Top 5 Worst Movie Villains of All-Time

Since movies are a great source of entertainment, inspiration and information; we’re going to dive right into a normal aspect of them – the conflict situations involving superheroes and villains. They often go a long way to create a good story-line. The villains usually challenge the superheroes to come out of their comfort zone. However, when a villain falls flat by portraying undesirable characteristics, everything else goes out of the window.

With that said, we’ve compiled a quick list of the 5 worst movie villains of all-time.

Worst Villain of All-Time #5: Pennywise – IT
A 1986 TV movie that features a villain called Pennywise, an evil clown who performs pranks that cause misery and deaths. Every 27 years, the evil villain rises to devour the children of Derry. At one point, the cannibalizing clown is put to rest by a group of misfit teens. Unfortunately, he rises again to claim the life of the group’s leader. The clown is also responsible for countless nightmares and is a great manipulator because of his ability to control some residents of Derry. Interestingly, unlike other traditional villains of his nature, the scary clown commits crime because of hunger, and not for glory or power.

Worst Villain of All-Time #4: ‘Manos’ The Hands Of Fate
‘Manos’ The Hands of Fate is a low budget horror movie released in 1966. The movie has gained the distinction as the worst movie ever made. Some of the deficiencies in the movie include technical difficulties, non-flowing soundtrack and misplaced visuals. The plot revolves around a family trip and encounter with a polygamous community. The primary villain is called “The Master”, the leader of the cult that worships the dark god. Unlike most villains who often come out as witty, conniving and pushing for dominance, “The Master” is simply contend with only standing around to break arguments between his many wives.

Worst Villain of All-Time #3: Darth Maul – Star Wars Prequels
Darth Maul is a horned Sith villain who stands pre-eminently as the perfect super villain. The villain has scary yellow eyes, red and black face paint and uses double-edge red lightsaber for combat. The most disconcerting thing about Darth Maul according to many Star War fans is his brief appearance and killing at the hands of young Obi Wan Kenobi. During the early stages, many people had high hopes that Darth Maul will provide the villainous face for the whole trilogy, but this wasn’t to be. Critics of the film believe the death of Darth Maul was perhaps the biggest mistake ever made by George Lucas in the entire prequel.

Worst Villain of All-Time #2: Mr. Freeze – Batman & Robin
Mr. Freeze, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger is the primary villain in the movie Batman & Robin. He stands out as one of the most sympathetic villains ever created according to the box office numbers and critic responses. Critics attribute the meager $108 million that the movie grossed in the US to poor showing by Mr. Freeze. Although the villain is unintentionally hilarious; he provides horrendous acts and tasteless repetitions, which have made this movie one of the worst in the entire Batman series. His raw obsession with the weather has made many people to question the entire movie scripting.

Worst Villain of All-Time #1: Venom – Spider-Man 3
Venom almost resembles Spider-Man; he has all the powerful features including sharp fangs, big muscles, and a large slobbering tongue, which makes him a nightmare version of Spidey. The symbiote actually fuses the power of two villains who hated Spider-Man into a single powerful entity. However, Venom’s appearance on Spider-Man 3 was rather disappointing despite the initial hype from many movie goers. Fans didn’t get the ferocious villain they had expected, because actor Topher Grace was not as enforcing, frightening or intimidating.

It’s very important to recognize the role played by villains even though some of them will likely be forgotten because of their evil nature. Most villains in this list did not act their role to the fullest like Darth Maul or were simply out of place with less than impressive acts as evident with the likes of Mr. Freeze and The Master. In summary, the critical role played by villains in movies means they have the power to make or break a movie.

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