Hollywood Believes Kids Are More Mature

In less than a week, Finding Dory will be released on Blu-Ray, and it grossed a great deal of money. However, one curious thing to take away from its success is the fact that it was rated PG. This seems to be something that is happening often with Hollywood films that are aimed at children. One of the popular train of thoughts is that they want to add in some inside jokes for the parents as well. In the past, parents used to dread seeing a children’s movie or taking their kids to the movies. They would often be caught sleeping.

Now, it seems more and more, adults are enjoying the children’s movies just as much as the kids if not more. A lot of that has to do with the PG rating. It is still friendly for kids and a kid’s movie at the end of the day, but it is becoming increasingly rare to see an outright G-rated movie for kids. Another train of thought is that the children of today are a lot smarter and mature. A lot of them have iPads and smartphones at a very age. They’re learning things at a quicker rate and processing information.

Because of this, Hollywood doesn’t want to dumb down their material. They believe that would be an insult to children. This is a winning formula so far as parents have not been upset, protesting, or in an uproar. The films are always making a lot of money as well. It is truly a win-win situation for everyone involved in the process of transitioning movies from G to PG in regards to kid’s movies. It is a good thing. They can learn a lot of important messages about acceptance, life, and everything that comes with it.

Earlier it was mentioned that the parents are happy too, and that is important. If they’re unhappy about having to see a G movie that might not really interest in them in the least, they might be more likely to wait and rent it at Redbox. Hollywood wants people that’re going to go out and see it on the big screen, buy it when it comes out, and love it. That’s part of the plan and part of the process for success. They don’t want it to simply be filler and something they watch once and forget about it.

In my view, this is a good trend and something that is here to stay. While I’m not going to lecture anyone on how to raise their kids and what they should or should not watch, sometimes kids can handle a lot more than they are given credit for when it comes to movies. It also creates questions and a conversation after the movie is over. The kids are curious and that is another good thing. They learn to be more tolerate of others and understand the differences others have while still be entertained and laughing at the same time.

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