Could You Make ‘Sons of Anarchy’ a Movie?

A well-rounded, entertaining, eye-popping, attention grabbing; as well as having an interesting plot, are a few adjectives that would describe a successful movie. Aside from some of those descriptive words, a movie has too have characters that the audience may or may not be able to relate to. The show, Sons of Anarchy, is great as a mini-series, but it’s not to be made into a movie.

Any good movie must have an interesting plot, and Sons of Anarchy has the same recurring theme it seems show after show. Each weekly series has to do with the running and selling of drugs, guns, sex, and murder. There’s actually nothing more to do with the show than what was previously stated. Yes, the multiple story-lines of many relationships brings twists and turns to the mini-series, but it’s nothing extremely different from what someone would see on a weekly Lifetime movie.

There’s not enough variety among the characters. Each person, man or woman, is involved with the selling of drugs and guns. Jax, the main character, is just like everyone else, except that he runs the organization (I’m not going to give you any spoilers on that). Everyone rides the same kind of motorcycle, talks the same talk, walks the same walk, and kills people who crosses their paths. The actors and actresses are just too similar to one another, other than the color of his or her hair or the age of their character.

After a while, each episode is just like the one before. There’s not enough variety in what the club members do on a daily or hourly basis. The show is directly organized around the “car shop” or the bar that’s just a cover up for the brothel behind closed doors. If someone were to try and make this show a movie, they wouldn’t have enough audiences to be attracted to the biker gang theme. The individual shows become less interesting over time and more predictable as time goes on.

Sons Of Anarchy is nothing more than a group of tattooed, gun toting, motorcycle riding men and women who like to ride around looking for trouble and eliminating those who get in their way. This is a typical plotted movie that a person could find on either SHOWTIME or HBO. I just don’t think that this TV series would be a successful movie.

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