The Top 5 Movie Remakes of All-Time

There are many movies that have become iconic and classics for many generations. These movies are well loved and will continue to be well loved. Some of these loved and respected movies have started to be remade into new films. This helps give these iconic movies a new life and brings them to new life for the newest generation. This allows the newer generation to fall in love with the movies that their parents and grandparents loved. There are several of these remade movies that surpass others as being some of the best of the remade movies. These movies have many features that make them so amazing and worth watching and will easily make these movies just as well loved as the originals.

Movie Remake #5: OZ The Great and Powerful (From the original Wizard of OZ)
The remake of this wildly popular movie acts as a prequel to the original Wizard of Oz movie. It works to give the audience new and interesting background information about the world within the original Wizard of Oz and even explains how the “Wizard of Oz” came to be who we will eventually see in the original movie. The strong cast did an amazing job of delivering a very well written movie and being true to the premise and roots of the original movie. It had done so well that there are even talks of sequels being made that follow along this timeline.

Movie Remake #4: Oceans 11 (From the original Oceans 11)
This is a remake that many people have called better than the original. Those who saw the movie described it as a good old-fashioned, Hollywood heist fun film. In this way, it was very true to the original movie. There were many quality actors and actresses all throughout the movie that brought a wonderful array of talent and skill to the movie. Each one of them portrayed their characters in a very positive way. The overwhelming success of this movie also led the way for two more movies to be made after this one. These were Ocean’s Twelve and Ocean’s Thirteen and were just as widely acclaimed.

Movie Remake #3: Batman Begins (From the original Batman)
This new version of the movie did everything right. The storytelling element was very well handled. The dialogue was very well written but was not over the top. The director allowed the visuals within the movie tell the story while the character was the key to the fantastic storytelling. The Batman character was perfectly portrayed and was very easy to relate to for the audience. Another aspect of the movie that was top notch was the scenery and the location. While past versions of this movie looked very fake and comical, this current movie gave off a very real appearance. The entire location was made to be as real as possible with a gritty appearance that matched the overall tone of the movie.

Movie Remake #2: True Grit (From the original True Grit)
These two movies were based off of a very well written novel that a lot of people enjoyed. But what makes the remake so much better than the original was the fact that it stuck much more closely to the original plot line of the novel much better than the original movie did. The casting within the movie was very well handled and added to the movie in all of the best ways. And to help prove how well received the remake of the movie was, it has won a host of awards and had been nominated for many more awards.

Movie Remake #1: Rise of The Planet of The Apes (From the original Planet of The Apes)
This remake of the classic movie has a wonderful plot and story line. It was very well written and the cast was very well put together. There are so many well known actors and actresses that brought some amazing talents and skill sets to the movie. The job well done became evident when it started to win many awards and was nominated for many others. Every bit of this remake showed excellence in a way that is often unusual for remakes of older movies.

Each of these five movie remakes has made a positive mark on Hollywood. They have either met the standards of the original movie or far surpassed the standards of the original. Each movie was well received by fans of the original movies and will go on to become just as well loved and respected as the movies that they were based upon.

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