Will Marvel’s Doctor Strange Be Successful In Theaters?

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This could go either way. If you are asking by theater and Hollywood stand points if the movie would be successful, more than likely it will be due to the fact that comic book characters and comic books period are becoming very popular among pop culture. However, that doesn’t mean that the movie will be successful to fans of the original comic and fans of Dr. Strange.

To start with there have been many comic book movies made, especially by Marvel in the last couple of years, that have had outstanding box office reviews and sold out seats. This is due to a couple of factors of comic books coming back in style with pop culture and the direct need to fit in, and to the fact of original die-hard fans wanting to see the movie. This only shows that the movie can pack seats, making the movie a success by box office and Hollywood stand points, but not necessarily audience or personal standpoints.

To determine that you have to look at a few more factors. what is your main reason for wanting to see the movie? If you are going to see the movie because you are an avid Dr. Strange fan and want every detail to be perfect, recent experience with Hollywood films shows that it won’t be successful because Hollywood is going to change certain things based on either time management of the movie or to make it more intense or attention grabbing for a more general audience. If your intentions are for enjoying a comic favorite, but you know some things are not going to be right or exact, studies suggest it would still be a success given Marvel’s success rates in the last few years with movies.

With the pop culture aspects and the fact that comic movies are now trending the general audience more than likely is going to find this movie to be a hit.

To conclude, overall this movie could be a real success due to the fact that the cast has some of the best caste actors available. You have Rachel McAdams, who was in Sherlock Holmes, Benedict Timothy Carlton, who was in Sherlock, and Scott Adkins, who was in X-Men. With this caste that have already been in successful hit movies, its highly likely to be a hit. If you are one to want correctness in a Hollywood film this movie being produced by Hollywood, and how they do movies is it won’t be successful to you because there will be things added and things missing to better the movie for a broader audience. In any case, there will packed seats which will make this movie popular by box office stand points. I hope I answered the question as well as gave you some personal thoughts to consider but this question really depends on the audience and what they want.

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