The 3 Best Live-Action Cartoon Crossovers of All-Time

Great entertainment will capture the attention of the broadest group of people possible while still catering to the individual subgroups that make it up. One of the toughest things to do is make both children and adults happy at the same time. The best method to do this by combining captivating live-action filmography with quirky, brightly colored animated characters. While there are a number of features that have experimented with his method, there are a few that stick out. Fusing live-action and animation has created a few timeless classics. With that said, here are our 3 best of all-time that helped to shape a generation.

The third best animation fusion feature of all-time is Enchanted. This fun family film brings the colorful and musical world of Disney animation into the real world. When princess Giselle is banished from her fantasy world she ends up thrown into ours. Lost in downtown Manhattan she discovers that the new world she is lost in lacks a lot of the magical simplicity she is used to. Things begin to look up when she is helped by Robert, a divorce lawyer. He gives her a place to stay at his daughter’s request, despite his thinking Giselle is just crazy. In time the bright spirits Giselle brings with her helps improve Robert’s dry adult world. Song and dance brings the childhood wonder back into his life. When Prince Edward comes to save her a twist of events lead to him bringing Robert’s fiance back to his world to get married while Giselle remains with her true love Robert. Everyone lives happily ever after.

The second best animation crossover of all-time is Space Jam. This Looney Tunes basketball movie proved to be a significant part of kid’s lives in the nineties. When the owner of an alien theme park decides he needs a new attraction for the park he turns to kidnapping Buggs Bunny and the other tunes. In order to save themselves, Buggs challenges the aliens to a game of basketball against the Tunes for their freedom. The aliens agree but have an evil plan up their sleeves. Before the game they steal the bodies of NBA superstars in an attempt to be unbeatable. In the end, however, the Tunes are able to beat the evil aliens in the basketball game and save themselves with the help of Michael Jordan.

The best live action and animation crossover of all-time is also a classic, Who Framed Roger Rabbit. When the carton star Roger Rabbit suspects his wife Jessica of being involved in an affair he hires Eddie Valiant, a real life private eye to investigate. The plot thickens when Marvin Acme winds up dead. Because of his unstable condition and accusations against Jessica, Roger becomes the prime suspect in the murder case. Despite hating toons since his brother was killed by one, Eddie is the only person who can prove that Roger is innocent. The adventure to clear Rogers name leads him and Eddy on a wild adventure through nineteen forties Las Angles and even into toon town, which is a dangerous place for live humans to be as they run the risk of getting suck as toons. Adventure, danger and Roger’s loyalty eventually wins over Eddie’s hatred of tunes.

The incorporation of live-action and cartoons has created family features that capture interest in adults and children alike. The wonderful world of animation allows adventures that simply are not available in real life alone. They teach valuable lessons about cooperation and adventure that everybody can benefit from. These three in particular have lessons that can benefit everyone.

Enjoying the Pleasures and Nuances of the Cinematic Experience

It’s awesome to attend a hotly anticipated movie that stars your favorite actor or actress, and getting to enjoy the complete cinematic experience. For those of us that don’t have the time to enjoy every movie we want to see in the theater, going to watch a film on the big screen is an extraordinary event. The smell or freshly kettle popcorn, the ceremonious breaking of the diet to splurge on candy and soda, and even the slightly uncomfortable anticipation of choosing your seats, these are just a few of the pleasures of that accompany the theater experience.

One of the often overlooked nuances that contributes to the excitement and allure of the cinematic experience is the previews. The previews seem to really set the mood and get your mind focused on enjoying the moment and getting focused on concentrating on the screen. They engage the audience and get the crowd excited for a possible future viewing of a new exciting movie coming out. They even sometimes provide comedic relief and make your head shake in disbelief when you see that they’re coming out with yet another “Fast and Furious” or another “Die Hard” sequel.

The movie previews are most often specifically geared towards the genre of movie that you’re actually there to see. For example, if you go to watch an intense crime drama, odds are that they are not going to play a preview of the next Pixar animated kids flick. Movie producers and marketing execs understand very well that the best way to get the masses interested in seeing their movie is to market to a target audience. Likewise, they will try to keep movie previews presented in the same ratings category, as it wouldn’t do them much good to show “rated-R” previews to a theater full of little kids.

Whatever the movie going occasion, let us try and sit back and enjoy the entire experience. Let us forget about the world outside. Let us forget about the diet, the stresses of a demanding occupation, or the heartbreaks of a complicated relationship. From the amazing aromas, to the previews, and to actually being magically transported to the fantasy world of the feature film, the enjoyments of a visit to the local movie theater are faithfully awaiting our next arrival.

Movie Posters and Their Reflection of the Human Personality

Genres of movies are often well reflected in the individual movie posters used in advertising which often become fan-favorites. People often like specific movies and genres as a whole because of their similarities to one’s own personality. Because of the many parallels to one’s personal taste, movie posters can actually seem to become a personal representation of self for some people.

The posters of the comedy genre mainly feature people widely smiling or laughing. People attracted to these types of posters and the movies the posters represent often love to laugh and smile themselves. People who desire comedy and the comedy genre posters love to look at life in a light-hearted way. Everyone knows that life is tough but it’s sometimes easier to laugh through the pain or look at the brighter side of things. Comedy movies and that genre poster represent one’s predisposition to laugh instead of cry, smile instead of frown and try to find the funny part in everything.

Fantasy movies and the Fantasy genre posters often represent far-off, mythical lands and scenarios that realists know can never exist. Fans of this genre and its posters like to mind-travel in space and time and also twist the boundaries of possibility. Fantasy movie posters often consist of bright, bold colors, catching everyone’s attention. The mystical ideas and all aspects of the fantasy genre are often also characteristic of the fans who love it.

Loving posters of the LGBT genre is very telling. Many of the posters of this type showcase originality, one’s true spirit, not letting anything hold one back. Whether one is in or out of the closet, it’s clear why one might be drawn to these types of posters and the movies they depict. They either demonstrate how one lives or wishes he could live his life.

Different movie genres demonstrate diverse types of stories in distinctive ways. Each of these genres and the movie posters representing the distinct movies attract a certain type of people. The very reason particular people are drawn to the genres and their movie posters has to do with how they personally relate their own life to what’s portrayed on screen and in poster. People tend to feel movie posters represent some portion of their own life, fantasies, feelings or desires.

Sometimes Hollywood and Politics Aren’t A Good Match

Political themes in feature films seem to rub movie goers the wrong way. They usually do very poorly at the box office falling behind all the other movies. There are several reasons for why political themes in a movie could turn a viewer off.

First of all, the political opinion being expressed might not be the same view of the person watching. If a political opinion challenges someone else’s, there will be disagreements. For example, a person who thinks President Obama is a great president might not want to see a movie that bad mouthed his name or presidency. So when a movie is really opinionated, it’ll lose almost half its audience due to a simple difference of opinion. A pro Democrat most likely won’t go see a pro Republican film and vice-versa.

The topics discussed may be considered controversial or too graphic for audiences. Certain events in history have become very touchy topics; such as 9/11 or the war in Iraq. To see a movie about a recent event where thousands of people died can be extremely controversial. People have lost family and friends during these disasters. Time needs to pass before such a sensitive topic can be approached by directors. Some films have been banned or widely deemed inappropriate for being insensitive to viewer’s losses. Some things really should only be discussed by news outlets for educational purposes.

A political film can find it hard to compete with other movies in more popular genres. A blockbuster action movie usually stays at the top of the box office and comedy movies usually come second. There is a lack of public interest in politics so political movies will fall behind other genres. People go to the movie theaters to have a good time; they may choose a movie with a lighter tone becuase they are trying to wind down from their busy lives.

Very few political films have been a box office success; however a movie can potentially do well and overcome the odds under certain conditions. The movie needs to be 100% facts recalling a certain event or public figure’s life. Examples of this would be an -autobiographical film about George W. Bush during his presidency or a film about WWI. Basically, in a political film the more facts and less opinions the better that way it can appeal to all political views and bring forth a topic people can agree with.

Making movies about things that happened after time has passed is also always a good idea. Time heals everything and before a sensitive issue can be touched from a entertainment stand point an appropriate amount of time has to pass. The more people that go to see the movie the better so they don’t want to turn people away with different opinions or sensitive topics.

8 Athletes Turned Actors

Professional athletes know going into their chosen sport that they won’t be able to make a career of it for a long period of time. Eventually, time will catch up with them and they’ll have to retire. Some athletes go on to coach new up and coming athletes in their former sport. Others go on to become announcers or even sports radio show talk hosts.. While others chose to walk away completely.

Then there are those who decide to capitalize on their notoriety in another way, by entering the field of acting. For some athletes, this may seem like a lark that they don’t take too seriously, for others they become so known for their acting that many forget that they got their start as professional athletes. These eight athletes turned actors could definitely fall into that category.

Athlete Turned Actor #8: Terry Bradshaw
For many, Bradshaw is still tied to the NFL for his successful career with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He has also become known for being quite an outspoken sports analyst not just for the NBA but for NASCAR as well. But what many may not know is Bradshaw also has a long reaching acting career. He appeared in films such as Cannon Ball Run and Hooper. He would also appear in TV programs such as Everybody Loves Raymond and Married with Children.

Athlete Turned Actor #7: Howie Long
Perhaps the former NFL defensive lineman didn’t have the successful acting career but what put him squarely on this list is his determination to remain relevant by reinventing himself. After he retired from the NFL after a successful career with the Oakland Raider Howie Long did try his hand at acting with some marginal success. He made appearances in films such as 3000 Miles to Graceland and Broken Arrow. He also made cameo appearances in TV programs, and went onto do commercials as well. He than would go onto become an author penning the well-known book Football for Dummies. He then became a football analyst for Fox Sports.

Athlete Turned Actor #6: Rick Fox
To look at Rick Fox today it might be hard to recognize him at the man who once played for the LA Lakers in the NBA back ’97. In this time, Fox would find himself stumbling into yet another career, that of an actor. He would appear in films that appropriately had him playing a basketball player including Eddie and He Got Game. However, in 1997 he also landed another ground breaking role in the gritty HBO series OZ. He would appear in about a dozen episodes of the show in 1998 and 2003 all the while continuing his NBA career. After he retired from the NBA in 2004 he continued acting, appearing in some films but mostly in TV programs. He would land parts in Meet The Browns, The Big Bang Theory, and The Game.

Athlete Turned Actor #5: Chuck Connors
Yes, the man known to classic TV fans as television’s The Rifleman started out not just as a professional baseball player but basketball player as well. In fact, Connors is just one of 12 athletes in America who has belong to two professional sports leagues in the course of his athletic career. But as fate would have it Connors was playing baseball in California and caught the eye of a casting agent with MGM Studios. He was cast in his first film Pat and Mike which starred Audrey Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. He than appeared in more films and than made the transition over to television where he ultimately landed the role he would become known for as Lucas McCain on the western The Rifleman.

Athlete Turned Actor #4: Chuck Norris
It may come as no surprise that the action star began his career as a Martial arts champion. His transition over to acting began when he was cast in the movie The wrecking crew. But his defining moment when when he was cast to take on the Martial arts legend turned actor Bruce Lee in the film Way of the Dragon. After Lee’s untimely death, Norris sort of became heir apparent to the action films that featured martial arts. He would take acting classes to further develop his craft but was more known for the great action scenes that came in films such as An Eye for an Eye, Lone Wolfe McQuade, and the Missing in Action films. After his box office appeal seem to fade along with that form of action movies, Norris made a successful crossover to television. He would star in the long running CBS series Walker Texas Ranger. Now he has gone back to his roots teaching Martial arts along with promoting fitness equipment.

Athlete Turned Actor #3: Terry Crews
For a man who started out his career in the NFL, Terry Crews would go on to be known for something else all together in television, the Old Spice Man. Crews would appear in a series of commercials that were made to endorse how manly Old Spice was while promoting his athletic demeanor. These commercials along with other endorsements led to Crews beginning an acting career. He’d star in a series for BET call The Family Crews based on his own family life. But perhaps the role that launched him as an actor was when he was cast as the father on the sitcom Everybody Hates Chris. He would also land roles in films such as Training Day, Friday After Next, and Battle Dome.

Athlete Turned Actor #2: Jason Statham
Like Chuck Connors before him, Jason Statham made such a name for himself as an actor that it’s hard to remember he got his start in professional sports. Statham competed as a diver for Britain’s Diving Squad for twelve years. However, he was thrust into a career as an actor when he was cast in the film Lock, Stock and Two Barrels in 1998. Known for doing his own stunts due to his athletic ability Statham found steady film work over the years in action films. He’d also get some work in dramatic films as well including the independent film London that came out in 2006.

Athlete Turned Actor #1: Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson
Coming from a family of Wrestlers with a grandfather and father who also competed was it any wonder Dwayne the Rock Johnson would also enter the ring someday. Johnson would become a champion wrestler in the WWE. What many may not,  Johnson also played collegiate football for the University of Miami when he attended school there. So, how does a guy whose legacy was in the wrestling arena end up an action star in demand? With Johnson, it happened gradually he went from being one of the most popular wrestlers in the field to landing bit parts on TV sitcoms, including Cory in the House for the Disney channel. One of his first movie roles was in a Disney film called The Game Plan where he played football player. But true to his wrestling and athletic roots he has found more success as an action star. He has now made a name for himself starring in the Fast and Furious films that have become a franchise all their own. The list of movies he starred in are incredible and that’s why he’s one of the highest grossing actors in Hollywood today.

So, there it is. A list of some athletes who managed to make the transition to stardom. Yes, we could probably name a lot more no doubt that would spring to mind. Some who had success in the transition as those above, others who would no doubt like to forget even trying. Yes, being an athlete can be a spring board to an acting career because the fame is already there. But having the determination to to succeed along with the talent also plays a significant part in whether an athlete will be successful in the transition.

Top 5 Spring Movies You Wanna See!

Spring means ‘Spring Break’. Spring Break means you have plenty of time to go see movies you’ve wanted to see. We’ve 5 movies you’ll want to look for during your spring break. What are they you ask?

Spring Movie #1: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

We’ve all been waiting for it. We’ve all had this discussion as to who’s better. Is Superman or Batman the best? Well, you can now find out. You’ll want to get your tickets fast as you and everyone else will want to go watch Batman and Superman battle it out on the big screen. So, place some bets and mark your seat and watch as the battle begins to kick-off your spring in an action-packed style!

Spring Movie #2: The Jungle Book

We’re so used to seeing that cheesy cartoon about the Jungle Boy. It’s time to put on a pair of pants and go see the grown up version which’s said to promise not to disappoint you. Get a little wild and treat yourself and maybe someone else to seeing this at a movie theater near you. Hopefully the weather will feel like a jungle as well!

Spring Movie #3:  X-MEN: Apocalypse

A must-see movie this Spring Break. It’s time for the gang to come back and fight for what they believe in. All you X-MEN fans have bee waiting for this and it’s finally here. The next movie of the series that many comic book fans have grown to love. You can’t beat an action-packed Spring Break. So, if you don’t have anything planned, then you really need to plan to see this. Come on! Young and old alike will want to go see this movie, that’s just how entertaining it will be. Don’t forget to give yourself plenty of time to get tickets and concessions because you won’t want to miss a single thing!

Spring Movie #4: Brothers Grimsby

We suggest this comedy film because it has that ‘aw’ factor that women love. If you’re planning a great date night with that girl during your Spring break, then you might want to take her to see this movie of a guy looking to find his brother after being separated for so long. It has a nice plot to keep even the most action packed guy awake throughout the whole movie.

Spring Movie #5: Captain America: Civil War

Last but not least, the comic book world comes at you with some more action that’s guaranteed not to disappoint.  Many fell in love with character of Captain America and who couldn’t blame them? He is loyal to his country. And now he’s fighting a Civil War and you can watch to see his victory. Only, you’ll know how far he’ll fight by going to see this film.

As you can see, the movies want you to relax whether you’re at home or choose to go away for some much needed relaxation, and they want you to relax in a movie theater. Dark lights, great plots, and lots to talk about when you go back to the dullness of life await you. So, don’t miss out on these great movies.

The Marvel vs. DC Comics Movie Battle Continues…

The rivalry between Marvel and DC Comics has been going on for well over 50 years. The two entities have competed with each other not only for the sales of books, but also in video games, animation, and toy markets. The most dynamic and popular of all areas of competition is the motion picture industry. Marvel and DC have a slate of movies coming out in 2016. Which studio will end up being more successful will play out as the year unfolds.

Marvel already has massive hit thanks to the Marvel/Fox release of Deadpool. Deadpool was a moderately-budgeted film. The $58 million dollar budget was cut due to concerns over the film’s box office success potential. Within a month of release, Deadpool shocked the world by earning $500 million worldwide. Deadpool shows comic book movies aren’t even close to dying down in popularity. Marvel also shows that its “B” characters have a lot of box office appeal. D.C. doesn’t really have that claim, yet.

What DC does have is two of the most iconic superheroes of all-time: Batman and Superman. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is going to be a massive hit. No one expects this film to be anything less than a blockbuster.

Batman v. Superman should top Deadpool’s box office success. Better still, Wonder Woman and other heroes make their debut in this film. The upcoming Justice League film is set up with this film, a film intended to launch the shared DC Universe.

Marvel’s next big blockbuster is coming on the heels of Batman v. Superman. Captain America: Civil War features Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, and the return of Spider-Man to the big screen. The return of Spider-Man may be the biggest selling point of this particular film.

Will Civil War top Batman v. Superman at the box office? Likely, they’ll do similar box office but the unique nature of the DC entry probably will draw in more curious audience members. Civil War may draw more kids, and kids do contribute greatly to motion picture success.

The X-Men return with the Marvel/Fox film X-Men: Apocalypse. The film ends the trilogy started with X-Men: First Class. The X-Men films do extraordinarily well so no one is taking a risk with the third film in the series. Don’t look for this one to match the previously mentioned films at the box office. The X-Men films are as big as Batman, The Avengers, and, bizarre as it sounds, Deadpool. Then again, superhero mania could lead this new mutant outing to be a mega-smash.

The riskiest of all movies to be released this year is August’s Suicide Squad. D.C. Comics Entertainment has chosen to produce an all-villain film to help set up all the bad guys for future films. The Joker returns in Suicide Squad and, as the press revealed, so does Batman. The Caped Crusader gets a cameo and this should help the box office.

Which studio is going to have the better year? The huge hit of Deadpool and the questions marks surrounding Suicide Squads leads Marvel to get the slight edge. Overall, both studios are poised to have a tremendous year.

Good or Bad: Waiting Longer Than Usual To Make A Sequel

One of the biggest concerns that a producer may face is when to release the sequel to a movie. The timing on this could end up making big bucks or be a disastrous fail depending on the time and the marketing. In the cases of movies that are huge money makers like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, getting right on the sequel as soon as you’ve released the last movie is a great idea. The fans are ready to have the next part of the series on the big screen as soon as possible. A movie that wasn’t such a box office hit may want to wait a while before releasing it’s sequel so you are sure that the die hard fans will be there and ready for it when the time is right. There’s a certain trend on things like this with characters that’re already known to the fandom and creating an entirely new story.

Well-Known Characters and Stories
Whether your characters came from a comic book, novel, or movies from previous companies, already known characters can give the release of a sequel a much better chance at releasing early. Audiences are anxious to know what is going to happen next with their favorite characters. The faster the release of the next movie, the more money it is going to make in the box office.

New Characters and Stories
Releasing a sequel to a movie that isn’t from an already existing book or comic book can be very interesting. You want to maintain the time that passes in real life and in the release of the movie. In instances like Anchorman 2 and Zoolander 2, you’ve years that have passed between the ending of the first movie and the beginning of the sequel. This gives it a real life feel, like the characters are out there living somewhere alongside your audience. It’s bad taste to release a sequel that picks up immediately after the last movie years after the movie ended. The only exception to this is if you use time manipulation in your movie. Whether it is flashbacks or flashforwards that are used, this can help the time sequence straighten out for your fans.

Another thing to look at is how wide your fan base is. If your movie only had a small following to begin with, giving it time for those fans to share your movie with their friends could have an amazing outcome for you. Movies that weren’t popular in their release time can gain popularity as generations and the taste of fandoms change. This is as true with movies as it’s with TV shows.

The Deadpool Movie Has Broken the 4th Wall

Hey! You! Yes, you. I know you’re reading this. You’re wondering how a rated-R superhero movie could do so successful at the box office that the sequel was greenlit before it even hit the big screen, aren’t you? The film has broken multiple box office records; after its third week in theaters, it has grossed $235 million domestically and $491 million worldwide. The previous record held was $465 million – Deadpool soared over those numbers by $300 million dollars… that, my friends, is a lot of chimichangas.

If you aren’t impressed by those numbers, Deadpool is also well on its way to being the highest grossing rated R film of all time, as well as being the biggest opening night for a rated-R film, biggest IMAX 2D opening of all time, the biggest opening weekend ever for 20th Century Fox. Basically, anything that it could claim the title of Biggest for, Deadpool is quickly hitting the mark. (We won’t even mention that a certain red-clad Hero outstripped The Force Awakens for opening in some locations.)

What is it about this film that’s setting the tone for future movie-goers? A Rated-R Superhero film was widely controversial when first propositioned, and the directors had to fight for their rating. The simple fact is, you have to keep true to your comic heroes, and an R-rating did just that for the Deadpool film. You are capable of still having an enjoyable film with a proper rating – the mixture of comedy, snarky comebacks, just the right amount of Ryan Reynold nudity, and humor made this film a critical success. Marvel has really hit their mark with this film, and by following along the lines of the true essence of the comic book character, they’re making strides to really start to cinematically portray the characters – hero and villain alike – that the audience has come to know and love.

As a bonus, when they portray the characters correctly, they’re bringing in an entirely new crowd of individuals. Though it seems that directors sometimes feel they have to ‘play to popularity’ the fact is, the comic books are tried and true for a reason. By taking chances, like with the movie Deadpool, and keeping the comical, witty, vulgar main character as exactly who he should be, the directors made a Rated-R film that can reach out across both to die-hard fans, as well as a new demographic of individuals who want a good story. Romance, drama, swearing, cursing, and just the right amount of breaking the fourth wall has put Marvel into their stride, and hopefully, the success of this film will reflect on future films to follow! We all love a red-clad foul-mouth, after all.

How Voice Narrators Can Make A Difference

In movies sometimes, the audience gets a narrator, the storyteller, the person who knows everything or not all the facts, the person who leads the audience into, or out of a story. The narrator leads the audience on what the film is about and helps to immerse the viewer in the film’s world.

In an animated movie, the voice narrator helps to set up the drawn out world. The voice narrator helps to put into words the vision of the artists who drew the film on paper or computers. The voice narrator can help enforce the look of an animated film by the way of speaking or the tone of voice. In animated movies the voice narrator helps to put the art into words and set a tone for the felling of the audience that backs up the animations.

In documentaries, a voice narrator serves two functions. The voice narrator can by the tone and way of speaking, make the viewer aware of what is about to come next in the film. The second function of a voice narrator in a documentary is connect different information that spends different spaces and time. A narrator connects one piece of information, footage, or interview to another in order to ensure that the audience knows where the cohesion is and why said cohesion is important to the facts or story.

A voice narrator’s voice can set the tone for a film. A deep voice can make the audience feel like something serious or grim is going to happen. A higher pitched voice can give the audience a feeling of something positive or cute in a film. Speaking with lower tones can give off a tone of worry or despair. Speaking with rising or higher tones of voice can set a tone of happiness or positivity. a monotone voice can make the audience bored and lose interest in a film.

A good voice narrator can make the audience feel something and care about a story without explaining everything. A voice narrator with good writing can make sure an audience knows what’s going on and cares, but doesn’t know everything about a story.

To me, one of the best examples of more recent voice narration comes from neither an animated movie, nor a documentary. In “Mad Max Fury Road” Tom Hardy gives a short but effective narration. Hardy’s deep voice speaking rather softly helps set the tone for the film.

As you can see, narrators lead viewers. They lead with their voice, what they say, and why the speak. Narrators can set a film’s tone, explain a story, or help the audience navigate through a movie’s story.