The 3 Best Live-Action Cartoon Crossovers of All-Time

Great entertainment will capture the attention of the broadest group of people possible while still catering to the individual subgroups that make it up. One of the toughest things to do is make both children and adults happy at the same time. The best method to do this by combining captivating live-action filmography with quirky, brightly colored animated characters. While there are a number of features that have experimented with his method, there are a few that stick out. Fusing live-action and animation has created a few timeless classics. With that said, here are our 3 best of all-time that helped to shape a generation.

The third best animation fusion feature of all-time is Enchanted. This fun family film brings the colorful and musical world of Disney animation into the real world. When princess Giselle is banished from her fantasy world she ends up thrown into ours. Lost in downtown Manhattan she discovers that the new world she is lost in lacks a lot of the magical simplicity she is used to. Things begin to look up when she is helped by Robert, a divorce lawyer. He gives her a place to stay at his daughter’s request, despite his thinking Giselle is just crazy. In time the bright spirits Giselle brings with her helps improve Robert’s dry adult world. Song and dance brings the childhood wonder back into his life. When Prince Edward comes to save her a twist of events lead to him bringing Robert’s fiance back to his world to get married while Giselle remains with her true love Robert. Everyone lives happily ever after.

The second best animation crossover of all-time is Space Jam. This Looney Tunes basketball movie proved to be a significant part of kid’s lives in the nineties. When the owner of an alien theme park decides he needs a new attraction for the park he turns to kidnapping Buggs Bunny and the other tunes. In order to save themselves, Buggs challenges the aliens to a game of basketball against the Tunes for their freedom. The aliens agree but have an evil plan up their sleeves. Before the game they steal the bodies of NBA superstars in an attempt to be unbeatable. In the end, however, the Tunes are able to beat the evil aliens in the basketball game and save themselves with the help of Michael Jordan.

The best live action and animation crossover of all-time is also a classic, Who Framed Roger Rabbit. When the carton star Roger Rabbit suspects his wife Jessica of being involved in an affair he hires Eddie Valiant, a real life private eye to investigate. The plot thickens when Marvin Acme winds up dead. Because of his unstable condition and accusations against Jessica, Roger becomes the prime suspect in the murder case. Despite hating toons since his brother was killed by one, Eddie is the only person who can prove that Roger is innocent. The adventure to clear Rogers name leads him and Eddy on a wild adventure through nineteen forties Las Angles and even into toon town, which is a dangerous place for live humans to be as they run the risk of getting suck as toons. Adventure, danger and Roger’s loyalty eventually wins over Eddie’s hatred of tunes.

The incorporation of live-action and cartoons has created family features that capture interest in adults and children alike. The wonderful world of animation allows adventures that simply are not available in real life alone. They teach valuable lessons about cooperation and adventure that everybody can benefit from. These three in particular have lessons that can benefit everyone.

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