Where’s All The Suspense At?

Do you remember the times when movies had you on the edge of your seat, wondering what could possibly happen next? Today this is a lost art of the past. but why?

Well, we can only speculate as to why, there are a few general theories at hand here and it is perhaps best to go over them.

Lack of inspiration
With so many ideas of past feature film already being used and the taboo in Hollywood of re-creating the same plot line or using the same actors, perhaps Hollywood has simply run out of ideas, with the current storm of movies based on comic books, one may discern that all we have left’s Comic Book movies.

Lack of motivation
With artists and Hollywood writers underpaid and movie theaters losing popularity due to online piracy, ease of access such as ‘same day as theaters’ on cable television OnDemand services, and actors demanding more and more, maybe there is a general lack of motivation to create inspiring films, full of unique characters, plots, plot twists, and schemes/scenes. This is not to doubt, that every once in awhile yet still, a masterful tour de force becomes a forgotten blockbuster.

Lack of compelling actors/actresses
Talent is harder to find, good talent, compelling new actors and actresses that can convey the emotional aspects of their role are perhaps dwindiling, surely there are lots of solid talent, we have all seen them, Chris Pine, Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy, Zachary Quinto, Patrick Stewart, Liam Neeson, Scarlett Johansson, etc…

Lack of Attention
In this modern society, we are becoming hopelessly entwined in our gadgets and social media life, therefore perhaps movies are joining along with books (of which they are often based), on the soon to be extinct list of daily entertainment activities, replaced merely by games (often based on movies), and dating apps, or ‘alternative’ social apps/websites. This all means a general lack of attention to what the little screen (your television) is advertising to you about what is on ‘The Big Screen’ is more often than not, ignored.

We have thus identified the problem, now let’s speculate a solution
Theaters need to just handle a reduction in the overall cost of going to the movies, a good reset to the 80’s theater prices (including popcorn and a drink), furthermore, a strong Hollywood think tank needs to be formed as a consortium to form new ideas and strategies to better lure people into theaters with entirely new and captivatingly unique plots, locations, special effects, and talent. All to add a deep, dark, and intriguing level of Suspense to feature films.

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