The Top 4 Nickelodeon Movies of All-Time

Nickelodeon has been a successful TV station for kids and teen entertainment for quite some time now. With many award winning series as well as comedic performances from many of today’s youngest talent, it’s no wonder Nickelodeon decided to enter in the film business as well.

Nick has produced some Nickelodeon Original films (similar to Disney Channel Original films) to spark of the interest of those young and old. Some of them took off as successful hits and below we’ll dive into what makes these four the best Nickelodeon movies of all-time.

Nick Movie #4: Harriet The Spy

Harriet was a big hit with viewers of Nickelodeon. Harriet reenacted what it would be like for a kid to live out their dream of becoming an actual spy. This classic tale dives into the life of Harriet and her secret diary where she keeps all of her most ‘top secret’ information and notes. This movie was especially appealing to viewers because it gave them the sense of being able to live out their childhood dreams and grow up to be whatever they chose. It also reached popularity since it teaches kids valuable lessons and what occasions make for better instances to keep quiet then to speak out. Harriet proves that being a female shouldn’t stop you from chasing your dreams and your goals. A definite ‘feel good’ movie that keeps viewers entertained and following along closely in anticipation of what she’ll do next.

Nick Movie #3: The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

What child doesn’t love one of their favorite TV series coming to the big screen? The popular show brought to life in the experience of a full length film brings an exciting plot, conflict, and conflict resolve throughout this great adventure. This is the second installment of SpongeBob movies and this one takes things to a whole new level (hence the title of the film). In this all-new adventure SpongeBob and company are brought to life in the real world. The comfort of Bikini Bottom is gone as they must learn to fend for their own in real life. The idea of bringing characters to life with all new animation aspects makes this a must see Nickelodeon film for all ages.

Nick Movie #2: The Rugrats Movie

Another one of Nickelodeon’s classic series is brought to life in this exciting film. The Rugrats series is based off of the different adventures Tommy, Angelica, and the cast of others take in each episode. The movie brings this in a larger picture as the Rugrats take on their biggest adventure yet. With many new introduced characters, new places to explore, and a whole lot of potential trouble to get into; the Rugrats movie provides viewers with that extra ‘kick’ of the Rugrats you love. Combine all of these factors and you have yourself one film that Nickelodeon and Rugrats fans alike won’t want to miss out on.

Nick Movie #1: Good Burger

You could kind of foresee this one taking the top spot couldn’t you? All Nickelodeon fans recognize the movie Good Burger and how it put Nickelodeon movies on the map for viewers of all backgrounds. This movie features cast members off the famed show during the time: “All That”. Bringing these two characters (Kennan Thompson and Kel Mitchell) to play roles as lead acts help lands this movie in the “totally awesome” category. What’s not love when you combine food crisis, comedic actors/actresses, and a plot that thickens throughout? If you are a fan of Nickelodeon and their movies, it would be surprising to find that you haven’t seen this film yet. Classic comedy, genius acting, and a good story line help put this film at the top of our list.

So there you have it. Each film has its own individual appeal and may rank differently in your eyes. The SpongeBob movie being on there is a good sign for Nickelodeon fans. With its relative recent release date, we can only hope that these four don’t mark the end of Nickelodeon movies and that they keep producing them for all viewers.

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