how he handles his actors and his personality, and the fact that he has more to give to the film world, I give the victory to Spielberg. It wasn’t an easy choice to make, but I’m fairly confident in my decision. However, Hitchcock will always be a legend and no one can take that away from him.

Is Today’s Hollywood Out of Touch with Audiences?

Hollywood has lost touch with the common man. The standard of beauty and success portrayed are not the societal norm. Today’s television shows and movies are generally unrelatable and most Hollywood professionals don’t understand the struggles of life for the majority of society.

Nowhere is that more obvious than looking at the course of history of the reality show. Originally, a reality show was just that…Reality or at least a much closer version of reality than we see in shows today. Survivor brought a naked Richard hatch into our living rooms, with every wrinkle and flabby part exposed. Real world had us cheering for Pedro and booing at Puck. Our love for Pedro brought homosexuality and living with HIV to the forefront, and initiated social change. All of these characters had reality in common. True Reality that every human could relate to. These shows were edited, certainly, but although shown in their best light, these were all real people living their lives.

Over time Hollywood has put their own spin on “reality,” creating scripted and otherwise altered realities on their shows. It is difficult to find a character on a reality show that couldn’t also work as a model or isn’t some kind of a social “freak”. Our curiosity of those different than ourselves has created a whole world of reality shows spotlighting the outliers of society. While entertaining to some, these shows are hardly relatable and are just the equivalent of a modern freak show.

It is also hard for the average joe to relate to the level of wealth portrayed on these shows. These are not people that are dealing with everyday issues. The rent is always paid in their world of “reality”. Financial problems are the number one thing keeping Americans up at night, however shows rarely show the audience the reality of financial struggles or the effects of those struggles. Even in shows that portray the “average” family, there never seems to be much talk of finances. Gone are the days of Roseanne and Dan figuring out how to make it all work and taking second jobs. Now, if you want to hear about financial stuggles you will have to tune in to Breaking Bad, because the conception is that only the fringes of society have financial struggles.

The level of notoriety that can be achieved in Hollywood quickly affects those working in the industry. Writers, producers, actors, and other Hollywood professionals lose touch with the realities of everyday life as they achieve success in the industry. Fame means something different now than it did in the days before the internet and being world famous is much more attainable than ever before. Many people have been unknown to all but their friends and families one day, to suddenly become an internet sensation the next day. The fast rise to fame gives people an unrealistic outlook on life. If they are unable to relate to the common man, they will not be able to create relatable characters or portray them onscreen.

Hollywood has lost touch with viewers for many reasons. The constant push for reality to fit the Hollywood mold has made most shows and movies unrelatable to viewers. Most Hollywood insiders are so out of touch with “normal” people that their view of society is skewed. It is hard to portray reality when you have no idea what the common reality is. If Hollywood wants to get the attention of viewers they are going to have to give them more than superheroes and love stories.

John Cena Really Can Act

John Cena may have shocked some when he appeared on the big screen, but is it really a shocker though? He does extremely well with every role he plays. Even though he has a past in WWE, the roles he takes on for each movie suit who he was in wrestling. He usually will play the “tough guy”, or “someone you just don’t mess with.” That sounds like the same guy right? There was a lot that built up to that moment in ‘Marine’. He climbed the ladder from the bottom with guest appearances and taking acting classes. His hard work has brought him out of the ring and onto the red carpet.

Since his debut starring in the movie “The Marine“, he has played in more than a handful of movies. He’s still the “tough guy” in every role that he plays, but it works for him. Cena is a dedicated, passionate person who puts his heart into everything he does and is a very well-rounded person. He has also ventured outside of the action movie genre and entered a more comical genre.

Recently, he played a boyfriend in the movie “Train Wreck” as well as a drug dealer in the movie “Sisters.” He voices that he actually prefers the comedy genre over the action genre. John is a jack of all trades. When he gets a role, he puts his whole heart into it and performs with excellence.

Cena has also stated that expanding his horizon of work will help bring in a lot of positives as well as that his acting in different movies will help draw attention to WWE. That’s very true. I mean, who doesn’t know John Cena at this point?

Little do many people know, Cena has also appeared in reality TV. He took a break from WWE to be in “American Grit”, which he was very excited about. He hosted the reality show for two seasons. He also made a guest appearance in the comical show “Parks and Recreation”. Making guest appearances and appearing on TV shows can definitely prepare you for the big screen. He has worked his way up and gained much knowledge along the way.

While prepping for movies and TV, John has had a life coach with him every step of the way for constant encouragement and advice. He only took a month and a half of acting lessons before taking the starring role in The Marine. It takes most people years of acting lessons, but with John’s background in wrestling ( as wrestlers do have to cut promos) and determination, he excelled with the time he had.

John has quoted he’ll never quit WWE, even though he’s becoming more of a part-timer. He may have surprised a lot of people by turning to this career choice, but it seems that hasn’t failed at a role yet. John takes his work seriously and knows what his strengths and weaknesses are. It may have taken a while to shake off the silliness of the idea that the famous John Cena can act without having a wrestler role, but his hard work and catchy charm has led him to be a serious actor. I know we’ll be seeing him more and more and in more diverse roles as well.

Top 3 Movie Flops So Far in 2016

So far, 2016 has been a year of major wins at the box office, but it has seen its share of disasters as well. With that said, that’s dive right into the top 3 box office movie flops of 2016:

Movie Flop #3. GODS OF EGYPT

Directed by Alex Proyas (I, Robot) and starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Game of Thrones) and Gerard Butler (300),Gods of Egypt was intended by Lion’s Gate to be the first installment of another big budget fantasy action-adventure series like their previous hits, Twilight and The Hunger Games.

Even before its release, Gods of Egypt was plagued by controversy over the casting of white actors in Egyptian roles which spawned a sizable Twitter campaign. Its release date was poorly timed to compete with the massively successful Deadpool, and ended up only making back 10% of its $140 million dollar budget on opening weekend. Critics also cited a lackluster cast, wooden acting, and sub-par special effects as reasons for this film’s downfall.


An action-comedy starring Sasha Baron Cohen as a British soccer hooligan and Mark Strong as his secret agent brother, The Brothers Grimsby seemed doomed from the start. After the failure of Ali G Indahouse and the somewhat disappointing returns of The Dictator, it is surprising that a major studio was willing to gamble on another scripted Sacha Baron Cohen comedy film. Though he has had great success with his signature style of outrageous in-character bits involving unsuspecting people (as seen in Borat and Bruno), Sacha Baron Cohen has never been known as a bankable comedic actor in conventional narrative-driven films. With Borat more than a decade behind him, his stardom has dimmed considerably since his heyday, with each of his starring vehicles seeing diminishing returns at the box office.

Similar to Gods of Egypt, The Brothers Grimsby had the ill-fortune to be buried by the runaway success of Deadpool, a film that outdid it in both the action and comedy departments. It also suffered from unimpressive promotion which failed to make it stand out it a crowded field of big name properties.

Movie Flop #1: ZOOLANDER 2

A sequel to the 2001 cult comedy classic, Zoolander 2 brings back Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson in their iconic roles as male models Derek Zoolander and Hansel.

While the original Zoolander was a minor hit upon release which became more popular in its post-theater life due to frequent showings on cable TV, the timing of the sequel was odd and seemingly came out of nowhere. The lapse between the two was too long to capitalize on the original’s popularity while it was still fresh, and it was not long enough for the original Zoolander to have become a significant object of pop-culture nostalgia. In short, this is the sequel that no one asked for. It was met with little interest from moviegoers, while critics blasted it as a tired, pointless rehash of the original.

While some films in 2016 have been record breaking successes, these three fell flat in every way imaginable.

Where’s All The Suspense At?

Do you remember the times when movies had you on the edge of your seat, wondering what could possibly happen next? Today this is a lost art of the past. but why?

Well, we can only speculate as to why, there are a few general theories at hand here and it is perhaps best to go over them.

Lack of inspiration
With so many ideas of past feature film already being used and the taboo in Hollywood of re-creating the same plot line or using the same actors, perhaps Hollywood has simply run out of ideas, with the current storm of movies based on comic books, one may discern that all we have left’s Comic Book movies.

Lack of motivation
With artists and Hollywood writers underpaid and movie theaters losing popularity due to online piracy, ease of access such as ‘same day as theaters’ on cable television OnDemand services, and actors demanding more and more, maybe there is a general lack of motivation to create inspiring films, full of unique characters, plots, plot twists, and schemes/scenes. This is not to doubt, that every once in awhile yet still, a masterful tour de force becomes a forgotten blockbuster.

Lack of compelling actors/actresses
Talent is harder to find, good talent, compelling new actors and actresses that can convey the emotional aspects of their role are perhaps dwindiling, surely there are lots of solid talent, we have all seen them, Chris Pine, Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy, Zachary Quinto, Patrick Stewart, Liam Neeson, Scarlett Johansson, etc…

Lack of Attention
In this modern society, we are becoming hopelessly entwined in our gadgets and social media life, therefore perhaps movies are joining along with books (of which they are often based), on the soon to be extinct list of daily entertainment activities, replaced merely by games (often based on movies), and dating apps, or ‘alternative’ social apps/websites. This all means a general lack of attention to what the little screen (your television) is advertising to you about what is on ‘The Big Screen’ is more often than not, ignored.

We have thus identified the problem, now let’s speculate a solution
Theaters need to just handle a reduction in the overall cost of going to the movies, a good reset to the 80’s theater prices (including popcorn and a drink), furthermore, a strong Hollywood think tank needs to be formed as a consortium to form new ideas and strategies to better lure people into theaters with entirely new and captivatingly unique plots, locations, special effects, and talent. All to add a deep, dark, and intriguing level of Suspense to feature films.