The Success of Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity is an increasingly popular horror series where families and ordinary civilians are put in a haunted house where mysterious events and ghostly figures occur with no explanation. There are currently six ‘Paranormal Activity’ movies out right now with the newest one, “The Ghost Dimension,” just being released. It’s common to see many viewers pressured into viewing this series by friends claiming that is not scary and you are considered weak if not be able to sit through this movie.

The reason for the increase in popularity of the series relates closely to the plot and clues left behind in each film by the demon Toby. Each movie in the equal uses a lot of suspense and drops clues that lead into the next movie. As a result, fans want to continue watching in order to solve the case. In addition, many viewers want to find out more about what happens to all the characters since you never know where the demon will strike again. The helplessness of the characters makes us wonder what was specifically haunting them.

Throughout the series there is continuous long periods of silence highlighting and focusing in on the creepy sounds that one might otherwise look over such as boards creaking, lamps shaking, heavy breathing footsteps, light switches, and glass dropping. This can all be quite terrifying and leaves you contemplating the spirits all night long. Some may even struggle to fall asleep. The long hours are spent trying to figure out what the demand wants and what caused it leading viewers to continue watching the series. The jump scares throughout the movie keep the viewer’s heart racing and adrenaline rushing eager to find out what’s next.

This series is about the couple Katie and Micah moving into a new house located in San Diego. Katie says that there is an evil spirit that has been haunting her since she was a child. In response, Micah decides to set up a camera in their bedroom to record any evidence of paranormal activity that goes on during sleep.

In the beginning of the series, the young couple Katie and Micah are tortured mentally and physically by a demon that Katie believes has been following everywhere. In the second movie, Katie’s sister, Kristi experiences similar strange events after their first baby, hunter, is born. They use security cameras and hand held devices to watch out for any suspicious events. The third movie in the series goes back in time to 1988 when Katie and Kristi were young. After the two girls meet the demon “Toby” for the first time and share what happened to their parents Dennie and Julie. Concerned, they set up cameras to record what goes on during the night. They tend to find some terrifying stuff, but can’t figure out what it is. The forth movie in the series is set in 2011 shortly after the time of the second movie. This movie follows Alex and his family. They begin to experience similar demon-like activity after Katie and her odd son move in across the street. Alex similarly records using handheld devices, macs, and Kinect technology to record what goes on.

The fifth movie takes place in 2012 following a group of Latino students. One of them is suspected to be marked. They use basic technology and clues left behind to figure what is following them. Then the most current film “The Ghost Dimension” takes place in 2013. A family of three known as ‘Fleeges’ have moved to a new house in Santa, Rosa, California. They discover several tapes about Kristi and Katie preparing a ritual to enter into the demon cove 21 years before. The family is haunted once the daughter Leila is targeted for unknown reasons. They discover a special recorded that then in turn use to record what is going on.

This film series starting by only putting $15,000 in and grossed over $200 million.

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