Would It Be Weird to See Stan Lee Cameo in a DC Movie?

Would it be hard for you to imagine Stan Lee delivering a package to Wayne Manor on the big screen? Stan Lee’s comments at Fan Expo 2016 have left a lot of people wondering just how strange it might be to see a Stan Lee cameo in a DC movie. After all, the 93-year-old icon is famous for his cameo roles in Marvel comic movies. However, it’s no secret that there’s been quite a bit of rivalry between the two comic giants, and some die-hard fans on both sides may take offense to a Marvel legend appearing in a DC flick. It’s left many more wondering what could come of such a seemingly small friendly gesture.

What exactly could it mean if DC were to take Stan Lee up on his offer? Other than the aforementioned potential drama between fandoms, I think it would turn out to be something wonderful. If Stan Lee were to be offered or take a cameo role in a DC movie, I think that the option for crossover movies would open up. After all, Marvel and DC have worked together in the past, and with great success.

If DC came out with a movie that featured a Stan Lee cameo and it opened up the option for crossover movies, both companies would undoubtedly enjoy huge financial gains. Fans from both sides would flock to see a crossover movie which would fuel sales on both sides, as well open up a new market for officially licensed DC/Marvel crossover merchandise. Fans just can’t get enough of DC/Marvel crossovers, and a crossover movie is something that we’ve been clamoring after for years.
The potential for financial and fandom glory wouldn’t have to end with just movies, either. More crossover comics and games would be the natural way to move forward after a successful crossover movie.

To think that an entire crossover franchise could start with a simple cameo from Stan Lee might seem far-fetched, but it’s something that fans from both sides have wanted for decades now. What better way to test the market than to have a true, real life Marvel legend appear in a DC movie? (And as he quipped at the Expo, DC could use him.)

So would it be strange to see Stan Lee in a DC movie? Maybe for some. But for others, I think it would just seem right. He has become such an iconic figure not just for Marvel, but also comics in general that I can’t see him being too out of place in the DC universe. It could also open up such a great opportunity for both companies to please fans and cash in on a market that so many desperately want to see open up.

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