Michael B. Jordan’s Rise To Hollywood Stardom

How did Michael B. Jordan get his start? Just looking at his profile, he reminds everyone who loves movies of the great Denzel Washington. So, that is one way many can say he got his start and then it all snow balled from there. It certainly is not enough to look like an award winning, favorite such as the likes of Denzel Washington, who was a proliferate star from his early beginnings. Walking and talking the part is also required.

Michael B. Jordan does not fall short in that category as the record will show. He did not start out with the intention of becoming a mega star in Tinsel Town. Being born in Santa Ana, California, he might have had it in his DNA to pursue such dreams whether he liked it or not. Early on, he moved to the East Coast with the family. Still, he was just a jump over the Hudson by ferry as they settled in Newark, New Jersey. At the very young age of twelve he landed modeling jobs with Modell’s sporting goods and Toys ‘R Us. He was set to be one of the beautiful people for he had the typical face of many men, because he was first hired to act as a football quarter back for East Dillon High School in the television series, Friday Night Lights. He was simply perfectly impressive and athletic, jock material there, then the magnetism grew so he was cast in a regular gig on national television soap’s All My Children as Reggie Montgomery. Soon after than he got a prime time gig on NBC’s Parenthood.

Really, there was no stopping him as he was so young and prolific as someone who he resembles both in spirit, character types and talent, the great Denzel. So the film casting managers fell for him and hired him on for a shooting victim named Oscar Grant in the critic’s favorite, Fruitvale Station. By this time he was twenty four years old. He had been racking up the movie roles ever since with co stars such as Sylvester Stallone in Creed. He signed on to play the son of Apollo Creed, who fought against the star in the Rocky series. As Adonis Creed, he took the punches himself.

How did he prepare for this role? He hired a personal trainer a year in advance to get him in perfect shape to be a professional boxer. He must have smelled oscar material or some such thing so he decided to take this amazing role to heart and train to take in all of the authenticity of a real boxer. He was determined to become completely ‘ripped’ for the role. There are those who say he accomplished this task with better results than Carl Weathers and Sylvester Stallone who were the two actors that played Apollo Creed and Rocky Balboa of the famous Rocky series.

To get in the perfect ripped shape, Michael hired personal trainer, Corey Caliet. He is a personal trainer who believes in the inspirational aspect of training that fuels the body with confidence. He says “Your attitude determines your latitude.” He has been sculpting physiques in Hollywood for famous actors such as Lance Gross, Tony Bellew and Sterling Brim, to name a few.

With a strict diet and workout plan and the will to see it through, Michael B. Jordan became more ripped than his predecessors in the Rocky series, just as Calliet had promised him he would. Then of course there is the spirit and the heart that Michel B. Jordan exhibits in his acting that rounds it all off. Everyone knows that it is one thing to be ripped, but an entire other thing to have the mojo within to carry the role.

With this attitude, is there any doubt that Michael B. Jordan will be or already is the next Denzel? There is a respite at this time however, and it does not seem clear, as he dropped a role in 2015 for the part of Marcus Attwood in Triple 9, reportedly due to scheduling conflicts. Although he is slated to do some new parts in The Thomas Crown Affair and Black Panther, He has yet complete any work since 2015 accept for a role in an Apple commercial with Kobe Bryant.

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