Top 3 Brad Pitt Movies of All Time

Brad Pitt delivers a handsome face, versatility, and an onscreen performance that continues to be a crowd- pleaser. The majority of his movies receive popular ratings, but there are three of them that stick out as being his best work over his career. We enjoyed ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ and the ‘Assassination of Jesse James’, as they’re definitely worthy of being in this top 3 list, but the following have been documented as some of Brad’s best work.

Pitt Movie #3: Fight Club

Pitt first gained attention with his physique in the movie Fight Club. He plays a mundane soap salesman that meets a depressed guy and decides to introduce him to the “club.” However, the club consists of fighting other men in a secret organization. Things take a turn when, Tyler (Brad Pitt) starts to notice a fellow support group member and decides that he has had enough. Unfortunately, he has a lot invested and his new recruit is intrigued with his new popularity.

Pitt Movie #2: Snatch

This movie was released in 2000 and has a variety of minority and European cast members that’s very popular among his fans. Snatch is about a jewel theft and a conflict with a boxing coach. Ironically, in this movie we get to appreciate Pitt’s muscular physique and boxing skills. After fight club, Brad Pitt was able to utilize his acting skills in the fight club fanbase again. He didn’t disappoint his fans and this movie remains one of the most popular ones that Brad has delivered.

Pitt Movie #1: Inglorious Basterds

Brad Pitt played along side some of the best actors in this film Inglorious Basterds, but still stood out with his accent, Apache blood, and the leader of the nefarious Basterds. The fans knew with Quentin Tarantino directing the fans would have a story line that would leave viewers glued to their seats. The movie is split into five parts and a based on conflicts from the World War II era. Pitt plays Aldo Raine, a colorful Tennessee native heritage in the Apache tribe. His acting gives us another side of him as he displays remarkable Southern roots. This movie has been rated one of Pitt’s top performances.

We’ll continue to enjoy Brad Pitt on the big screen and wait anxiously for his next release. He has won a Golden Globe and Actors Guild award over his lifetime and we know we can expect more from him, delivering a star studded role on the big screen.

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