How Voice Narrators Can Make A Difference

In movies sometimes, the audience gets a narrator, the storyteller, the person who knows everything or not all the facts, the person who leads the audience into, or out of a story. The narrator leads the audience on what the film is about and helps to immerse the viewer in the film’s world.

In an animated movie, the voice narrator helps to set up the drawn out world. The voice narrator helps to put into words the vision of the artists who drew the film on paper or computers. The voice narrator can help enforce the look of an animated film by the way of speaking or the tone of voice. In animated movies the voice narrator helps to put the art into words and set a tone for the felling of the audience that backs up the animations.

In documentaries, a voice narrator serves two functions. The voice narrator can by the tone and way of speaking, make the viewer aware of what is about to come next in the film. The second function of a voice narrator in a documentary is connect different information that spends different spaces and time. A narrator connects one piece of information, footage, or interview to another in order to ensure that the audience knows where the cohesion is and why said cohesion is important to the facts or story.

A voice narrator’s voice can set the tone for a film. A deep voice can make the audience feel like something serious or grim is going to happen. A higher pitched voice can give the audience a feeling of something positive or cute in a film. Speaking with lower tones can give off a tone of worry or despair. Speaking with rising or higher tones of voice can set a tone of happiness or positivity. a monotone voice can make the audience bored and lose interest in a film.

A good voice narrator can make the audience feel something and care about a story without explaining everything. A voice narrator with good writing can make sure an audience knows what’s going on and cares, but doesn’t know everything about a story.

To me, one of the best examples of more recent voice narration comes from neither an animated movie, nor a documentary. In “Mad Max Fury Road” Tom Hardy gives a short but effective narration. Hardy’s deep voice speaking rather softly helps set the tone for the film.

As you can see, narrators lead viewers. They lead with their voice, what they say, and why the speak. Narrators can set a film’s tone, explain a story, or help the audience navigate through a movie’s story.

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