Fantastic No

When we go to the movies, we want a film that’ll be the best we’ve ever seen. When that happens, we want more. When it happens again, we still want more because lust is part of our nature.The problem is that when we want more and more, there’s a risk for a big  disappointment or never truly understanding what will happen to the series as a result.

What really gave the new Fantastic Four movie the pink slip is the generic setting of the ‘government dream team’ saving the world. This has been overplayed to no end. What makes it worse is that the cast that made the films before great are nowhere to be found, so with a new patch of actors the fan base sees it as a betrayal of their trust. The new cast, unlike the old, was nothing special due to poor skills in acting which’s critical. With these changes that hasn’t done the film any justice, why would you want to spend the money to watch it?

Many film series come and go but the rebooted Fantastic Four series shouldn’t have been one of them.With a poor cast and lack of story, this film is without a doubt a box office fail without question. The materials for a great film were simply not there with the series becoming stale. Plus, many people at this point have already seen enough to not even think about seeing it to begin with.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this brief review for what it is. With luck, the next film will be a more proper movie. So for those who’re still sticking with the Fantastic Four series, there’s always the chance of a comeback with results that match.

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