The Development of Movie Props

Movies have been a constant form of entertainment for many decades. As those decades have gone on, the technology of movie props has become highly advanced. Movies from earlier times used hand-built sets and costumes to create the magical world of film, but these methods are very limited. It was extremely difficult and very expensive to create a scene that involves highly complex character costumes and props in these early years of film.

As computers advanced in power and efficiency, complex scenery and characters that would’ve involved extensive work hours by skilled artists, became increasingly easy to create through the use of CGI (Computer-generated imagery). Utilization of CGI allows directors to dazzle movie goers with all kinds of amazing effects, which adds to the overall movie experience.

CGI’s very popular but some directors still choose to create props and costumes by hand just to add more realism to their movies. The combined effects of CGI and handmade costumes add thrilling scenery to any movie. Techniques utilized by creative makeup artists allow for some very convincing monsters and aliens that’ve a real live feel to them unlike characters created by CGI. With the advancement of technology comes even more advanced CGI techniques that allow for whole movies to be created with CGI animation. When before, animated movies used either stop motion or hand-drawn techniques.

Movie props that could never have been imagined are created everyday by people either using a computer program or their skilled hands. It’s fascinating to take a look into just how these people can pull off some of the things they do now-a-days. Many movies include behind the scenes looks into how the scenery and costumes are created. Films that’re based heavily on Sci-Fi and fantasy genres tend to include features like this due to the large amount of work put into creating characters.

It seems that many films that have come out recently showcase a variety of movie prop techniques, but focus heavily on CGI. This focus is due to the fact almost anything can be created with the right program; so many directors push the boundaries in order to get the most viewers possible. After all, the more people who see the movie, the more revenue that movie makes.

The development of movie props has created new worlds we could’ve never imagined just a few short years ago.

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