Top 3 Movie Posters Dad Will Enjoy Having This Father’s Day

Don’t know what to get Pops for Father’s Day? Tired of giving the same old traditional gift of a tie, golf balls, or a book?

If either of these situations apply to you, why not give Dad something unique this year like a movie poster that he can hang with pride in his man cave? If you’re not sure what Dad’s favorite movie is, use one of our top three suggestions to ensure you give him the perfect gift for Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Movie Poster #3: Pursuit of Happiness 

Who doesn’t love a feel good story based on real life? Especially one about a father doing everything in his power to lift him and his son out of poverty. The Pursuit of Happiness exemplifies exactly what it is to be parent by showing us the trials and tribulations that our parents go through on a daily basis not only to provide the daily essentials we all need as human beings, but to give us anything and everything that they didn’t have as a child. I’ve never heard a of a father that didn’t absolute love this movie and what it represented to be the head of household. It’s a perfect option, especially if he’s a fan of Will Smith.

Father’s Day Movie Poster #2: Field of Dreams

This movie, based off the book ‘Shoeless Joe’, is a classic for any father that enjoys sports. The movie represents much more than the fantasies of a grown man attempting to build a baseball field with a corn stalk wall as a fence. It represents a time in a man’s life when he looks back on being a young boy and that he is no longer that person. It allows a man to remember the “good old days” but to remember that we should live for each new moment of each day as well. It’s another one of those movies that just simply sits well with the soul.

Father’s Day Movie Poster #1: Father of the Bride

The top slot in best Father’s Day movie posters goes to the unforgettable laugh out loud comedy of Father of the Bride. This movie poster is best suited as a gift for any daughter that was and still is Daddy’s little girl. As a father, it represents everything that you have gone through or will go through when your little girl grows up and wants to marry some guy that you’ve never even met. You might not remember all those nights that your father was sitting up late waiting for you to get home after your first date or the time he sneaked your boyfriend into another room to have a little talk but he certainly does. He’ll get a kick out of this poster.

If you’re still undecided as to which poster to get, just click here for all your options.

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