Opinion: Marvel Studios Dominated Theaters For 2016

There have been a lot of movies going through the theaters but few are as fun and exciting at the Marvel Films. If you haven’t seen them yet, you are one of the few. These movies have dominated the theaters with movie goers all the last few years.

Early Marvel Movies
Marvel tested the waters years ago when they first released the Iron Man films as well as the Hulk movies that were around the same time. These films gave watchers a new kind of hero that was once a lot like us and then became something more. The Hulk movies were a bit different focusing on a man that had to understand the monster inside of himself and keep it from taking over.

Present Films
The Marvel films that are coming out now are more defined and allow for not just one hero, but several. Each has their own back story that weaves into the universe with the others. This makes it interesting and fun for those watching the films. They also have interesting bad guys that we may know of may not.

DC Compared to Marvel
DC Has been making movies for a long time, but they seem to stick with Batman and Superman. However, DC has taken a great step on TV through their shows on the CW. they have even addressed the multiverse which is nice for fans. They have a different feel than Marvel and are not as successful as films.

Marvel has taken over the Movie screen. They are doing a lot with the films focusing on Ant Man and Dr Strange. This makes it different than any of the others they have used so far and they are planning on bringing them together in the Avenger movies. This makes it fun to watch and see what they are doing. They also have some shows on TV they are doing which can make the universe that much more.

Marvel Films to Come
There are a lot of movies planned in the next few years that you may want to watch out for. These films are most likely going to be continuations of what we have already seen. There will be a climax in the Avenger series that connects the different single hero movies. This is the best way to keep each of the movies connected to each other and in the same world. That makes it interesting to watch because you don’t know what is going to happen next.

There are a lot of different movies with characters based on comic book characters that are fun to watch. You can see the Marvel ones are the biggest you may find at this point, but keep an eye out. DC and Vertigo comics are catching up fast. They may be the next big comic book movie you want to see. While Marvel is a great comic book movie company at the moment, it’s possible that one of the others will be the next big thing.

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