Top 3 Summer Movies You Gotta See!

Everyone knows that summertime is the best release time for blockbuster hits. And if you’re a movie buff like so many other people, you’re certain to not be disappointed by the movies being released this summer in theaters everywhere!

Although we’ve already witnessed some major record breakers in theaters this year already, hits like “Captain America, Civil War.“Deadpool,” and “Batman Vs. Superman,” will look pale in comparison to the top 3 summer movies we have named on this list.

Must-See Summer Movie #3: Independence Day Resurgence
For 20 years we’ve all waited for a sequel to the original Independence Day starring Will Smith, and now after much ado fans will be satiated as “Independence Day Resurgence” brings the aliens back to once again conquer and destroy the world. Although this time Smith isn’t playing the role of Captain Stephen Hiller, actors formerly cast in the original such as Jeff Goldblum, Vivica Fox, and Bill Pullman all make a significant appearance. The first one was incredible with action, thrills, and a bit of comic relief. And according to critics, this one promises just as much entertainment, but with better graphics and special effects. This much awaited reboot is set to break records at the box office come its release date of June 24th.

Must-See Summer Movie #2: The Legend of Tarzan
Throughout the past decades, there have been many adaptations of Tarzan released. But there has never been an adaption with a superior story-line like the one that this summer’s “The Legend of Tarzan” is promising. From the looks of the trailer, this movie has impressive graphics and also boasts all of the features one looks for in a family movie. You’ll get a little mystery, a love story, and tons of cool action. Whether you’re just curious about the newest Tarzan to hit box offices on July 1st or just want to find out what the hype is all about, this  is sure to be the modernized remake of a classic that your entire family will appreciate.

Must-See Summer Movie #1: Suicide Squad
The highly anticipated Suicide Squad is one of those movies that you’ll be constantly hearing about from all of your friends. This movie caters to the crowd of fans that liked this winter’s Deadpool. It’s not necessarily a movie about super-heroes, but instead sheds new light on a group of super-villains that set out on a secret black-ops mission that’ll grant them clemency from their past crimes. If you like movies about villains, super-heroes and love comic book characters, as well as an all-star cast, the geek in you cannot afford to miss out on this film which is set for release on August 5th.

Top 3 Summer Movies You Gotta See: Bottom Line
Whether you enjoy adaptations of classic movies, reboots of former blockbusters, or like to indulge in super-villain films, you won’t find any shortage of movie genres this summer that’ll provide you with the most enjoyable entertainment that you’ve experienced this year.

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