Katey Sagal – Making Her Mark on TV Shows

Katey Sagal is a timeless staple in Hollywood. She’s been a leading lady in Hollywood for three decades. Best known as ditzy Peggy Bundy on “Married… with Children,” Sagal hit stardom in the early 90s. From there her star never stopped rising.

Sagal began her rise to stardom in the early 1970s as both a singer and an actress She toured as a back-up singer with famous crooners like Olivia Newton John and Bette Midler. In the 1970s Sagal had bit parts on many different television shows. She finally landed a role on a show starring Mary Tyler Moore, “Mary” to break into acting full time. After the series was canceled, she hit the jackpot landing the role of Peggy Bundy. Peg was nothing like Donna Reed or Carol Brady. She was loud, funny and brash. Sagal brought in her own bright red wig for the part bringing the wild character to life. “Married… with Children” broke the stigma of the perfect sitcom family. Peg and Al Bundy were in love, but sarcastic to one another. Sagal was nominated for a Golden Globe for the iconic role award three times.

Sagal hung up Peg’s red wig in 1997, but wasn’t stuck as the same character forever. She showed up doing guest parts on television shows before changing directions entirely. Sagal stepped into the voice of the alien spaceship captain Leela in creator Matt Groening’s newest creation “Futurama.” The animated series created a cult following and even a feature film. Even as One-eyed Leela, Sagal’s star kept shining and rising. Sagal couldn’t keep her talent away from sitcoms too long.

In 2002 she took the role of Cate Hennessy in “8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter.” She starred alongside upcoming star Kaley Cuoco and another sitcom legend, John Ritter. The show was a quick hit and the world got to see Sagal as a loving mother of three children, very much unlike Peg Bundy. Tragedy took over the show when Ritter died unexpectedly of a heart attack during the second season. The show wrote the death into the season and brought in guest stars to help fans cope with the loss of Ritter. Even with Sagal’s legendary acting chops as she stepped into the main role’s spotlight, the next season couldn’t seem to keep a following without Ritter.

Sagal went on to guest star in many television shows and TV movies. “Boston Legal,” “Lost,” and “Glee” were just a few of the hit television shows Sagal lent her shining star. Then she switched directions again showing the world her true acting skills. Instead of crass Peggy or sweet Cate, Sagal stepped into the role of tough mama Gemma Teller Morrow in “Sons of Anarchy.” Sagal was known mainly for her comedic timing and her overall force as a comedienne. Now she could show the world her dramatic side. The FX show running from 2008 to 2014 had a huge following as people dove into the lives of those in the motorcycle club. Sagal won a Golden Globe in 2011 for the role proving she was a force onscreen whether it be a comedy or a drama.

Hollywood unveiled Sagal’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2014. Her hard work and portrayal of a myriad of characters paid off, but Sagal wouldn’t stop there. She is often seen as a guest on hit TV shows, namely playing Kaley Cuoco’s character’s mother on “Big Bang Theory” or playing Jake’s mother on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” Next up Sagal is set to play Vivian in ABC’s television remake of “Dirty Dancing.” She also has a starring role on Judd Hirsch’s new sitcom, “Superior Donuts” playing Randy DeLuca. The show centers around local donut shop employees keeping the place up and going despite a changing neighborhood.

Sagal seems to keep getting roles and shining even brighter despite the world of Hollywood where actresses often disappear as they age. Her beauty, talent and personality bring each character to life. She’s a timeless actress in Hollywood tackling the toughest characters, the most fun characters and the most interesting characters to entertain the audience. Katey Sagal broke through the ceiling as Peg Bundy and continues to raise the bar for other actresses to follow her lead.

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