We Do Our Own Stunts

Stunt doubles have always had a very important, if practical and non-glamorous job in movies. It’s the job of these highly skilled stuntmen to take the lead on scenes that have been deemed too dangerous for the regular cast. However, much to the dismay of many directors and their insurance companies, not all leading actors are willing to leave doing these death defying stunts to others, and will simply train themselves in order to be able to preform most, if not all of their own stunts. Although it might be hard to imagine many of the high strung performers doing their own stunts, there are a variety of them throughout cinematic history who’ve insisted that they do their own stunts.

Not surprisingly, one of the pioneers of the silver screen was also quite famous for performing all of his own stunts. Although Buster Keaton starred in black and white silent films, he’s still a famous daredevil among movie enthusiasts. Keaton is well-known for performing incredible, groundbreaking stunts that shocked the audiences of his time. His stunt work kept him falling off of trains, cliffs, and even coming within inches of being flattened by a two ton wall.

Actors like Buster Keaton paved the way for other stars to do their own stunt work. Jackie Chan is especially well-known for his skills in martial arts as well as doing all of his own stunts. It has even gotten to the point where it’s simply expected of him. However, he doesn’t come out of these stunts as unscathed as his characters often due and has the broken bones to prove it.

As a rebellious smuggler in Star Wars and the adventurous archaeologist, Indiana Jones, it ‘s almost impossible to think that Harrison Ford wouldn’t do at least some of his own stunts. The actor has done a variety of different stunts including dangling from a helicopter.

These are just some of the movie stars who’re breaking stereotypes as they perform their own stunts. It’s this type of dedication that makes movies even more great for the audience to watch.

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