Which Grosses More: PG or PG-13 Movies?

Ratings do matter to consumers and theater directors, especially when it comes to bringing in the bucks at U.S. theaters. Hollywood seems to love the R-rated movies and PG-rated movies, but it’s the PG-13 rating that rake in more of the loot. This could generally be because PG-13 reaches a wider audience for young teens and up. Many people may associate PG films or others for either just children or adults only. The PG-13 movies seem to still push the envelope a little more but don’t require just an adult only audience. It seems to be a rating of “in between” status. Statistics say there are more top rated PG 13 movies in the US such as Gremlins and Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom. Then there is also the captivating movie of natural disaster, Titanic. Titanic is the highest grossest movie in history. There also are many other movies to follow suit to get the PG-13 rated movies on top in bringing in money.

Young and older men and women can attend a PG-13 movie which is a prime target audience in the movie industry. PG movies tend to target the younger generation and families. Of the 100 movies that have grossed the most, 38 of those movies have been PG-13. This is per Box Office Mojo. Still, most of the heavy hitter movies fall into these categories like Monsters, Inc. It seems that a lot of movies are categorized as PG-13, offering more opportunity to bring in a higher gross amount. Some movies the audience may not think were PG-13 that attributed to the gross amount.

Also, with PG-13 movies, the directors have more of a chance for free range, like saying certain words they can use in the movie. The PG-13 tends to offer a little more than cuddly teddy bears and run away balloons. This may be intended to reach a menial audience like the teens again and young adults. After all, these seem to bring in most of the business. Turns out the movies are still a cool place to hang out on the weekends.A big genre in the industry is horror which unfortunately the PG rating is just nonexistent. There have been a lot of horror movies categorized as PG-13 which helped the gross amount for box office sky rocket. Romance movies are categorized as PG-13 more often as well which is also another big genre.

PG movies seem to be very limited so this may cause the gross amount in US theaters to falter next to PG-13 movies. PG-13 movies are limited but can push the envelope as previously stated. When it comes to success, the PG-13 movies have an excellent guarantee to gross a lot more.

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