The Challenges of a Successful Christmas Horror Movie

Horror movies are a genre that can get overlooked many times, especially at the box office. The trouble with horror movies are the fact that not everyone’s into getting scared when they watch a movie, especially in theaters. Christmas horror movies are particularly hard for a number of different reasons. When looking at the different aspects of successful Christmas movies, there are many key elements that horror movies lack as a genre in general. Christmas horror movies have historically not done very well at the box office and it’s easy to see why when you look at a few different reasons.

The first and most obvious reason to most is the fact that not many people are looking for the types of emotions that horror movies give them during the holiday seasons. Most are looking for warm and loving feelings when it comes to the holiday times. They basically want to feel joy, love, and happiness. Christmas is a very happy time for most individuals where they’re looking to feel a joy that they aren’t used to feeling most months out of the year. Moviegoers aren’t looking to be jarred during their Christmas movie outings.

Horror movies are lacking many of the elements of successful Christmas movies as well. Christmas movies are usually based around family times . Horror movies rarely focus around families and even if they do, these aren’t happy family times. Presents under the tree, elfs, and Santa are usually key in a Christmas movie as well. These are all things the Christmas horror movies are usually lacking as well. It’s easy to say that successful Christmas movies usually follow a certain type of formula, but Christmas movies don’t follow this formula.

One thing that can also be lacking in Christmas horror movies is A list actors. Many families want to know they are going to a great movie when they are investing their precious family time to go see a movie in theaters. A list actors usually can guarantee at least a certain level of enjoyment when going to see a movie. Horror movies many times lack these A-list actors, so it’s  more of a gamble to go see a horror movie and know if it’s good. During the off-season, it’d be more likely for someone to take a gamble on seeing a movie like that, but during Christmas, people wanna have that instant enjoyment.

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