Movie Acting with Emotion

Too often we’ve seen movie actors and actresses struggle with conveying real emotion. The study of film acting isn’t what it used to be, as many who trained with teachers like Lee Strasberg and Stella Adler can attest. They still teach “method acting” in New York but the passion for it isn’t what it was. There are many copy cats who think they know the method because they took a class at some point and now they think they’re qualified. You’ve to be embedded in the history, technique and practice of method acting for years before even attempting to help a young movie actor or actress learn it.

Method acting for film isn’t without its obstacles but if you want to be a believable character, it’s important to understand it. Just hearing “emotional recall” or “sense memory” isn’t enough to be able to accomplish it. Those who’re training in the method spend tireless hours in preparation and practice just to reach a certain level of adeptness. When you’re in a film acting training program which focuses on the method, you wonder when you’ll ever do any actual acting because most of the first year is learning theory and preparation exercises.

There are different levels to the technique but being open to past emotion is crucial to be able to bring it back quickly, which film acting requires. Too many actors and actresses get caught up in what they remember instead of using it in the current moment in front of the camera. Then when the emotion comes through, it’s sometimes difficult to remain in the character’s reality, and that’s what causes multiple scene takes and frustrated movie directors. There’s nothing easy about method acting for film and it can take years to be good at it.

So if you’re looking to be one of those performers who conveys true emotion, find an experienced teacher of the method to train with. Look for an instructor who has film experience and worked with Strasberg or Adler at some point in their career. They can help you find your true emotional self so that you can be an effective performer who’s confident in front of the camera.

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