What the Audience Will Learn About the Steve Jobs Movie

Director Danny Boyle stepped in to take over the duties of manning the Steve Jobs biographical movie from The Social Network’s David Fincher. Sony had originally looked to reunite screenwriter Aaron Sorkin with Fincher in a bid replicate the success of Social Network, ultimately Trainspotting director Boyle took the place of Fincher in the latest attempt to explain the life and success of Apple founder Steve Jobs. Ireland’s Michael Fassbender takes on the role of Jobs and is joined by Kate Winslet as Apple marketing executive Joanna Hoffman.

As with every biographical movie those who love the character being depicted will have problems with the movie, but Sorkin and Boyle have been at pains to explain the idea of the Apple team working behind Jobs to make the tech giant a success. The film takes a different approach to the majority of biographical works on Jobs, in the fact it concentrates on three product launches as the backdrop to the life of Jobs and his colleagues. Despite the assured presence of Jobs on stage at the product launches in 1984, 1988 and 1998 the backstage chaos of the company is revealed warts and all, hardware and software that are yet to be completed are just a few of the problems the Apple co-founder faces.

The majority of the world only knows of Steve Jobs through his presence on stage during these product launches and a juxtaposition is created between on stage and backstage. The depiction of Jobs in the movie looks to show the world the struggles he faced during his personal life and career. One of the product launches serving as a backdrop for the movie is the 1988 NEXT product launch that saw Jobs leave the apple fold and launch another tech company.

Viewers of the movie will also see something of the man behind the Apple logo, which includes a paternity battle with a former girlfriend. Steve Jobs relationship with his business partners, friends and family are revealed in the Steve Jobs movie, which gives an insight into the man who became famous for his turtleneck sweaters and being the inventor of much of the technological hardware that has changed life for almost everybody in the 21st century.

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