Who Are The Real Winners From The Golden Globes?

The Golden Globes kicked off awards season with a bang. From movies that you’ve never heard of, to speeches that will go down in history, this award show had it all. The winners took their awards with grace while some winners still got the glory without the award itself. The night was stuffed with stars and full of laughter.

Best Picture: La La Land
“La La Land” has gotten various reviews. Some hate the musical feel that throws viewers back to the early days of Hollywood. Others rejoice in the legendary feel. The movie took seven awards home setting a record. Singing, dancing, nostalgia and a love story simply can’t lose.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama: Casey Affleck
Casey Affleck officially steps out of his big brother Ben’s shadow with this win. He’s a frontrunner this awards season for his portrayal as a sad janitor whom takes in his nephew. His unkept look at the Golden Globes wasn’t a win in a lot of people’s eyes, but Affleck can walk away with the award laughing. Next up for Affleck is the “Lewis and Clark” TV mini-series and “A Ghost Story” with Rooney Mara.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama Winner Without A Statue: Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington didn’t take home the statue for his portrayal of a sanitation worker in the 1950s raising his family and dealing with his past, but, when is Denzel not a winner? Washington steps into the character effortlessly and makes it so fluid viewers forget this isn’t a real family and we aren’t in the 50s. Anything Washington does turns to gold. Up next he will be in the movies, “The Equalizer 2” and “Inner City.”

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy: Emma Stone
Everyone wants to love the sweet, awkward Emma Stone. She held a funny moment in the night when she went in for a hug to her director just as he went to kiss his wife. She laughed it off and we all smiled with her. Stone played a singing, dancing aspiring actress beautifully in the film. She brought the character to life making it look easy as she always does. Next up for Miss Stone is taking on the persona of Billie Jean King in “Battle of the Sexes.”

Cecil B. DeMille Award Recipient and Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy Winner Without A Statue: Meryl Streep
Meryl Streep owns the room. She’s nominated for practically anything she does so when she doesn’t win people just assume someone else needed the spotlight more than her at that moment. Her emotional speech during her Cecil B. DeMille Award acceptance brought people to tears. The entire world was talking about her speech the next day whether they loved it or hated it. She took a stand either way. Instead of talking about her film accomplishments, she made her own movement. No doubt her performance in “Florence Foster Jenkins” could win a Golden Globe, but this was all about her moment and her speech instead of her character in the film.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama Winner: Isabelle Huppert
Isabelle Huppert’s win for her role in “Elle” had some people wondering where this astonishing woman came from as many didn’t even known her name. The French actress has actually appeared in over 100 films in her long spanning career and even won Best Actress twice at the Cannes Film Festival. She told Vulture she isn’t going to be takng away all the American acting roles. In fact, right now she can also be seen in the French drama “Things to Come.”

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama Winner Without A Statue: Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman was the favorite to win for her portrayal of Jackie Kennedy in “Jackie.” Portman is raw with emotion showing viewers a look inside Jackie that the public never understood. Her amazing acting skills bring Mrs. Kennedy to life. Portman can be seen next in “Annihilation” and “Song to Song.”

The memorable night saw winners kissing their statues and winners without statues holding their heads high. All those nominated are winners of entertainment and are brought together in one room for one night to celebrate performing. The awards season is now set in motion waiting for more winners to take the stage.

3 Things We Learned From The HBO Series Westworld

Hello world!

Opinion: Marvel Studios Dominated Theaters For 2016

There have been a lot of movies going through the theaters but few are as fun and exciting at the Marvel Films. If you haven’t seen them yet, you are one of the few. These movies have dominated the theaters with movie goers all the last few years.

Early Marvel Movies
Marvel tested the waters years ago when they first released the Iron Man films as well as the Hulk movies that were around the same time. These films gave watchers a new kind of hero that was once a lot like us and then became something more. The Hulk movies were a bit different focusing on a man that had to understand the monster inside of himself and keep it from taking over.

Present Films
The Marvel films that are coming out now are more defined and allow for not just one hero, but several. Each has their own back story that weaves into the universe with the others. This makes it interesting and fun for those watching the films. They also have interesting bad guys that we may know of may not.

DC Compared to Marvel
DC Has been making movies for a long time, but they seem to stick with Batman and Superman. However, DC has taken a great step on TV through their shows on the CW. they have even addressed the multiverse which is nice for fans. They have a different feel than Marvel and are not as successful as films.

Marvel has taken over the Movie screen. They are doing a lot with the films focusing on Ant Man and Dr Strange. This makes it different than any of the others they have used so far and they are planning on bringing them together in the Avenger movies. This makes it fun to watch and see what they are doing. They also have some shows on TV they are doing which can make the universe that much more.

Marvel Films to Come
There are a lot of movies planned in the next few years that you may want to watch out for. These films are most likely going to be continuations of what we have already seen. There will be a climax in the Avenger series that connects the different single hero movies. This is the best way to keep each of the movies connected to each other and in the same world. That makes it interesting to watch because you don’t know what is going to happen next.

There are a lot of different movies with characters based on comic book characters that are fun to watch. You can see the Marvel ones are the biggest you may find at this point, but keep an eye out. DC and Vertigo comics are catching up fast. They may be the next big comic book movie you want to see. While Marvel is a great comic book movie company at the moment, it’s possible that one of the others will be the next big thing.

Gotta Love Holiday Movies With The Family

The fireplace is warm, your kids are running around the Christmas tree, and your neighbor’s holiday lights are shining brightly in the distance. What is there to do before the real festivities arrive at Christmas?

Movies are great pastimes especially with the family and here are a few  ways to enjoy them this holiday season.

Movie producers love this season. There is a wide variety of topics including the Grinch, reindeer, and snow. While the typical selection of action and horror movies is still available at movie theaters, these winter and Christmas-themed movies are special additions to your viewing selection. These movies are usually rated G or PG, which makes them available for all ages. In addition, movies are accessible from home as well as from theaters. Because the weather outside may be chilly, don’t hesitate to stay at home and watch movies from your computer or television. Services such as Netflix allow you to stream movies online. You could also buy DVDs and watch on your television. Children love to pick out movies, so give them a few to choose from and see what interests them. Near Christmas, they will be extremely excited about presents and Santa Claus and cannot wait to watch a movie about the holiday spirit! Movies can be culturally educational as well as hilarious. Other Christmas activities such as board games or fireplace stories are awesome. Accompanying these activities with a movie in the background is a great mix of old and new.

Movies are excellent ways to start a conversation. Many families invite relatives over for Christmas or New Year’s Day, and for extended families, some people might not know each other. Movies are terrific icebreakers, particularly holiday movies that have themes that everybody can relate to. Turning on a movie and laughing at a snowball fight is a great way to introduce people through humor.

Finally, the holidays make a perfect time to watch movies due to limited options. Movies are indoor activities for mornings, afternoons, and evenings. During the holiday season, many restaurants and malls close or have limited hours. Although fewer activities are available, movies are reliable sources of entertainment for all ages. Don’t bother trying to find a bowling alley on Christmas Day; tune into your family’s favorite movie instead!

Even though the holidays only occur at the very end of the year, their festive mood can be felt throughout December. On Friday and Saturday nights, entertainment is a must and movies are a great way to turn this into a reality. Make sure to look for movies that the entire family will enjoy. Moreover, look for holiday specials that are less prevalent at other times of the year. Movies can definitely give a sense of holiday spirit and make this season even more merry for everyone involved.

Top 5 Ben Affleck Performances of All-Time (so far)

Since the 1990’s, Ben Affleck has been in and out of the Hollywood spotlight not only through acting, but in writing and directing as well. His actual top five acting performances are those that are less in line with the straight, romantic leading men roles that were offered him midway in his career. At that time, he was at a less productive point, and the right properties for his acting talents had yet to come, or had come and gone. When his acting talents featured more complicated and conflicted character portrayals, his performances received wider recognition and audience approval.

His best performances have been showcased throughout his career from the initial stages to later junctures where he was writing, directing and acting, and include the following movies:

Movie Performance #5: Good Will Hunting (1997)
Ben Affleck and Matt Damon wrote the screenplay for Good Will Hunting and though the movie was phenomenal, brought acclaim and won Oscars, Ben’s role was small yet critical to the movie. For his role as Chuckie Sullivan, he received praise and recognition for his ability to transform a script into a portrayal of an unwavering, nurturing, encouraging and loyal friend to Will Hunting. His ability to embrace a leading man persona yet extract himself from center stage and blend into an everyday kind of blue collar approachable characterization is what makes this performance one of his best.

Movie Performance #4: Hollywoodland (2006)
Affleck gives a spot on performance in his role as George Reeves, television’s Superman of the 1950’s. He is able to capture Reeves’ waning presence as a television actor as well as portray the frustration that Reeves must have experienced in aging,loss of looks and a desperate need for varying roles. The chain around Reeves’ neck in the role of Superman may have led to his suicide or murder, as the fictionalized script depicts, but Affleck clearly demonstrates the brokenness and air of mystery that surrounded Reeves’ life yet he was able to rebut the claims of Reeves’ reputation as a has-been. He received critical acclaim, for the role, maybe one of the finest of his career, that will not be forgotten by critics or audiences.

Movie Performance #3: The Town (2010)
In The Town, Affleck did triple duty with smart writing, directing and acting. He gives a solid performance as a bank heist leader, Doug McRay, who is morally torn between a life as an entrenched Boston gangster and what normalcy might have been beyond criminal intentions. He portrays his character with a human side and views his cohorts as family. In spite of spots in the script that verged on the impossible, Affleck was able to pull off a real character caught up in a life of crime with no way out. He puts in a strong performance yet once again assists a fellow actor, Jeremy Renner, in making a stellar appearance as well.

Movie Performance #2: Argo (2012)
Once more, Affleck has both directed and starred in a thriller that is entwined with the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979. His character, Tom Mendez, a CIA infiltration specialist exerts heroic qualities, yet he is able to mask them through his ability to stealthily maneuver his way throughout the story in a restrained manner in spite of carrying out a dangerous and tricky mission of helping to free a select group of hostages. His ability to direct all of this carefully planned motion while playing a major role substantiates and solidifies his strong suits in both acting and directing.

Movie Performance #1: Gone Girl (2014)
As a prime suspect in the disappearance of his wife, Affleck, as Nick Dunne gives audiences a look at his ability to take on the nuances of his character. He shows his talent as both a deceitful and despicable character that is more than believable, yet he comes off as a picture-perfect husband anxiously awaiting a reunion with his wife. There is always the question as to whether he indeed killed his wife. The suspense exuded through Affleck’s character mounts throughout the movie and provides audiences with a performance that engrosses those watching from beginning to end.

Ben Affleck has proven time and again, with a few setbacks along the way, that he is a determined and out of the ordinary kind of actor. His ability to forego leading roles and take on more complicated and complex parts has provided him with opportunities to broaden his performances and display his real talents whether he is acting, writing or directing. His career continues on an upward swing.

Which Grosses More: PG or PG-13 Movies?

Ratings do matter to consumers and theater directors, especially when it comes to bringing in the bucks at U.S. theaters. Hollywood seems to love the R-rated movies and PG-rated movies, but it’s the PG-13 rating that rake in more of the loot. This could generally be because PG-13 reaches a wider audience for young teens and up. Many people may associate PG films or others for either just children or adults only. The PG-13 movies seem to still push the envelope a little more but don’t require just an adult only audience. It seems to be a rating of “in between” status. Statistics say there are more top rated PG 13 movies in the US such as Gremlins and Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom. Then there is also the captivating movie of natural disaster, Titanic. Titanic is the highest grossest movie in history. There also are many other movies to follow suit to get the PG-13 rated movies on top in bringing in money.

Young and older men and women can attend a PG-13 movie which is a prime target audience in the movie industry. PG movies tend to target the younger generation and families. Of the 100 movies that have grossed the most, 38 of those movies have been PG-13. This is per Box Office Mojo. Still, most of the heavy hitter movies fall into these categories like Monsters, Inc. It seems that a lot of movies are categorized as PG-13, offering more opportunity to bring in a higher gross amount. Some movies the audience may not think were PG-13 that attributed to the gross amount.

Also, with PG-13 movies, the directors have more of a chance for free range, like saying certain words they can use in the movie. The PG-13 tends to offer a little more than cuddly teddy bears and run away balloons. This may be intended to reach a menial audience like the teens again and young adults. After all, these seem to bring in most of the business. Turns out the movies are still a cool place to hang out on the weekends.A big genre in the industry is horror which unfortunately the PG rating is just nonexistent. There have been a lot of horror movies categorized as PG-13 which helped the gross amount for box office sky rocket. Romance movies are categorized as PG-13 more often as well which is also another big genre.

PG movies seem to be very limited so this may cause the gross amount in US theaters to falter next to PG-13 movies. PG-13 movies are limited but can push the envelope as previously stated. When it comes to success, the PG-13 movies have an excellent guarantee to gross a lot more.

Will There Ever Be a Beetlejuice 2 or A Reboot of The Cult Classic?

Ever since its release in 1988, the beloved and macabre cult classic, Beetlejuice has made fans ask the eternal question: Will there every be a Beetlejuice 2? Well the answer to that question is manifold, but in short order, there almost was a sequel. After Tim Burton, the director of the original Beetlejuice finished filming he planned a sequel that was thankfully never produced. “So what was the name of the almost-filmed Beetlejuice 2?” you might very well ask – Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian. Don’t worry, you were not the only one to cringe upon reading that. Appearently, the idea came about due to the fact that Mr. Burton, having exhausted himself upon the first Beetlejuice and said all he needed to say in it, did not feel like making a sequel. However, the studio had other plans and asked him to come up some ideas for a possible sequel, therefore Burton threw himself into a deep contemplation of the very worst ideas for a continuation of wacky, horror-comedy and decided upon the previously mentioned title.

The screen writer, Jonathan Gems, who would go one to write Mars Attacks!, was commissioned by Burton to write up the script to Beetlejuice 2: Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian. Apparently, according to Mr. Gems, the aesthetic idea for the film was to mix the grim, macabre and off-kilter style of German Expressionism with the sunny, chipper backdrop of a Hawaiian beach getaway. Also, according to Mr. Gems, Tim Burton wanted to mix these two previously mentioned styles not because he thought they would work well together but rather precisely because he knew they would not. In this way he was basically just playing a prank on the studio, one which, quite surprisingly, they fell for, hook line and sinker. In fact the studio loved the idea for Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian that they vigorously got Michael Keaton, who played the original character of Betelgeuse after whom the film was named, and Winona Ryder, (who played Lydia in the film) on board for the sequel.

One of the only reasons the doubtlessly disastrous sequel was not made was due to the fact that in the late 80s Tim Burton began working on Batman. And since Micheal Keaton was cast as Batman/Bruce Wayne himself, the studio could not rightfully expect him to play both the dark knight and the mischievous and sinisterly eccentric Betelgeuse at the same time.

More recently, Micheal Keaton was asked if he had heard anything about a sequel to Beetlejuice. Mr. Keaton replied that he had not and that he (meaning actors) typically were among the last to know just what was going on with any particular feature or project. When asked about whether he believed there would be a sequel he seemed quite pessimistic, saying only that it seemed highly unlikely and that he felt that, “It’s possible that ship has sailed.” Regardless of whether or not this will hold true (as someone else could always be cast as Betelgeuse) it’s certain that Keaton has not been working on a Beetlejuice sequel himself as he will be appearing in Spider-Man: Homecoming as Vulture, a high flying super villain.

The Top 4 Improvisations on the Big Screen

Great movies compel us to shout at the screen, cry our hearts out, and applaud the actions of our fictitious heroes. We also listen with rapt attention when a character has something worth saying, while we roar with laughter at the characters’ strange quirks which tend to pop up at the worst of times.

As a matter of fact, a character’s depth and authenticity is one of the strongest elements that captivate our attention. It is for this reason that plenty of actors spend plenty of time getting to know their characters before a single frame has been shot. Moreover, once the camera starts rolling, actors stay in character for as long as necessary. This commitment by some actors pays off: it’s what stirs us in the first place. In addition, although most of a character’s dialogue and action are scripted, an actor’s devotion to his craft allows him to improvise several scenes that are true to the character while improving on the original script. Some improvised scenes are so good that they go on to be a part of pop culture. Here are four of the most powerful improvised scenes:

Movie Improvisation Serene #1:  Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men
In the scene where Tom Cruise is examining Jack Nicholson’s character in court, demanding to know what happened the night Pvt. Santiago died, Cruise asks for the truth to which Nicholson yells, “ YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!” The original line was supposed to read: “you already have the truth,” except it didn’t impress Jack Nicholson. So, he decided to change it. Truth be told, the change was brilliant as the new line was far more in tune with Nicholson’s character and showed the extent of his character’s arrogance and ego. It also doesn’t hurt that the line became a classic.

Movie Improvisation Serene #2:  Jack Nicholson in “The Shining
Towards the end of the movie, as Nicholson’s character is chasing his family with an axe, his wife, played by Shelly Duvall, and son lock themselves in a bathroom. Undeterred, Nicholson decides to break down the bathroom door with his axe, while Duvall, cowering in a corner, screams her lungs out. Halfway through demolishing the door, Nicholson sticks his head out and says, “HERE’S JOHNNY!” The line was improvised, yet it became a classic for its ability to be both a comic reference to a game show and a terrifying statement given the context.

Movie Improvisation Serene #3: Harrsion Ford in “Raiders of The Lost Ark
Most improvised scenes are born from an actor’s commitment to the role, but there are always exceptions to the rule. Originally scripted as a sword fight between Harrison Ford and some baddie, the scene was supposed to be action packed. However, Ford got sick during shooting, which made it difficult for him to perform the necessary stunts. As a result, he decided to change things a bit, giving us a far more memorable scene: as the villain brandishes his sword, Ford looks at him exasperatingly before he produces a revolver and shoots him. That’s it! No fancy choreography and no adrenaline pumping action were necessary, and the scene was better for it.

Movie Improvisation Serene #4: Leonardo Dicaprio in “Django Unchained
When Leonardo Dicaprio realizes that he’s being swindled by Christoph Waltz and Jamie Foxx he goes into a tirade about how Foxx and Waltz have an ultimatum: they can either pay 12,000 dollars to buy Kerry Washington’s character, or they can just watch her die right then and there. Although the dialogue was scripted, Dicaprio’s bleeding hand wasn’t. In the beginning of the scene, Dicaprio cuts his hand upon slamming it onto the table. Nevertheless, Dicaprio was so engrossed in his character that he didn’t stop acting and incorporated his bleeding hand into the scene, making for a very unsettling yet terrific 3 minutes. Even the cast and crew all applauded his performance the second the director yelled “cut”.

The above list is in no way exhaustive; there are plenty more improvised scenes worthy of mention. Yet, these are my top 4. To my mind, they stand out from the rest.

Gotta Love Thanksgiving Movies with the Family

Thanksgiving is a time for family and to be thankful for everything that you have. It would be nice to get into your pajamas and plop yourselves on the couch after all the cooking you have done that morning and all the eating you have done that afternoon. There are many reasons why you should make watching Thanksgiving movies with your family a tradition in your household. It is a great time to relax, you get to spend some quality time with your loved ones, and everyone can get involved.
Cooking and eating can be exhausting especially after doing all the dishes from that day. Watching movies is very relaxing because all you are doing is sitting down and looking at your television screen. It would be beneficial to record the movies beforehand if you are watching movies on your television so you do not have to watch commercials. Watching movies is also not a stressful activity. You could be worried about lots of things that may be coming up. By watching movies, you can forget about all those things and have a great time.
Another reason to watch movies with the family is you get to spend time with your loved ones. These are the people you probably have not seen in a while. You also may be in a family where your children are all grown up and will be having families of their own someday. This is a great bonding experience to have before your lives start changing for the better.
It is also a great way to have everyone get involved. Everyone can take turns choosing a movie that your whole family will like. You guys can laugh it up with a comedy or snuggle with your partner if you are watching a romantic movie. You could get in on the action if you are watching an action movie or scream during a scary movie.
The whole point of watching Thanksgiving movies with your family is to have a chance to spend time together before everyone goes their separate ways. It is a way to include everyone so no one will feel left out, and it is a great way to relax with your loved ones and have a great time. You could do this on Thanksgiving day or you can make a weekend out of it. Whatever you want to do; it is important to have your family by your side sharing the entertainment with you.


Ways A Movie Can Become A Timeless Classic

There are millions of movies for people to watch, but there are only select few that become classics over the years. The following discusses some of the ways that a movie enters into the “timeless classic” realm in the movie world.

Considers a Topic That Has Never Been Discussed Before
One of the most common ways that a movie becomes a classic is by touching on a subject matter that has never been examined in movies before. There may be a lot of movies on marriages or parenting, but there had to be single movie that started the trend. The same can be said for any other topic. There has to be a starting point, and the filmmakers that are brave enough to move into a certain direction with new subject matters will often develop movies that become timeless classics.

Captures the Social Climate of a Certain Era
There are movies that may not be groundbreaking in terms of subject matter, but these movies may capture the social climate of a certain climate in a spectacular way. The movies that capture these times are bound to stand out for audiences. Parents will often show their children these movies that cover a certain time period. When these kids grow up they may show this movie to their children. It becomes what is considered a timeless classic now because it is a movie that has the tenacity to span generations.

Becomes a Reference for Certain Topic
Everyone has a favorite movie about a certain topic. There are some films that’ll explore certain topics in great detail. These movies may become the cornerstone of conversations on specific topics like intimacy, sports, marriages, parenting or racism. In other words, it becomes impossible to have a conservation about a certain movie topic without mentioning these movies. When this happens, tit;s going to catch a strong buzz even it hasn’t received stellar critical reviews. There are times when filmmakers explore subject matters in a way that may get mixed reviews, but the way that they handle the subject matter may be extremely accurate. It may be the type of movie that invokes feelings and urges people to have conversations on the movie. Anytime that movies generate emotion and stir crowds to talk about them as a reference point for a certain topic, it has the potential to become a classic.

Touches on Universal Themes
Certain movies will be able to move into the classic realm because it covers a universal theme that appeals to everyone. There are movies that only speak to a certain crowd. There are movies that are designed to appeal to certain cultures or people that have certain beliefs. These movies may only reach particular groups, but there are other movies that have universal themes. It doesn’t matter what your race or beliefs may be. These movies touch on aspects of human life in a way that all people can comprehend. Movies like this are deemed timeless classics because this is such a rare thing to capture through a movie.

Praise by Critics
Finally, movies become timeless classics because these films are praised by critics. When critics give good reviews these movies will automatically generate a lot of buzz. A film that received outstanding reviews 50 years ago may still pique the interest of people that are looking for quality movies today.

Movies come in many different flavors. The standouts are the ones that present topics in new and exciting ways. The movies that give people an unforgettable entertainment experience are the ones that become the timeless classics.