Movie Directors: Acting In Their Own Films

There have been quite a few directors turned actor in the history of films. Their ability (or lack thereof) to act as well as direct, are apparent to  movie-goers. This is going to be a brief overview of a few directors who’ve had their hand in acting as well.

Quentin Tarantino

This is a director few can match. His list of hits are many. Ever since the days of True Romance, Tarantino has been captivating his audience. Many of his films include a performance by him such as Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. However, one of the more memorable ones being “Ritchie” in the movie “From Dusk Till Dawn.” His acting here’s believable, and somewhat disturbing at times.

Jon Favreau

He’s known as the director of the “Iron Man” films. He’s also been a strong  supporting actor in many movies. In Iron Man, he plays Tony Stark’s limo driver. Not his most admirable role, but he’s funny and endearing in the short time on screen. You can see a more polished performance in the movie, “Very Bad Things,” directed by Peter Berg. In this one, Jon Favreau finds himself in an increasingly stress filled, and very illegal situation. This is a dark comedy that shows his acting chops.

Peter Jackson

Not many would recognize Peter Jackson in his role in “The Hobbit,” as he plays one of the dwarfs. Many would recognize however, that he’s far more talented as a director. Not to knock the performance, he has just shown so much more to us as a talented director. Few would disagree that “The Lord Of The Rings” movies were an epic achievement in scope and scale. The adaptation of the novels are well executed to boot. Jackson’s acting however, won’t win him any Oscars.

The world of cinema has brought to us many skilled directors. Some of them happen to be equally as skilled at acting. The multi-tasking required to direct, and perform in your own film shouldn’t be downplayed. It must demand a great deal of attention.

And we love them for it.

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