Some Actors Just Make Perfect Sense For a Movie

There are a lot of different factors that go into making a great movie. Selecting the right producer, director, setting, and story are all vital parts to the puzzle. One of the most understated yet vital pieces is selecting the proper casting. Making the correct picks for who plays which role can make or break a movie.

An example of an actor who made perfect sense for a movie was Mickey Rourke being cast for the lead in The Wrestler. Similar to the story line and the character’s arc in the movie, Mickey Rourke was an aspiring boxer whose injuries altered his acting career. Also, Rourke and the character showed a lack of impulse control at various junctures in their lives that impacted their decision making.

Here’s another example of an actor who was selected for a role that made perfect sense was Michael Cera’s role in the movie Juno. The character in the movie was an awkward teen who found himself in a tough situation and who had to stumble his way through things. Cera has type cast himself as this archetype and he fit perfectly into this role.

These are just two of many examples of a time when an actor was selected and it made perfect sense for the movie. Conversely, there are several instances where an actor who doesn’t fit the movie is selected and it tanks the movie. I’ve the feeling that many of these roles serve as a cash machine for the actors who only want to collect a pay check, and serve as a Hail Mary attempt to stimulate some buzz by the director/management of the film.

Over, it’s a fine balance and the most adept casting agents and the most selective actors have mastered it. Selecting the perfect cast for the movie is of vital importance and can make or break a movie before it even gets off the ground.

As movie lovers, we will anxiously await the films that captured the perfect balance and we will strongly criticize the ones that miss the mark. As we take our seats in the theater, we just hope that this ticket we bought will be worth it.

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