Big Budget Movies: Breaking the Bank to Finance

There are so many new movies hitting the silver screen on a weekly basis that’re never heard of, but are seen through movie rental companies. Have you ever wondered why they may have a few big name stars but seem to be duds? Or wonder why a big name would be starring in such a low grade film that it was never even released in theaters?

With so few well known producers in Hollywood and so many scripts waiting to be made into film, it’s no wonder so many people will go bankrupt trying to make their movie the next big thing. But what about those producers who see a script and just know that it will be a hit, but don’t see the funding options for it as feasible?

Many of the big budget producers such as one for an elfish trilogy spent hundreds of thousands of their own personal money to get movies made. Especially when they know the movie will be worth the investment, and can pay off immensely in the box office. The risks taken in such an endeavor include having a flop movie, inability to attract certain stars to the roles and being upside down on the cost.

When trying to make a profit from a movie, producers look at a few different things. The cost of staffing the film from stars to extras as well as the support staff such as makeup artists and grips are all costs associated with the production. Sound personnel, the mix down process of all digital media being used, time in the studio for any music that was created specifically for the movie and even gaining usage rights for any music that was used in the movie are also additional costs.

The cost of all wardrobes, scenery, film equipment and computer equipment that is not owned are all included in the overall budget for a movie. When a producer is used to making million dollar films, having a budget of $550,000 for personnel alone is not unheard of. However with that comes the chance that stars will want more money. On the same hand, with better stars come better box office ratings.

Big budget producers are willing to break the bank to make a great movie because they did not get to be well known big budget producers by making B grade movies. They know what it takes to make a hit, and know that to make money you have to spend money.

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