What does it take to be a Stunt Double?

A Stunt Performer
If you’re interested in becoming a stunt double in the movies or TV, you’ll also become a stunt performer. This means that you’ll stand in for an actor. You’ll be called to stand in when the script of the movie calls for a specialized or dangerous part in any film. A stunt double is used for several reasons. This might be due to the fact that an actor isn’t able to physically perform the stunt. The actor may be prohibited from the performance of the stunt. Stunt performers are also called “stunties” or “body doubles”. They’re considered to be part of the support crew. They’ve to look like their respective actors in order to ensure that the character’s appearance is maintained.

What It Takes?
There are special skills that a stunt double must develop:

*Obtain the basic stunt skills: This would include gymnastics, stage combat, and martial arts. This includes much self-education.

*Develop a specialized area of expertise: Every stunt double ought to stay focused on one specific area. It’ll be a good idea to fully develop one specialty set of skills. The stunt double will then need to broaden that range of skills. Once a specialty area has been focused on and achieved, the skills may then be branched out into other areas. This will broaden the job prospects.

Membership of the Joint Industry Stunt Committee
Almost every stunt double will apply for this type of membership. The joining of this is intended to show a prospective employer that you’re able to execute and perform the professional stunt work. The skills that are needed include:

*Water-sub aqua and swimming

*Strength and agility- including rock climbing and gymnastics

*Falling-high diving

*Fighting-boxing or martial arts

Being Physically Fit
A stunt double will need to be physically fit. This will be needed in order to perform the stunts. It’s not always being big and strong gets you the job. There are stunt doubles that have to have pure stamina, quickness and agility.

Also, having excellent communication skills will be needed in order to take the directions from the production team. It’s required that a stunt performer is at least 18 years old. In the end a high level of skills are definitely needed.

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