Movie Posters and Their Reflection of the Human Personality

Genres of movies are often well reflected in the individual movie posters used in advertising which often become fan-favorites. People often like specific movies and genres as a whole because of their similarities to one’s own personality. Because of the many parallels to one’s personal taste, movie posters can actually seem to become a personal representation of self for some people.

The posters of the comedy genre mainly feature people widely smiling or laughing. People attracted to these types of posters and the movies the posters represent often love to laugh and smile themselves. People who desire comedy and the comedy genre posters love to look at life in a light-hearted way. Everyone knows that life is tough but it’s sometimes easier to laugh through the pain or look at the brighter side of things. Comedy movies and that genre poster represent one’s predisposition to laugh instead of cry, smile instead of frown and try to find the funny part in everything.

Fantasy movies and the Fantasy genre posters often represent far-off, mythical lands and scenarios that realists know can never exist. Fans of this genre and its posters like to mind-travel in space and time and also twist the boundaries of possibility. Fantasy movie posters often consist of bright, bold colors, catching everyone’s attention. The mystical ideas and all aspects of the fantasy genre are often also characteristic of the fans who love it.

Loving posters of the LGBT genre is very telling. Many of the posters of this type showcase originality, one’s true spirit, not letting anything hold one back. Whether one is in or out of the closet, it’s clear why one might be drawn to these types of posters and the movies they depict. They either demonstrate how one lives or wishes he could live his life.

Different movie genres demonstrate diverse types of stories in distinctive ways. Each of these genres and the movie posters representing the distinct movies attract a certain type of people. The very reason particular people are drawn to the genres and their movie posters has to do with how they personally relate their own life to what’s portrayed on screen and in poster. People tend to feel movie posters represent some portion of their own life, fantasies, feelings or desires.

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