Top Blockbuster Movies of 2015

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At the end of 2014, we knew that the movie world would be full of adrenaline in 2015. Directors of various movies haven’t failed in that aspect because I have had plenty of reasons to visit IMAX this year. Nonetheless, after much consideration, here are the top 5 movies of 2015.

2015 Movie #5: The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay
This is the final book in the hunger games series. Katniss Everdeen opposes tyranny once again but this time with a lot more vigor and zeal. She has a whole army of rebels fighting against the government and the leader of Panem, President Snow. Taking off from the previous Hunger Games movie, Katniss is back to finish what she started at the beginning of the series. Since the beginning, she has grown to become the savior everyone needs and her audience loves what she stands for. Francis Lawrence has put Katniss at a fix where she has to make some very crucial decisions. Will she save her friends like Peeta who was captured? Or will she finally liberate all the districts? Throughout the action fiction movie, she’s also stuck between what she feels for Gale and Peeta. This movie is a must watch movie of 2015.

2015 Movie #4: Avengers: Age of Ultron
The Marvel universe still doesn’t cease to surprise and please its fans. When I watched the movie in 3D, I couldn’t get enough, so I watched it four more times in 3D. Joss Whedon has made the second sequel more entertaining and even interesting than the first one by introducing new villains and heroes. Whedon manages to set the band of heroes against each other as they battle Ultron. Tony Stark, in a mission to uphold world peace, builds the greatest miscreation they later have to face. In turn, Ultron creates smaller robots in his image to complete his mission of destroying humanity. If you’re looking for some smashing and destruction with a little humor and a lot of fiction, then this is a must watch movie of 2015.

2015 Movie #3: Furious 7
All packed with emotion and action from the series of Fast and the Furious movies comes Furious 7. Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) faces new threats against his family. Like we’ve known him for the past 6 sequels, he’ll do whatever it takes to eliminate anything that stands in the way of their happiness. Deck Shaw (Jason Statham), previously introduced at the very end of  Fast and Furious 6, is the villain in the movie. Remember, this is also Paul Walker’s movie since he passed away. He gets the audience at awe with his final performance and even in tears at the final scene. The music selection in the final scene is also quite emotional. There are many one to one fights between Toretto and Shaw leaving viewers amused. James Wan and Chris Morgan have managed to create a suspense-packed film with action on fast wheels. Morgan leaves us with questions like, `Does Toretto save his family? `, `Does Shaw die? `. I guess if you want to find out then you better buckle up your seatbelt and watch the movie.

2015 Movie #2: CREED
If you enjoyed the Rocky franchise, then you’ll love CREED. Sylvester Stallone is back as Rocky Balboa. However, this time, the movie isn’t centered on him but on Adonis Johnson (Michael B. Jordan). Johnson is introduced as a foster kid that’s raised by Apollo Creed’s widow, Mary Anne Creed (Phylicia Rashad), as her own son. Johnson grows up and wants to become a fighter. He’s later trained by his father’s old adversary in the ring, Rocky Balboa, who becomes his best friend. Each of them have their own demons to fight. The movie is more than just boxing, although CREED delivers great boxing in spades. It’s incredible to watch Rocky step foot in the ring again in the movie, as a trainer this time. Rocky fights Creed twice in the movie with the second being the climax of the movie. Both not with punches, but with words and wisdom and his passion to want Johnson to succeed. This is truly a must watch for 2015.

2015 Movie #1: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Finally, the movie we have been waiting for since last year is here. From the title of the movie, The Force Awakens, it implies that the force was in an inactive state but J.J. Abrams has finally revived back the Jedi film. The war between good and evil is still on in the seventh sequel of the franchise. The movie, however, is a remake of the 1997 film, Star Wars: A New Hope. Abrams has provided a new evil in the  galaxy called The First Order. This is a four-person story. They are Rey, Finn, Hann and Kylo Ren a dark side Jedi with a red light-saber. Nevertheless, to avoid being a spoiler, this is definitely 2015’s #1 must watch movie. Don’t miss out on The Force Awakens and be witness to one of J.J. Abrams greatest creations yet. Having said all that, may the force be with you.

All in all, 2015 has had some of the best movies and movie moments in history. Movies like Mad Max: Fury Road, Jurassic World, and Straight Outta Compton have made audiences rush to the cinemas as well. However, these movies listed today have set the tone not just for 2015, but some hefty exceptions for movies coming up in 2016 as well.

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