What It Takes to Make It on Broadway

Athletes dream of the Olympics. Chefs strive for a Michelin Star. For stage actors, there is no greater glory than making it on Broadway. For performers, it’s all about going where few have gone before, and being worthy of being there. Taking the stage on Broadway means you have what it takes, and it takes a lot.

Hundreds, if not thousands of people dream of making it to Broadway and performing on the same stages as theatrical legends. While many have aspirations, far fewer have the talent, and the hard work that Broadway demands is even scarcer. There aren’t any shortcuts to the top. Instead, each step up is earned through years of practice and patience. To go big, you must begin small.

School drama clubs, community theater, and holiday productions are where Broadway stars are born. It’s these first interactions with the dramatic arts that spark the interest and provide the basis on which to grow. It’s passion that starts the climb, but it’s hard work that finishes it. To be successful, one must learn the basics. Stage movement, blocking, and projecting are key elements that must be perfected in order to advance in theater. The work also comes with voice lessons, memorization, and improvisation in case of a forgotten line or missed cue. All of these things must be mastered while still developing a unique identity that can be recognized among a sea of hopeful actors.

They say it takes 10,000 hours of doing something to become an expert at it, and stage performance is no exception. There’s no greater teacher than experience, and that’s exactly what it takes to even get a shot at Broadway. For those that do make it, the work only increases.

Broadway actors and actresses are the highest representatives of the culture, and their performances are what inspires new generations to pursue their dreams. The magic isn’t the songs, it’s in the 8 shows a week for 6 months straight. It’s those who can bring words to life, and do so with learned reverence. It’s the fraction that the world sees and the dedication that it doesn’t.

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