Adding More Attention To The Movie Credits

Moviegoers may have noticed a strange trend in the world of cinema lately: extended sequences starting in the opening credits and stopping in the ending credits.

In the past, many comedic movies used to throw in outtakes from the movie to give audiences something to giggle at while they walked out. Just about every Jackie Chan movie uses this idea, but newer movies are actually putting plot-points in the end credits.

For example, many comic book movies will have a “stinger” at the end of the credits of each of their movie, teasing another movie. Why’s this a new trend and what does it mean for modern movies? Is this something that’s good for fans of cinema or is it just filler that has little meaning?

Teasers In Credits Excite Fans

After the end of “Guardians Of The Galaxy,” fans stayed around through the end credits because they expected something fun or funny to happen. They got their wish, and that silly little moment of dancing ended up being the most talked about aspect of the movie.

In other movies, such as the last of the original “X-Men” trilogy, fans cheered when Magneto appeared to move a metal pawn and when it was teased that Xavier would be back, despite his rather dramatic death.

Why do fans like teasers like this? Probably because it gives them an insight into what might happen in other movies. Although the sequel to that “X-Men” movie never got made, fans talked excitedly about mutants getting their powers back and Xavier somehow being a psychic ghost. It was the biggest news of a movie that many fans didn’t like.

Helps Create Anticipation For So-So Movies

Teasers also entice fans to come to movies they might be unsure of, such as teasers for “Batman Vs. Superman” or “Suicide Squad.” Although both of those movies were ultimately very disappointing to many people, the teasers for both still inspired confidence and caused many people to go to them anyway. This leads us to the most important point…

Late Credit Moments Are Great For Filmmakers

Little teasers in film credits are great business because they invite movie fans to come out and check out movies, sometimes just for the teaser. For example, a fan of an upcoming movie may buy tickets for a movie they don’t care about in order to see that teaser.

However, it also helps fans see movies they may not have otherwise. For example, the fan in the example above might end up really enjoying the movie they went to just for the teaser. While this is still good for the industry, it also helps expand his options.

So Is This A Good Thing?

Basically, yes. It gives fans more bang-for-their-bucks and helps studios finance more movies. It’s essentially a win-win for everybody.

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