Top 5 Classic Movies That Should Be Remade

Throughout the years, Hollywood has entertained us with big screen movies. Only a few of those movies have a message that holds true through today’s society. The only issue with these movies is that they were made so long ago that today’s generation won’t watch them. What each of these movies have to have is a remake with actors and actresses that’re well known on today’s Hollywood scene.

With that said, let’s take a look at these 5 classic movies that have the best chance in our opinion to be remade:

Classic Movie #5: The Parent Trap

This was a great movie because the story-line was both funny and unique. It’s about identical twin girls that don’t know of each other until they meet at camp to discover they’re sisters. They decide to switch places to learn more about the other parent. Only after the parents discover the switch, they reunite to get the right kid. In the process, the parents discover they still have sparks between them. By the end of the movie, the parents are renewing their vows. With so much divorce and dysfunction in families, this’d be perfect for the new generation to watch.

Classic Movie #4: Thelma and Louise

This was a classic tale of two female best friends that’re on the run from the law. When one of the women is beat up by her husband and the police won’t do anything, the other woman steps in to save her friend’s life. Along the journey they hit rock bottom and decide to rob a bank to survive. Along the emotional journey and when the police catch up to them, they drive off a cliff. This is a great story about friendship and self-worth. If the movie is redone, it should have a more quality ending and show some justice done to the wife beating husband.

Classic Movie #3: Candyman

One of the top classic horror movies of the mid 90s. It’s about a woman investigating the local legend of a killer from beyond the grave. In the movie, she is attacked and soon has a psychotic break and is killing from beyond the grave. If you say his name 3 times infront of the mirror, he comes out from it to kill you. This is a great story of what jealousy can do to a person. It needs to be remade with better graphics and new-age actors.

Classic Movie #2: Gone With The Wind

This was one of the greatest stories of the Civil War. This is a story about a southern belle that’s forced to face the reality of the North winning the war. The only change that needs to be made would be the African American characters. They need to have a stronger passion for what’s happening and what it would mean for them.

Classic Movie #1: Jumanji

This movie dealt with an awesome tale of adventure. It’s about a mysterious board game that predicts the future and entraps its players, causing them great fear. The moral of the story still hold true for today’s youth. The story line needs to remain the same but it should have characters that’re well-known among this generation. Also, the special effects with the animals and Adventure Island should be redone to look a little more lifelike. Children of all ages will love this movie.

Well, there you have it. I’m sure you can think of other classic movies that can be remade, so feel free to comment in this blog or share your thoughts socially.

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