How TV Commercials Have Helped Discover Some Hollywood Stars

Making the choice to pursue acting as a career can be a trying and difficult career choice, but if you’ve the passion for it and really want to become successful, then acting in TV commercials just might provide the platform needed in order to find a big break in Hollywood. Commercials provide a large list of advantages to the prospective actor or actress that can ultimately lead to career advancement and acting in more lucrative and well known jobs. This has been the case for many popular actors and actresses today. It’s something to keep in mind as a prospective actor builds a resume toward Hollywood success.

Gain Valuable Acting Experience
Being an actor or actress, like any vocation, takes experience and practice to master. The skill set that a person needs in order to audition for and get key roles in Hollywood productions is best acquired through practice and performance. The small 30-60 seconds of work that a major commercial can provide will allow a person to play a number of different roles and work on establishing their ability to fulfill that persona. Each role is a piece of a working resume that’ll provide an actor or actress to expand their skill set. It doesn’t matter if it’s playing a happy family member or a powerful lawyer. Each role provides experience of working well on a set and providing the product the director is looking for.

Gain Personal Recognition
With millions of people tuning into television at any given moment, being in a commercial can catapult a career. Unfortunately, it’s rare that a person will decide to become an actor or actress and be inundated with blockbuster movie deals from Hollywood immediately, no matter what they look like. The key is to get your foot in the door of the industry and that’s what the commercial realm provides. There are relatively few Hollywood roles being cast each year but there are many commercials, and those roles, if performed well, can lead to more opportunities in the future. The recognition by agencies, directors, producers or other talent seekers in the business are going to get a chance to see your work and face and it may just make the impression that turns an unknown actor into a big Hollywood star.

Networking Opportunities
On a similar line, working in commercials can build bridges through relationships that may pave the way to higher paying, more lucrative offerings in the future. The director of a commercial may be working on a movie in the future. A good working relationship with people will cause them to keep you in mind and even seek you out when they have a role that would work for you. All of the world revolves around the relationships that you build and maintain. It could be a writer, director or fellow cast member that you make an impression on and that’ll open another door for a bigger future gig which could in fact discover a new Hollywood star. The entertainment industry is like any other. People want to work with those that they know and trust to do good work, be easy to deal with and are reliable. Those qualities can be portrayed in commercial work and those connections can power a much more lucrative career and many have turned those relationships into being Hollywood Stars.

Becoming a star in Hollywood movies may sound like a distant goal, but working in TV commercials can help pave the way to find success in movies or on television shows. The connections that you make, the reputation that you build, and the recognition in general, can really contribute to growing an acting career from the beginning of dreams to a reality of stardom. This has happened for numerous Hollywood legends from John Travolta to Nicholas Cage. It started by working in commercials and ended up on the silver screen in Hollywood.

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