Over-Paying Stars On A Tight Budget

Often times, movie producers extend their budget, and actors and actresses are over-paid for a movie that already has a tight budget to begin with. They apparently get the cost of production accurate, but the amount that the actors and actresses are requesting to star in the film puts things well over budget. You can be sure that a star was over-paid when the revenue and the budget don’t add up. For example, the estimated budget could be $80 million, but the film only brought in $57 million. the stars make the most money from a film and sometimes bring in the least amount of money.

For example, Ben Affleck is paid $10.00 for every $1 that’s made. Affleck made a considerable amount of money for his films. We know and love Ben’s handsome demeanor which’s enough to make most of his fans run to the box office.

Acting can be a hard job and it takes a lot of experience. In fact, actors and actresses are forced to take on the role that they’re playing. It’s not all fun and games having to be in a costume (for horror movies) or keep your voice steady for a voice-over in a cartoon. Therefore, they demand to be paid considerably more than they’re worth. It involves them continuously being someone else. While most make only minimum wage, high profile stars are demanding more money.

Actors and actresses are known to be greedy. They demand a lot of money for an acting role because they have to maintain their lifestyle. A lavish home can cost them millions of dollars and this is what they require in pay for acting. They deliver a good film and will almost certainly demand what they feel they’re worth. This results in them being overpaid.

In fact, to do a sequel, some actors may require twice as much, but the film may not bring in as much money as anticipated. It’s basically a gamble by the producers but one they sometimes have to take. Again, being wealthy is a lifestyle that requires them to maintain their wealth, by requesting a considerable amount of money to act/appear in a movie.

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