The Fall Film Season Has Some Eagerly-Anticipated Films

From unsung heroes to adventurous tales of espionage and intrigue, five films portent to cause a stir over the next month as they’re released. Beyond being some of the year’s most anticipated films, Oliver Stone, Clint Eastwood and Tim Burton will all be offering directorial expertise; while Ben Affleck and Tom Cruise headline several taught action thrillers that aren’t afraid to tackle politics.

Fall Movie #5: Snowden
It has been a while since Oliver Stone jumped into the director’s chair and brought us a feature film that made an impact. 2006 saw World Trade Center sweep the nation. Ten years later, Oliver Stone’s Snowden is set to open the eyes of an entirely new generation. The film is based around true events. It’s a biographical thriller steeped in politics and based on Luke Harding’s The Snowden Files and Anatoly Kucherena’s The Time of the Octopus. Joseph Gorden-Levitt of Inception fame stars as the eponymous Edward Snowden. He is joined by Zachary Quinto, Tom Wilkinson, Scott Eastwood, Timothy Olyphant, and Nicolas Cage. The plot centers around Edward Snowden leaking classified information to The Guardian in June of 2013. The information came from the National Security Agency, and the firestorm this unleashed would have international consequences; ultimately forcing Snowden to seek asylum in Russia, where he remains to this day. This film is set to open people’s eyes and shed new light on a controversial topic; it’s must-see viewing for the fall season.

Fall Movie #4: Sully
Sully is another hotly-anticipated biographical drama, this time directed and produced by Clint Eastwood. The film concerns US Flight 1549, but is more specifically centered around Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger. It is based on his autobiography. Tom Hanks leads an exceptional cast that includes Aaron Eckhart, Anna Gunn, and Jerry Ferrara. This film hits theaters Friday, September 9th, 2016. The basic plot follows an incident where a flock of Canadian Geese intercepted Flight 1549 only three minutes after takeoff, crippling both of the plane’s engines. Sully was forced to land in the Hudson. The man managed to land Flight 1549 and save everybody. But after the successful landing, Sully’s life was overrun with a bevy of journalists and investigative personnel, pulling his personal life before a national microscope which ultimately threatened his reputation. Eastwood’s involvement in the film has many people excited, and initial screenings have done quite well.

Fall Movie #3: The Accountant
Ben Affleck stars in this action thriller, alongside J.K. Simmons, Jeffrey Tambor, and John Lithgow. This film is not a biography, but instead follows a man with a talent for numbers who becomes a CPA–well, that’s what the public story is, anyway. Really, Affleck’s character is using this as a cover for his work as a forensic accountant among a number of dangerous criminal organizations. This leads to Affleck’s character taking on a robotics company that designs state-of-the-art technology solutions to be one of his clients. As the truth is revealed, bodies start piling up, and the stakes jump into the millions of dollars. Set to be a taught bit of action-filled escapism, The Accountant is a film that looks as though it will leave many ready for a second viewing.

Fall Movie #2: Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
The second film of the Jack Reacher Franchise, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back brings Tom Cruise back to his iconic role as the ever-resourceful Reacher. The movie is an action thriller, and shooting began in October of 2015. It takes place four years after the narrative of the first movie. Reacher is returning to his old military HQ, when he’s accused of a murder sixteen years old. What he discovers is that subterfuge intrigue stretched much more extensively than he had ever supposed. Action and mystery combine with a character whose previous novelizations have already become nationally renown.

Fall Movie #1: Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children
Tim Burton returns this Fall with a movie based on a young adult novel that was author Ransom Riggs’ debut publication. The core of this film follows a new resident of Miss Peregrine’s household, a character named Jacob Portman. The film is a dark fantasy, and that is emphasized in the way Miss Peregrine commissions Jacob to act in reference to the other children of the house. He must protect them from Wights and Hollowgasts, evil creatures of human shape, but with nothing human about them. They are led by a mysterious antagonist known only as Mr. Barron. The film stars Eva Green, Asa Butterfield, Chris O’Dowd, Terence Stamp, Samuel L. Jackson as Mr. Barron, and Dame Judi Dench. Released by 20th century fox, the movie is two hours and seven minutes in length.

Movies Whose Anticipation Is Deserved
Oliver Stone, Tim Burton and Clint Eastwood are bringing some exceptional tales to the silver screen this autumn. Meanwhile Ben Affleck and Tom Cruise star in their own action-packed adventure vehicles. By all accounts, this year’s pre-winter season is going to be one to remember. From true stories to dark fantasy, taught drama, and intense action/adventure, there’s something for everyone in the next month. This year’s releases are filled with originality and intrigue, and may be remembered as classics tomorrow.

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