Englund and Zombie Should Make a Horror Movie Together

The horror world continues to lose legends at a rapid pace. Wes Craven, creator of many masterpieces, passed away. Others have exited the horror field completely, like John Carpenter, who has received more praise for his rock albums and tours than he has for any movie he’s released since 1995.

However, there are two talented and legendary horror icons who have been a absent lately: Robert Englund and Rob Zombie. These two have starred in and directed some of the best horror movies of all time. Bringing them together for a collaboration is an idea made in heaven.

Robert Englund Is A Legend

Most people likely know Robert Englund as a horror icon for “A Nightmare On Elm Street.” His portrayal of Freddy Krueger is iconic, and this role alone makes him worth remembering.

However, Englund has also made a name for himself in a variety of other movies, including “Strangeland,” “Wishmaster,” “Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer,” the infamous (and weird) “Eaten Alive,” sci-fi classics “Galaxy Of Terror” and “V,” “Zombieland,” “The Mangler,” and too many others to count.

From the freaky “Freddy Krueger” to the backwoods weirdo of “Buck” in “Eaten Alive,” and even the Phantom of the Opera, Englund has shown repeatedly that he isn’t just a b-list weirdo. He has real acting chops and really digs into a role.

Rob Zombie Is A Visual Genius

Say what you will about his remake of “Halloween,” (it has many detractors, but also quite a few fans), but Zombie knows how to create a visually stunning and frightening horror world.

His best movie, “Devil’s Rejects,” crafted a truly scummy and awful world, in which everyone is rotten and nobody can be trusted. Though his dialogue can be a little bit juvenile and the acting a bit “off,” Zombie knows how to bring real scares.

Imagine a movie where Zombie could create a really creepy backwoods world, in which Englund played a psycho who was collecting the heads of backpackers in order to hold a seance to bring Satan back to Earth.

If Zombie tamed his tendency to write scripts that’re too profane and took the time to set up an atmosphere and amazing scares, a movie like that could be a huge hit.

Could They Bring Back Elm Street?

Here’s a thought: pair Zombie with Englund for a new Elm Street movie. The original remake was disappointing to fans of the original, due to its toned-down violence and lack of Englund. With the true Freddy cackling behind the claw, and Zombie creating a gory tone, it could be a masterpiece.

However, Zombie would’ve to avoid tampering excessively in the story, the way he did with “Halloween,” as this would very likely alienate many hardcore fans.

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