The Ever Growing Popularity of 3-D Movies

The popularity of 3D movies has gone up and down since their inception. Most early 3D movies were of the action packed variety with objects appearing to be flying out into the audience. Moviegoers would scream and duck and laugh while wearing funny looking glasses. But audiences got tired of seeing the same type of genre in 3D and the movies were grainy with loud sounds when there was action but so quiet when the actors spoke that it was hard to hear them. And then there was the eye strain, eye fatigue, headaches and even motion sickness associated with 3D films.

Making early 3D movies was complicated and expensive. Using 2 cameras, manipulating the film, manipulating the lighting and those first 3D glasses. With the advances in computer science, digital surround-sound technology, movie screen sizes, and the use of HD cameras eliminating the need for film, 3D movies have become more cost effective and easier to produce. They now have a higher resolution, greater brightness, and high dynamic range. These advances, along with more movie genres being made in 3D, accounts for the resurgence.

With the advancement of 3D technology and producers making more 3D movies in more genres, moviegoers are flocking to movie theaters. As stated early 3D movies were mostly horror or action packed. Now we’ve documentaries, love stories, and children’s animated movies being made in 3D. This change helps to open the 3D market to more moveigoers.

It’s kind of like playing video games. All ages play them. It makes us feel like we’re part of the action because we’re in control of the controllers. We bob and weave with the action of video games. We holler and yell at the TV screen. We can get that same experience when watching 3D movies.

The experience a 3D movie gives audiences includes instant gratification along with immersing the moviegoer in the  experience. It gives them a heighten sense of realism and an increased sensory experience. The depth of the movie brings them emotionally closer to the movie itself. Instead of sitting back in the dark and watching a movie, the moviegoer feels that they’re part of the movie.

Let’s face it, we all want to be in the movies and we don’t mind paying a little extra for the extra entertainment 3D movies give us.

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