Movie Lines That’re Popular to this Day

There have been so many influential films throughout the years that it’d be almost impossible to name them all. Since what makes a movie special is different for everybody,  and for that reason, it;s difficult to say what that one thing is in every case. One factor that sticks out the most are the lines delivered so perfectly that they just stay with you.

Movie lines can have such staying power that they become synonymous with pop-culture. Let’s go back and look at some of the most popular lines that just won’t die. These are the ones that have a place in everyone’s heart, even if they don’t care for the movie itself.

Who could forget the first time the ‘Terminator’ himself looked the guard in the face and delivered the amazing one liner, “I’ll be back.”? This was a defining moment in the first movie and in pop-culture in general. Honestly, how many times do you think you’ve heard this line delivered? Chances are, if you’re like me, it’s too many to count. The same could be said for the line from the second film, again from the T-man himself, “Hasta la vista, baby.” It just sticks with you. One for the ages, again.

One of my personal favorite lines ever delivered on screen was in the film ‘Die Hard‘, when Bruce Willis, a.k.a. John Mclane, is talking with Hans Gruber over the walkie talkie of a freshly murdered henchman and say the timeless, “Yippie kiyay mutherf*#!ker.” This is a truly unforgettable moment in the film and a great one in the action movie genre. The look on Gruber’s face is classic and from that moment on, you knew that you were in for a different kind of action movie. The Die Hard series of films specifically, are the reason for numerous pop-culture references. This one however, sticks with fans the most.

Another one of the greatest and most iconic movie lines goes back quite a bit further. When Marlin Brando from film ‘The Godfather‘ delivers the now classic, ” We’re gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.” it cemented that line into the consciousness of movie-goers worldwide and has been repeated probably more than any other line in film history. This one line is a large reason that the film is still popular to this day. It’s truly one of the most iconic ones ever produced from Hollywood and this line just helps it maintain it’s relevance in pop-culture.

Who could forget the first time that they heard the words, “Bond, James Bond.”, or how about “Shaken, not stirred.”? Priceless movie one liners that not only help define the coolness that’s James Bond, but have become a staple of the franchise, regardless of who the leading role of 007 is. These are probably in close competition with The Godfather in the -times quoted- category. A Bond flick would just not be the same without the delivery of these lines at least once per film.

The fans demand it and the writers know it. We love our one-liners.

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