John Cena Really Can Act

John Cena may have shocked some when he appeared on the big screen, but is it really a shocker though? He does extremely well with every role he plays. Even though he has a past in WWE, the roles he takes on for each movie suit who he was in wrestling. He usually will play the “tough guy”, or “someone you just don’t mess with.” That sounds like the same guy right? There was a lot that built up to that moment in ‘Marine’. He climbed the ladder from the bottom with guest appearances and taking acting classes. His hard work has brought him out of the ring and onto the red carpet.

Since his debut starring in the movie “The Marine“, he has played in more than a handful of movies. He’s still the “tough guy” in every role that he plays, but it works for him. Cena is a dedicated, passionate person who puts his heart into everything he does and is a very well-rounded person. He has also ventured outside of the action movie genre and entered a more comical genre.

Recently, he played a boyfriend in the movie “Train Wreck” as well as a drug dealer in the movie “Sisters.” He voices that he actually prefers the comedy genre over the action genre. John is a jack of all trades. When he gets a role, he puts his whole heart into it and performs with excellence.

Cena has also stated that expanding his horizon of work will help bring in a lot of positives as well as that his acting in different movies will help draw attention to WWE. That’s very true. I mean, who doesn’t know John Cena at this point?

Little do many people know, Cena has also appeared in reality TV. He took a break from WWE to be in “American Grit”, which he was very excited about. He hosted the reality show for two seasons. He also made a guest appearance in the comical show “Parks and Recreation”. Making guest appearances and appearing on TV shows can definitely prepare you for the big screen. He has worked his way up and gained much knowledge along the way.

While prepping for movies and TV, John has had a life coach with him every step of the way for constant encouragement and advice. He only took a month and a half of acting lessons before taking the starring role in The Marine. It takes most people years of acting lessons, but with John’s background in wrestling ( as wrestlers do have to cut promos) and determination, he excelled with the time he had.

John has quoted he’ll never quit WWE, even though he’s becoming more of a part-timer. He may have surprised a lot of people by turning to this career choice, but it seems that hasn’t failed at a role yet. John takes his work seriously and knows what his strengths and weaknesses are. It may have taken a while to shake off the silliness of the idea that the famous John Cena can act without having a wrestler role, but his hard work and catchy charm has led him to be a serious actor. I know we’ll be seeing him more and more and in more diverse roles as well.

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