Movie Lines That’re Popular to this Day

There have been so many influential films throughout the years that it’d be almost impossible to name them all. Since what makes a movie special is different for everybody,  and for that reason, it;s difficult to say what that one thing is in every case. One factor that sticks out the most are the lines delivered so perfectly that they just stay with you.

Movie lines can have such staying power that they become synonymous with pop-culture. Let’s go back and look at some of the most popular lines that just won’t die. These are the ones that have a place in everyone’s heart, even if they don’t care for the movie itself.

Who could forget the first time the ‘Terminator’ himself looked the guard in the face and delivered the amazing one liner, “I’ll be back.”? This was a defining moment in the first movie and in pop-culture in general. Honestly, how many times do you think you’ve heard this line delivered? Chances are, if you’re like me, it’s too many to count. The same could be said for the line from the second film, again from the T-man himself, “Hasta la vista, baby.” It just sticks with you. One for the ages, again.

One of my personal favorite lines ever delivered on screen was in the film ‘Die Hard‘, when Bruce Willis, a.k.a. John Mclane, is talking with Hans Gruber over the walkie talkie of a freshly murdered henchman and say the timeless, “Yippie kiyay mutherf*#!ker.” This is a truly unforgettable moment in the film and a great one in the action movie genre. The look on Gruber’s face is classic and from that moment on, you knew that you were in for a different kind of action movie. The Die Hard series of films specifically, are the reason for numerous pop-culture references. This one however, sticks with fans the most.

Another one of the greatest and most iconic movie lines goes back quite a bit further. When Marlin Brando from film ‘The Godfather‘ delivers the now classic, ” We’re gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.” it cemented that line into the consciousness of movie-goers worldwide and has been repeated probably more than any other line in film history. This one line is a large reason that the film is still popular to this day. It’s truly one of the most iconic ones ever produced from Hollywood and this line just helps it maintain it’s relevance in pop-culture.

Who could forget the first time that they heard the words, “Bond, James Bond.”, or how about “Shaken, not stirred.”? Priceless movie one liners that not only help define the coolness that’s James Bond, but have become a staple of the franchise, regardless of who the leading role of 007 is. These are probably in close competition with The Godfather in the -times quoted- category. A Bond flick would just not be the same without the delivery of these lines at least once per film.

The fans demand it and the writers know it. We love our one-liners.

Top 3 Martin Scorsese Films of All-Time

In the world of acting and directing, not many names standout nearly as much as that of Martin Scorsese. Whether you’re a fan of his great acting skills or a fan of the many # 1 films he has directed or produced, it’s easy to see why so many movie goers love him. He began his love of acting and directing over 40 years ago as a young college student with a passion of all things film. Over the last 4 decades, Scorsese has had one of the most influential and successful film careers of all-time.

With that said, below are just three of the most popular films he has either acted in or directed.

Scorsese Movie #3: Taxi Driver

In 1976, Martin Scorsese directed the dark film about an insomniac with a weird personality. Hailed as one of the best films of all-time, it’s probably Martin Scorsese most notable one. After deciding to become a Taxi Driver to help cope with his extreme insomnia, Robert De Niro, known as Travis in the film, comes in to contact with people from all walks of life. When he falls for a beautiful woman on a political campaign, he decides his life mission’s to make the streets of New York a safer place. He begins training and learning how to defend himself and the city. In the mean time, Travis meets a young prostitute and decides he’ll do whatever he can to get her out of the prostitution world. Through a series of fights, let-downs and hitting rock bottom, Travis finally succeeds in getting the young girl out of prostitution. With its sinister tales and a long list of amazing actors and actresses, it’s easy to see why ‘Taxi Driver’ is still one of the most popular movies almost 40 years after it was first released.

Scorsese Movie #2: Goodfellas

In 1990, Scorsese directed another one of the most popular films ‘Goodfellas’, a gangster movie that has been nominated for 6 academy awards. The cast includes some of the biggest names in film including Joe Pesci, Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone. The movie follows a young boy who grows up in the mob lifestyle. Determined to rise through the ranks of the gangster lifestyle he works very hard to prove he is as tough, as smart an as ruthless as any other gangster. Along the way, he gains tons of luxury items and money yet all at the expense of drugs, murder and other horrific crimes. As the story continues, the young man’s life starts to unravel and he soon finds himself in a series of bad mistakes and a bad drug problem. Based around the book named ‘WiseGuy’, the movie ‘Goodfellas’ shows an in-depth look at the world gangsters live and deal in.

Scorsese Movie #1: Gangs Of New York

One of his best films since ‘Goodfellas’, in 2002 Scorsese directed the epic film ‘Gangs of New York’. The movie is set in the late 1800’s and follows the story of a young man trying to vindicate his father’s death. Lead character Amsterdam, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, travels back to New York which’s filled with ruthless gangs. In an effort to find the man responsible for his fathers death, Amsterdam must live, play and work with the gangsters in an effort to get to the big boss responsible for his father’s murder. The movie takes viewers on a journey of revenge in which you wonder if the lead character will suffer the same fate as his father in the gang ridden streets of NY. Aside from directing the movie, Scorsese played a very small unaccredited part in the film as well.

These are just three of the most popular movies Scorsese has directed or acted in. As mentioned earlier, his movie career spans over 4 decades, so he has dozens and dozens of films. He has also been nominated for many different awards including Academy Awards as well as an Oscar. He has been honored and celebrated not only for his brilliant directing and acting but also for his producing and screenwriting. With many projects in the works for 2016 and beyond, Scorsese shows no signs of slowing down in the film world.

Top Upcoming Movie Picks for Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is a day for family, friends and good times. It’s a day that should be remembered long after it’s over. A good movie is a perfect way to end a day of feasting, shopping, and family fun, and can make your Thanksgiving Day one to remember. Sometimes finding the perfect movie, especially on a day like Thanksgiving, can be a challenge.

With that said, below are the top picks for movies to see this Thanksgiving Day, to make your holiday a little easier.

Thanksgiving Day Movie Pick #3: Creed

This isn’t just another Rocky movie, and it may be just what die-hard Rocky fans have been waiting for. This is the latest installment of the Rocky series starring Sylvester Stallone, playing the legendary Rocky Balboa himself and Michael B. Jordan, playing the son of Apollo Creed. Rocky isn’t stepping into the ring in this movie, he’s coaching Apollo’s son, Adonis Creed, who’s haunted by his father’s death. The movie’s filled with lots of hard-hitting action that’s sure to keep Rocky fans on their feet.

Thanksgiving Day Movie Pick #2: The Peanuts Movie

This is a film that everyone can enjoy without having to worry about the kids seeing too much violence, inappropriate actions or hearing bad language. It’s for the young and the young at heart. Though most young people won’t grasp much of what Peanuts is all about as far as its history goes, they’ll still be able to relate to this timeless story of first crushes and ethical dilemmas. The Peanuts Movie is a refreshing change to the typical evil villains and destruction of Earth stories that’re common in today’s movies. This G-rated film can be fun for the entire family.

Thanksgiving Day Movie Pick #1: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

The last movie pick for Thanksgiving Day and it’s the last movie in The Hunger Games series, and probably the best. This movie is great for teens and adults who’re fans of the previous movies and books. Mockingjay Part 2 is a story of war and rebellion filled with roller-coaster action scenes and emotional twist and turns. The Hunger Games, Mockingjay Part 2 is sure to make this a Thanksgiving at the box office, one to remember.

These are just a few of the movies that will be in theaters this Thanksgiving, but they’re definitely worth watching. Long after the turkey is gone and the shopping’s over, spending time reliving the best parts of a good movie are timeless Thanksgiving memories that’re not easily forgotten.

Top 3 Political Movies of All-Time

With Republican and Democratic debates heating up as we head into 2016, politics as the American people are seeing, are one big roller-coaster ride. Politicians will say anything it seems to get the votes.

With that said, we’ve come up with a list of these 3 political movies that target different types of audiences, but all three show the underbelly of politics. One movie satirizes political dirty tricks with dark humor. Another is the Hollywood version of true historical dirty tricks that gripped the entire country in the early 1970s and ultimately brought down the Nixon presidency. The final one is a romantic comedy-drama about the presidency and life in the White House, and it, too, includes some dirty tricks

Political Movie #3:Wag the Dog

This is a dark farce about how the White House public relations machine distracts the public from a presidential scandal they want to sweep under the rug by manufacturing a fake war. The politicians will – and do – go to any length to divert the public’s attention, including hiring a movie director to film fake war footage. It works. The gullible public and the media are distracted and focus on the “war.” Complications arise though when the CIA investigates and learns the war is a fake. The spin doctors convince the CIA to comply with the deception, averting a disaster, and get the Pentagon to give them a real soldier to serve as a fake war hero who’s being rescued and brought home. Massive crowds turn out to welcome him, and the media want to schedule interviews. The only problem – the “hero” is criminally insane, which’s when the real comedy begins as they try to keep him from interacting with anyone. To find out how it all turns out, you’ll have to watch the movie.

Political Movie #2: “All the President’s Men

This is the true story of what became known as the ‘Watergate Affair’. It tells the story through the perspective of two Washington Post reporters, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. The reporters used their considerable collection of files, notes, interviews and newspaper articles to reconstruct the entire sequence of events from the time they first learned of the break-in at the Watergate hotel until President Nixon ultimately resigned. It’s a detailed, gripping account with lots of drama, all based on facts and actual records, giving viewers a history lesson at the same time.

Political Movie #1: “The American President

This is a romantic comedy-drama that gives viewers a fictionalized look inside life in the White House along with a detailed portrayal of how legislation is crafted, lobbied for and against, and either passed or defeated. The President, played by Michael Douglas, is up for re-election, and is a widower with a pre-teen daughter. He meets and falls in love with a pragmatic environmental lobbyist, played by Annette Benning. They’re at odds politically, but the attraction is so strong a romance begins. The President’s political opponents paint the romance as tawdry and injurious to the pre-teen daughter. The media’s more interested in their affair than the two legislative proposals that are on the table, which’ll both have a large impact on the country.

All three movies, although quite different in nature, paint a not-so flattering picture of the shallowness of the American public and just how easily it can be manipulated by politicians.

Will Farrell Still Just Cannot Be Stopped

Will Farrell is currently the finest comedian and actor in Hollywood. He started his career as a stand-up comic, but his fans today may have a hard time imagining him doing stand-up after his many movie roles. Ferrell has always been funny, but he was once only the guy who appeared in a film for a moment. He has graduated to more prestigious roles over time, and he has created many of his own characters, starting in his days with Saturday Night Live.

Appearing In Bit Parts

Will Ferrell was already one of the most famous comedians in the world because of his place on Saturday Night Live. He appeared in movies as minor characters because of his relationship with other actors on SNL, and his first major appearance was as a terrorist in the first Austin Powers movie. The buzz around his appearance was massive because his character was truly funny even though he dies quickly.

Creating His Own Content

Ferrell started by creating his own set of three sports movies and the movie Anchorman. These four movies together help make up a quartet of films that cover every aspect of the sports world, and Ferrell is still playing the characters of Ron Burgundy and Ricky Bobby to this day. Ferrell also created the Elf character that shot him to holiday superstar. Will Ferrell is a holiday powerhouse, and his Elf film is watched by millions every holiday season.

Everything He Does Is Gold

Ferrell has taken dramatic turns to great praise, and he is becoming something of the Robin Williams of his generation. Ferrell was already working quite a bit more than Williams in the 2010s, and Ferrell seems poised to do a dramatic role that will win him an Oscar. It is only a matter of time before Ferrell finds his Good Will Hunting or Dead Poets Society.


Ferrell has made standout performances in movies that were not vehicles for his career at all. His turn as an evil fashion designer in Zoolander made Ferrell even more of a star than he already was, and his character is just as iconic as the Derek Zoolander character of Ben Stiller. Will Ferrell does not steal scenes or movies so much as he distinguishes himself in everything he does.

He’s Naturally Funny

Will Ferrell is someone who funny by nature. He is the sort of person who can tell jokes on command, and he can make any situation funny. Every character he has ever written is ridiculously funny in ways that most people only wish they could be, and the lines he improvises for his characters are repeated by fans to this day.

Will Ferrell cannot be stopped because he can do anything. And to think,  We’ve only seen the beginning of his talent, and that will likely take him to the winner’s circle at the Oscars one day.

The Success of Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity is an increasingly popular horror series where families and ordinary civilians are put in a haunted house where mysterious events and ghostly figures occur with no explanation. There are currently six ‘Paranormal Activity’ movies out right now with the newest one, “The Ghost Dimension,” just being released. It’s common to see many viewers pressured into viewing this series by friends claiming that is not scary and you are considered weak if not be able to sit through this movie.

The reason for the increase in popularity of the series relates closely to the plot and clues left behind in each film by the demon Toby. Each movie in the equal uses a lot of suspense and drops clues that lead into the next movie. As a result, fans want to continue watching in order to solve the case. In addition, many viewers want to find out more about what happens to all the characters since you never know where the demon will strike again. The helplessness of the characters makes us wonder what was specifically haunting them.

Throughout the series there is continuous long periods of silence highlighting and focusing in on the creepy sounds that one might otherwise look over such as boards creaking, lamps shaking, heavy breathing footsteps, light switches, and glass dropping. This can all be quite terrifying and leaves you contemplating the spirits all night long. Some may even struggle to fall asleep. The long hours are spent trying to figure out what the demand wants and what caused it leading viewers to continue watching the series. The jump scares throughout the movie keep the viewer’s heart racing and adrenaline rushing eager to find out what’s next.

This series is about the couple Katie and Micah moving into a new house located in San Diego. Katie says that there is an evil spirit that has been haunting her since she was a child. In response, Micah decides to set up a camera in their bedroom to record any evidence of paranormal activity that goes on during sleep.

In the beginning of the series, the young couple Katie and Micah are tortured mentally and physically by a demon that Katie believes has been following everywhere. In the second movie, Katie’s sister, Kristi experiences similar strange events after their first baby, hunter, is born. They use security cameras and hand held devices to watch out for any suspicious events. The third movie in the series goes back in time to 1988 when Katie and Kristi were young. After the two girls meet the demon “Toby” for the first time and share what happened to their parents Dennie and Julie. Concerned, they set up cameras to record what goes on during the night. They tend to find some terrifying stuff, but can’t figure out what it is. The forth movie in the series is set in 2011 shortly after the time of the second movie. This movie follows Alex and his family. They begin to experience similar demon-like activity after Katie and her odd son move in across the street. Alex similarly records using handheld devices, macs, and Kinect technology to record what goes on.

The fifth movie takes place in 2012 following a group of Latino students. One of them is suspected to be marked. They use basic technology and clues left behind to figure what is following them. Then the most current film “The Ghost Dimension” takes place in 2013. A family of three known as ‘Fleeges’ have moved to a new house in Santa, Rosa, California. They discover several tapes about Kristi and Katie preparing a ritual to enter into the demon cove 21 years before. The family is haunted once the daughter Leila is targeted for unknown reasons. They discover a special recorded that then in turn use to record what is going on.

This film series starting by only putting $15,000 in and grossed over $200 million.

Small Screen to Big Screen: Is It possible?

What does it take to have success in multiple media forms? Why can some actors and actresses make the move from TV to movies, while others might have failed? In order to answer this question, let us examine stars that have made the move successfully, as well as those that haven’t been successful.

Tom Hanks
The model of TV stars turned actors, Tom Hanks’ career has spanned decades. Way before such films as ‘Big’, ‘Saving Private Ryan‘, ‘Apollo-13‘, and ‘Cast Away‘, Tom Hanks made America laugh as the cross-dressing character on the sitcom ‘Bosom Buddies’. He was as electric on the small screen as he’s on the big screen. It was clear that he couldn’t be contained, and it was a matter of time until he broke out. Hanks has never looked back to TV, though any network would do anything to have him on their roster.

Jennifer Lawrence
Ms. Lawrence took a different approach from the previous entries. This is before she set the world on fire with each entry in her filmography. She played a teenage daughter on the TBS sitcom “The Bill Engval Show.” From there she went on to star as Mystique in the X-Men franchise. As well as her turn in “The Hunger Games Trilogy.”

Martin Lawrence
Martin Lawrence dominated the stand-up comedy scene during the early 90’s. In fact, he was so successful that FOX awarded him a sitcom bearing his name. He proved himself a success, as “Martin” was a critical and commercial success, running for five seasons as one of the network’s most successful programs. He followed that up with ultra successful movie franchises. “Bad Boys” and “Big Momma’s House” cemented him as a valuable box-office draw. Though he hasn’t been very active in recent years, he has a history of successful TV, and movie projects.

Now, In hopes to understand this phenomena it’d also be prudent to discuss those that didn’t succeed.

Matthew Perry
The “Friends” cast-member did enjoy success in the “Whole Nine Yards“. Outings like “Almost Heroes” and “Three to Tango” made movie studios reticent of putting their eggs in his basket. How does it go so wrong for such a enjoyable actor? He

Kristen Bell
Bell is an interesting addition to this group. Her adorable turn as Veronica Mars cemented fanboy love for eternity. Her turn in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” was well received. Though her string of romantic comedies like “When in Rome” have failed to resonate with audiences. However, her role on the Showtime series ‘House of Lies’ has done very well since it aired in 2012. She’s no less lovable on the big screen, but for some reason audiences cannot accept most of her silver screen work.

A study of these, and countless other examples, reveals that there is a double edged sword when it comes to making the jump. Tom Hanks and Jennifer Lawrence appeared in short-lived sitcoms. They did’t build a huge amount of fame on TV. Once their respective projects had run their course, they turned their gaze toward film. Martin Lawrence, though successful on television, left while his series was arguably at its peak. He didn’t become complacent in his long running TV success. He used his momentum to propel him to the top of the movie industry. As a performer it’s important to not overstay ones welcome. An icon such as Perry’s “Friends” role or Bell’s iconic Veronica Mars, may provide success in the present; but an actor or actress would do well to consider what effects that role will have on their future.

How Jean-Claude Van Damme Paved The Way

Jean-Claude Van Damme is a well-known and highly respected martial arts film star. Van Damme’s illustrious action packed movies have left a deep impression on people from all walks of life. It’s not unusual for film critics to mention his name while ranking talented action film actors. Many film critics feel Van Damme belongs in the same class as Bruce Lee. This is speaking volumes when it comes to accessing his skills on the big screen.

Van Damme’s fighting style encompasses a range of martial arts techniques. His flair for executing high kicks is legendary. Rarely have we seen a martial arts film star execute kicks with fluidity, strength, and pure speed. Van Damme’s kicks have all these characteristics. This is one of the primary reasons why many martial arts film fans enjoy his films. One Van Damme kick can send chills throughout your entire spine.

Van Damme has played various difficult roles throughout his career. Rarely do you see a martial arts film star play good guy and bad guy roles. He has mastered both. Versatility has been one of the keys that have helped him take martial arts films to the next level.

The film ‘No Retreat, No Surrender‘ was Van Damme’s break out role as a superstar in the movie industry. One could see that he had something special to offer. His intensity, charisma, and dedication were showcased during the film. Many people were excited to see him in future projects.

Bloodsport‘ is a classic film that gave Van Damme superstar status. He faced the difficult task of transitioning from a martial arts film star to a cult hero. His performance in film catapulted his career. His performance also opened many doors for people who were interested in becoming a martial arts film star. They drew inspiration from his success.

Van Damme has always been considered as a laid back person. He’s approachable and very charming. These traits helped him get calls for challenging roles over the years. His traits have also put him in position to help young and aspiring actors get motivated to make a big splash in the action film industry. Aspiring martial arts actors can relate to the hard work Van Damme invested into his career.

Martial arts film fans enjoy films with non-stop action. They want to see a film with a good guy that survives the odds and stands alone at the end. Van Damme’s films have done this for many years. His films have given younger and talented actors an opportunity to satisfy the needs of the fans.

Getting into the film industry is challenging for any martial artist. Fortunately, one can always look at Jean-Claude Van Damme for inspiration. His authentic charisma, solid acting, and incredible fighting skills have paved the way the next generation to take martial arts films to the next level.

Movie Acting with Emotion

Too often we’ve seen movie actors and actresses struggle with conveying real emotion. The study of film acting isn’t what it used to be, as many who trained with teachers like Lee Strasberg and Stella Adler can attest. They still teach “method acting” in New York but the passion for it isn’t what it was. There are many copy cats who think they know the method because they took a class at some point and now they think they’re qualified. You’ve to be embedded in the history, technique and practice of method acting for years before even attempting to help a young movie actor or actress learn it.

Method acting for film isn’t without its obstacles but if you want to be a believable character, it’s important to understand it. Just hearing “emotional recall” or “sense memory” isn’t enough to be able to accomplish it. Those who’re training in the method spend tireless hours in preparation and practice just to reach a certain level of adeptness. When you’re in a film acting training program which focuses on the method, you wonder when you’ll ever do any actual acting because most of the first year is learning theory and preparation exercises.

There are different levels to the technique but being open to past emotion is crucial to be able to bring it back quickly, which film acting requires. Too many actors and actresses get caught up in what they remember instead of using it in the current moment in front of the camera. Then when the emotion comes through, it’s sometimes difficult to remain in the character’s reality, and that’s what causes multiple scene takes and frustrated movie directors. There’s nothing easy about method acting for film and it can take years to be good at it.

So if you’re looking to be one of those performers who conveys true emotion, find an experienced teacher of the method to train with. Look for an instructor who has film experience and worked with Strasberg or Adler at some point in their career. They can help you find your true emotional self so that you can be an effective performer who’s confident in front of the camera.

Fantastic No

When we go to the movies, we want a film that’ll be the best we’ve ever seen. When that happens, we want more. When it happens again, we still want more because lust is part of our nature.The problem is that when we want more and more, there’s a risk for a big  disappointment or never truly understanding what will happen to the series as a result.

What really gave the new Fantastic Four movie the pink slip is the generic setting of the ‘government dream team’ saving the world. This has been overplayed to no end. What makes it worse is that the cast that made the films before great are nowhere to be found, so with a new patch of actors the fan base sees it as a betrayal of their trust. The new cast, unlike the old, was nothing special due to poor skills in acting which’s critical. With these changes that hasn’t done the film any justice, why would you want to spend the money to watch it?

Many film series come and go but the rebooted Fantastic Four series shouldn’t have been one of them.With a poor cast and lack of story, this film is without a doubt a box office fail without question. The materials for a great film were simply not there with the series becoming stale. Plus, many people at this point have already seen enough to not even think about seeing it to begin with.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this brief review for what it is. With luck, the next film will be a more proper movie. So for those who’re still sticking with the Fantastic Four series, there’s always the chance of a comeback with results that match.