Sometimes Hollywood and Politics Aren’t A Good Match

Political themes in feature films seem to rub movie goers the wrong way. They usually do very poorly at the box office falling behind all the other movies. There are several reasons for why political themes in a movie could turn a viewer off.

First of all, the political opinion being expressed might not be the same view of the person watching. If a political opinion challenges someone else’s, there will be disagreements. For example, a person who thinks President Obama is a great president might not want to see a movie that bad mouthed his name or presidency. So when a movie is really opinionated, it’ll lose almost half its audience due to a simple difference of opinion. A pro Democrat most likely won’t go see a pro Republican film and vice-versa.

The topics discussed may be considered controversial or too graphic for audiences. Certain events in history have become very touchy topics; such as 9/11 or the war in Iraq. To see a movie about a recent event where thousands of people died can be extremely controversial. People have lost family and friends during these disasters. Time needs to pass before such a sensitive topic can be approached by directors. Some films have been banned or widely deemed inappropriate for being insensitive to viewer’s losses. Some things really should only be discussed by news outlets for educational purposes.

A political film can find it hard to compete with other movies in more popular genres. A blockbuster action movie usually stays at the top of the box office and comedy movies usually come second. There is a lack of public interest in politics so political movies will fall behind other genres. People go to the movie theaters to have a good time; they may choose a movie with a lighter tone becuase they are trying to wind down from their busy lives.

Very few political films have been a box office success; however a movie can potentially do well and overcome the odds under certain conditions. The movie needs to be 100% facts recalling a certain event or public figure’s life. Examples of this would be an -autobiographical film about George W. Bush during his presidency or a film about WWI. Basically, in a political film the more facts and less opinions the better that way it can appeal to all political views and bring forth a topic people can agree with.

Making movies about things that happened after time has passed is also always a good idea. Time heals everything and before a sensitive issue can be touched from a entertainment stand point an appropriate amount of time has to pass. The more people that go to see the movie the better so they don’t want to turn people away with different opinions or sensitive topics.

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