The Most Important Part of a Movie is the Last 15 Minutes

Movies are usually more than what we see in the trailers and advertisements. We really get to know what the movie is all about towards the middle or the end depending on the script writer and their choice of plot development and in most films the last 15 minutes tells us all.

There are movies that entertain and are actually enjoyable to the viewers yet they are characterized by illogical plots. The plot of the movie may turn out to be completely different from what the trailers depict and one realizes this once they get to watch the movie. Several screenwriters are aware that how you end you story plot will have a great impact on the audience. The last 15 minutes essentially will determine, the reviews you gunner from the audience that will in the end either make it a big deal or just another fail in the world of productions.

Good movies consist of meaning and action; the meaning referring to the hidden messages behind all the action which is basically the activities we see and remember. The action in the movie illustrates the meaning. Movies should contain both aspects when dissected into 15 minutes segments. An average film or movie is estimated to be 120 minutes and therefore divided into 8 segments each containing 15 minutes. The final moments of the film give it meaning adding substance and final touches as the audience finally gets the meaning from all action the in the first seven segments.

The last 15 minutes is the climax of the movie and here we get to see the hero in some sort of distress as the villain in the film gets their way. As the plot develops further the hero risks it all and confronts the villain in a fight which ends up in an ultimate win or loss. The climax of the movie is where you either gain or lose your viewers. Climax of a movie should have viewers at the edge of their seats anticipating more and more. This segment should be able to give the audience the satisfaction they desire unless you wish to hook them to the scene and cut them off suddenly.

The climax of the movie is like a type of correctional center where the script writer amends a character’s traits they deem unfit. These last moments carry much weight for the critics; in cases that action overlays meaning, the movie is most likely to have several negative remarks. The climax needs to be kept fresh and clichés should be avoided at all costs unless it is really necessary. The last 15 minutes of any type of movie from any genre is important in all films and it will either make or break the movie.

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