Will There Ever Be a Beetlejuice 2 or A Reboot of The Cult Classic?

Ever since its release in 1988, the beloved and macabre cult classic, Beetlejuice has made fans ask the eternal question: Will there every be a Beetlejuice 2? Well the answer to that question is manifold, but in short order, there almost was a sequel. After Tim Burton, the director of the original Beetlejuice finished filming he planned a sequel that was thankfully never produced. “So what was the name of the almost-filmed Beetlejuice 2?” you might very well ask – Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian. Don’t worry, you were not the only one to cringe upon reading that. Appearently, the idea came about due to the fact that Mr. Burton, having exhausted himself upon the first Beetlejuice and said all he needed to say in it, did not feel like making a sequel. However, the studio had other plans and asked him to come up some ideas for a possible sequel, therefore Burton threw himself into a deep contemplation of the very worst ideas for a continuation of wacky, horror-comedy and decided upon the previously mentioned title.

The screen writer, Jonathan Gems, who would go one to write Mars Attacks!, was commissioned by Burton to write up the script to Beetlejuice 2: Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian. Apparently, according to Mr. Gems, the aesthetic idea for the film was to mix the grim, macabre and off-kilter style of German Expressionism with the sunny, chipper backdrop of a Hawaiian beach getaway. Also, according to Mr. Gems, Tim Burton wanted to mix these two previously mentioned styles not because he thought they would work well together but rather precisely because he knew they would not. In this way he was basically just playing a prank on the studio, one which, quite surprisingly, they fell for, hook line and sinker. In fact the studio loved the idea for Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian that they vigorously got Michael Keaton, who played the original character of Betelgeuse after whom the film was named, and Winona Ryder, (who played Lydia in the film) on board for the sequel.

One of the only reasons the doubtlessly disastrous sequel was not made was due to the fact that in the late 80s Tim Burton began working on Batman. And since Micheal Keaton was cast as Batman/Bruce Wayne himself, the studio could not rightfully expect him to play both the dark knight and the mischievous and sinisterly eccentric Betelgeuse at the same time.

More recently, Micheal Keaton was asked if he had heard anything about a sequel to Beetlejuice. Mr. Keaton replied that he had not and that he (meaning actors) typically were among the last to know just what was going on with any particular feature or project. When asked about whether he believed there would be a sequel he seemed quite pessimistic, saying only that it seemed highly unlikely and that he felt that, “It’s possible that ship has sailed.” Regardless of whether or not this will hold true (as someone else could always be cast as Betelgeuse) it’s certain that Keaton has not been working on a Beetlejuice sequel himself as he will be appearing in Spider-Man: Homecoming as Vulture, a high flying super villain.

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