What Criteria Does a Critic Use When Reviewing a Movie?

Have you recently seen a movie that you loved but the critics gave it a horrible rating? What about the movies that the critics raved about, but you found it to be a complete snooze fest? Critics often seem to disagree with what an audience finds entertaining, and the reason may be because of what they look at when reviewing a movie.


First, a paid critic takes into account all of the staff even beyond the actors. They’re looking at who directed the movie, who wrote the screenplay, if it’s an original story or if it was an adaptation from something else, etc. Many times for the home viewer, Mobdro we may make the general assumption that if we’ve liked other movies from the same director then we’ll like the newest movie as well. A critic takes this into account, but doesn’t make any assumptions at this point.


Also, critics are often told what movies to critique. They may need to write a review in a genre that they don’t particularly care about. We, however, chose to see that particular movie for one reason or another, so we may be biased toward giving it a better review than the critic would give the same movie.


There really isn’t anything new when it comes to movies. For this reason, critics really seem drawn to movies that push boundaries. If the movie has original dialogue, unique camera angles or lighting, or anything else that isn’t the usual cliché, Mobdro APK the critics may be more likely to give the movie a higher rating. We as the audience, though, don’t care about those things if the plot isn’t intriguing or if it’s too confusing. Now, it is one thing for a movie to make us think, but it’s another when the movie ends and we’re left wondering why we wasted money on it.


While critics do try to keep the audience in mind when reviewing a film, there are still going to be differences between what the critics love and we as the audience love. Don’t get me wrong, there are movies that both critics and audiences enjoy. This doesn’t happen all the time, though, so it is really useful to read both critic and audience reviews when deciding to see a movie.

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