A Spin-Off To A Spin-Off

Spin-offs are often among the most popular shows on television. However, they’re just as often laughed about and ridiculed to complete failure. What makes a spin-off popular and what makes others fail?

What Makes A Spin-Off Successful?

A good spin-off series should focus on a lovable character from the original series that everyone recognizes. It should then use a similar style of humor that attracts the same audience, but which creates its own identity.

Think of “Daria” from the late-90s MTV era. Originally a character on “Beavis And Butt Head,” “Daria” appealed to the same audience by focusing on an interesting character and using a similar sarcastic sense of humor to appeal to her original fans.

Another successful spin-off, “The Facts Of Life,” used the character of Mrs. G from “Different Strokes” to create a family-oriented comedy that could occasionally be serious. It also focused on a cast of likable characters that impacted society in a heavy way during the 80s.

When Are Spin-Offs A Failure?

There are multiple reasons that a spin-off fails. Take a look at “Joani Loves Chachi” for an example of a show that really over estimated the appeal of two characters. Most “Happy Days” fans didn’t care much for these two, and the show bombed.

“Joey” is another infamous failure that focused on the limited antics of “Friends” character Joey to support a whole series. It bombed and bombed quickly.

Sometimes, shows wait too long to do a spin-off. “The Brady Brides” was a decade-too-late spin-off that tried to take the cheesy humor that made “The Brady Bunch” popular and make it more adult. The results were a disaster.

Another common mistake is to twist the premise of the original show in directions that don’t really make a whole lot of sense.

Two of the most infamous of these was “The Golden Palace,” a spin-off of “The Golden Girls” and “Baywatch: Nights,” a “Baywatch” spin-off.

The first pulled three of the original four cast into a strange “running a hotel” plot that ruined the chemistry of the original show. The second was a bizarre crime drama that tried to make the featherweight “Baywatch” more serious. It was awful.watch The Promise 2017 movie now

The world of spin-offs is sometimes very unpredictable. Shows that seem like a sure thing may fail, while weird long-shots actually succeed. The biggest lesson to take away from this is that success comes by simply creating a great show, one that appeals to a large number of people.

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