Top 3 2016 Movies That Were Snubbed By The Oscars

The Founder, Patriots Day, and Deadpool. The Academy is notorious for snubbing movies that are deserving of nominations. They look over the breath-taking performances done by actors and actresses, and don’t acknowledge the movies that are cherished by millions of people. A lot of movies are shunned away by the Oscars, but these 3 films were the most deserving.

The Founder

Based on a true story, The Founder is a movie about a small-time salesman, Ray Kroc (Micheal Keaton), who turned McDonald’s into one of the biggest restaurant businesses in the world. The Founder was snubbed of an oscar nominee, mostly for the fact nobody knew about it. Director John Lee Hancock stated:

“Nobody knew about us. We weren’t in the conversation. The conversation for awards season starts months and months before, and it has to be carefully calculated and it wasn’t.

“Different people that were on the nominating committee saw the movie and told me: “This is my favorite movie of the year. I wish I would’ve known, I would’ve voted for Micheal.’ I don’t know how to answer that except nobody knew about us.”

Actor Micheal Keaton’s brilliant, live-wire performance deserved some recognition. Keaton was an a-list star in the 1980s and 1990s. In the 2000s, his opportunities dried up, so he settled into more supporting roles instead. Recently, he has been doing outstanding performances. One example would be Birdman. Keaton was nominated for several awards for this movie. The Founder had all the ingredients for a traditional Academy Hit. The Founder is better than good. There are several reasons why this movie should have won an oscar, but unfortunately, failed to get any major awards nominations.

Patriots Day

The movie Patriots Day is based on a tragedy that happened in 2013: The bombing at the Boston Marathon. Starring Mark Wahlberg, this movie is about the disaterous event that deserves to be acknowledged, instead it was snubbed by the Oscars.

Just one thing caused this movie to be ignored; the name Dennis Simmonds was not mentioned throughout the movie. Dennis Simmonds is a Boston police officer who was a victim of the attack.

Patriots Day is a must-see film. This is Whalberg’s finest film to date, and one of his best performances. This movie is an emotional roller coaster. It will teach you about courage, fear, bravery, and selflessness. There will be moments of you shaking with thrill and anxiety, and several heart-warming moments. It is a shame this movie did not receive the Academy’s attention.


Deadpool was another movie that the nominating committee frowned upon. Deadpool is a superhero movie with some dark comedy; two genres not very liked by the academy. The movie got zero nominees. Ryan Reynolds played Deadpool wonderfully, experts were shocked when he didn’t receive any nominations. Reynolds himself had a classy response to the news.

“Regularly scheduled tickle-fight at Camp #Deadpool is still on. Congrats to all the nominees for these brilliant films. #Oscars2017” Reynolds tweeted.

The academy doesn’t take superhero movies seriously, but they should. Deadpool was one of the most popular films of 2016, it is a shame it was robbed of its nominations. The movie had $783 million worldwide on just a $58 million budget. The Academy Awards can nominate up to ten films, but only nine were nominated. There was a good chance that Deadpool could have snuck into the tenth spot.

The Academy Awards should have gave an Oscar to these movies, but instead did not give them the respect they deserved. The Founder, Patriots Day, and Deadpool, are three movies that deserved some recognition. All of these movies have potential. The movies who deserve the most attention are shunned away by the Oscars, leaving millions of people in shock and disbelief. It is very disappointing that these movies were snubbed by the Oscars.

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