Top 6 Martial Artist Actors of All-Time

Millions of people in the world are fans and admirers of the martial arts fighting techniques. Teenagers, adults, and children gather in cinema rooms to watch their favorite martial artist actors. Also, there are numerous movie shops, where people can buy the best films acted by famous individuals in the industry.

However, just like any other acting career, martial arts have evolved significantly since the 1970s. Nowadays, Kung Fu movies and martial arts attract millions of viewers in the entire world. Skillful actors in the industry have hugely impacted the growth and popularity of martial arts in the world. Their acting is exceptional, and they have, and had been consistent for many years.

Martial Artist and Movie Star # 6: Jet Li

Born in April 1963, Jet Li is a great Chinese film producer, actor, and martial artist. He was born in Beijing, China. His real name is Li Lianjie. In his early life, Jet Li joined Wushu Academy, located in Beijing at the age of 8 years. Wushu involves different types of martial arts techniques. He had impressive achievements at the academy, and he was able to win five gold medals at his country’s championships.

One of the greatest achievements of Jet Li is that, during his teenage life, has the national coach who assisted youths and other people who had passion in martial arts and other fighting techniques. Jet Li retired from the Wushu Academy and started acting at the age of 19 years. His debut film was Shaolin Temple in 1982. His role in the movie enabled him to win several awards and gain global recognition.

After that, Li acted in numerous martial arts films like the Once Upon a Time Series and the Hero, which are notable movies with millions of viewers in the entire world. He makes massive profits by selling his films to his fans globally.

Jet Li has also acted in non-Chinese movies like the Romeo Must Die in 2008, which is a Hollywood film. After divorcing his former wife, Huang Qiuyan, Li has been married to Nina Li Chi since 1999. They have two daughters. He has his fitness program known as Wuji, which has numerous elements like the yoga and martial arts. His acting career has been successful.

Martial Artist and Movie Star # 5: Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is a famous American based film producer, actor, and martial artist. Additionally, Chuck is an experienced screenwriter. He was born in March 1994 in Oklahoma, in the United States of America. In 1958, Norris joined the United States Air Force. His role was an Air Policeman. The authorities sent him to South Korea at the Osan Air Base.

Norris had great passion in martial arts. He acquired training in “Tang Soo Do” in Korea. His determination enabled him to get black belts in the field. Additionally, he was able to introduce his fighting technique, known as Chun Kuk Do. After returning to the United States, Chuck opened his martial arts schools, where he trained several people who had the interest in knowing his great fighting style.

Chuck Norris featured in the Wrecking Crew film, which marked his acting debut. However, the movie that contributed to his stardom is the Bruce Lee’s film, Way of The Dragon. His role was a nemesis of Bruce Lee in the movie. Later, Norris starred in numerous films including the Good Guys Wear Black and the Eye for an Eye. The other famous movies that Chuck acted included the Delta Force (1986), Expendables and the Missing in Action Movie in 1984. During his career, Chuck won numerous prizes, including the Veteran of the Year Award in 2001. He has exceptional martial arts skills.

Martial Artist and Movie Star # 4: Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee remains to be a vital icon of the martial arts in the world. His efforts in the early 1970s brought a significant contribution to the martial arts cinemas in those periods, and in the modern society. Bruce Lee’s real name was Lee Jun-fan. He was born in November 1940 but later died in July 1973. Lee was a renowned filmmaker, actor, philosopher and a martial artist.

His father introduced him to acting at an early age. He featured in numerous TV series, as a child actor. He started teaching martial arts when he moved to America to get his higher education at the University of Washington when he was 18 years old. His actions led to the popularity of the Chinese martial arts in America, and the entire world.

The movies that he starred include the Way of the Dragon, Fist of Fury, The Big Boss film, the Game of Death and Enter the Dragon. All his movies were excellent, exciting and educative. Lee was an icon in Asia and European countries. He contributed hugely in showcasing the Chinese culture to the entire world. His physical fitness was amazing. His death was controversial, caused by severe headaches that led to the swelling of his brain.

Martial Artist and Movie Star # 3: Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal is an American based martial artist, actor, musician and a director. Seagal holds Russian, Serbian and American Citizenship. He was born in 1952 in Michigan, USA. Steven acquired his Karate skills from a cook in the Wagon Wheel restaurant, where he got a job at the age of 13 years, after lying about his age. Steven is popularly known because of his Aikido fighting technique, which is extremely fast and dangerous.

Due to his exceptional martial arts skills, Seagal acquired the 7th degree in Aikido. Additionally, he holds several black belts in Judo, Karate, and Kendo. In Japan, he was the first foreigner to open an Aikido Dojo. As an Aikido instructor in Los Angeles, he trained the Brazilian, Anderson Silver, who became the UFC Middleweight Champion.

Steven Seagal is known as an action hero by movie lovers in the world, due to his legendary movies like Above the Law, Hard to Kill film, Out of Justice, Marked for Death and Under Siege. Also, he is a business person who has ventured and invested in different fields. Seagal is a guitar expert, and in most of his movies, he features his songs. Steven is a close friend of Vladimir Putin, Russian President, who handed him the Russian citizenship in 2016.

Martial Artist and Movie Star # 2: Jean-Claude Van Damme

Born in October 1960, Jean-Claude Van Damme is a renowned Belgian film producer, actor, screenwriter and martial artist. Many people in the world know Jean because of his entertaining action movies. Some of his widely watched films globally include the Double Impact, Lion Heart, Sudden Death, Street Fighter, The Expendables 2 and the Kick Boxer.

At the age of 16 years old, Jean enrolled in Shotokan Karate School, owned by his father. At that school, he acquired martial arts skills and other body fitness techniques. That is the reason why his styles of fighting involve kickboxing and Shotokan karate. He has a flexible body, which enables him to perform excellent and exciting activities when acting.

Jean holds a second Dan Black Belt in Shotokan karate. Apart from starring in numerous movies, JVCD has won numerous awards in different competitions. The aspect makes him a decorated martial artist, who is also a vital icon in the industry. He is a respected martial arts instructor in the world.

Martial Artist and Movie Star # 1: Jackie Chan

The Hong Kong movie industry views Jackie Chan as a perfect successor of Bruce Lee. Although Bruce is an irreplaceable martial arts icon, Jackie has played a significant role in the field, because of his spectacular fighting techniques. He has amazing acrobatic fighting styles, which make all his movies enjoyable by the viewers.

Jackie was born in April 1954 in Hong Kong. He is an experienced martial artist, singer, producer, director of films, and a stuntman. Jackie Chan is a hardworking actor, who has been in the industry since the 1960s, appearing in more than 150 movies. He uses improvised weapons, funny techniques, and awesome timing to make his movies lively and enjoyable to all people.

Chan’s acting career commenced when he was a kid, where he featured in numerous TV series and films as a child actor in China. He acquired his martial arts techniques at the Chinese Opera School. During the early stages of Jackie’s career, he was a stuntman on the movies of Bruce Lee. Due to his proficient acting talent, he became a household name in China, Europe, and the entire world. He starred in numerous films that were popularly viewed because of the ridiculous combinations of stunts, actions, and humor. His Hollywood movies are huge hits.

The above martial artists have transformed the film industry by making it more entertaining to the viewers in the world. They are the best because unlike other actors; they possess exceptional skills that make all their movies get millions of sales. Their consistency in producing high-quality and educative movies has made them the favorites of many film lovers in the world.

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