Will Farrell Still Just Cannot Be Stopped

Will Farrell is currently the finest comedian and actor in Hollywood. He started his career as a stand-up comic, but his fans today may have a hard time imagining him doing stand-up after his many movie roles. Ferrell has always been funny, but he was once only the guy who appeared in a film for a moment. He has graduated to more prestigious roles over time, and he has created many of his own characters, starting in his days with Saturday Night Live.

Appearing In Bit Parts

Will Ferrell was already one of the most famous comedians in the world because of his place on Saturday Night Live. He appeared in movies as minor characters because of his relationship with other actors on SNL, and his first major appearance was as a terrorist in the first Austin Powers movie. The buzz around his appearance was massive because his character was truly funny even though he dies quickly.

Creating His Own Content

Ferrell started by creating his own set of three sports movies and the movie Anchorman. These four movies together help make up a quartet of films that cover every aspect of the sports world, and Ferrell is still playing the characters of Ron Burgundy and Ricky Bobby to this day. Ferrell also created the Elf character that shot him to holiday superstar. Will Ferrell is a holiday powerhouse, and his Elf film is watched by millions every holiday season.

Everything He Does Is Gold

Ferrell has taken dramatic turns to great praise, and he is becoming something of the Robin Williams of his generation. Ferrell was already working quite a bit more than Williams in the 2010s, and Ferrell seems poised to do a dramatic role that will win him an Oscar. It is only a matter of time before Ferrell finds his Good Will Hunting or Dead Poets Society.


Ferrell has made standout performances in movies that were not vehicles for his career at all. His turn as an evil fashion designer in Zoolander made Ferrell even more of a star than he already was, and his character is just as iconic as the Derek Zoolander character of Ben Stiller. Will Ferrell does not steal scenes or movies so much as he distinguishes himself in everything he does.

He’s Naturally Funny

Will Ferrell is someone who funny by nature. He is the sort of person who can tell jokes on command, and he can make any situation funny. Every character he has ever written is ridiculously funny in ways that most people only wish they could be, and the lines he improvises for his characters are repeated by fans to this day.

Will Ferrell cannot be stopped because he can do anything. And to think,  We’ve only seen the beginning of his talent, and that will likely take him to the winner’s circle at the Oscars one day.

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